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WoW Insider Weekly

This week's WoW Insider Weekly is a little late, and I apologize-- seeing as it's nearly Christmas, I was winging my way home for the holidays yesterday, and the flight attendants seemed to have a problem with me operating my laptop during takeoff and landing. But better late than never-- just ask Santa. Here's all our weekly features, wrapped up in one post with a big bow.

Sunday Morning Funnies: Hi Donald
A weekly WoW-related comics wrapup.

Two Bosses Enter: Ragnaros vs. Ossirian
Fire and rock against air and sand.

All the World's a Stage: RP-PvP - Killing in character
You're not just killing-- you're killing with a story behind it.

Arcane Brilliance: Statistical battle of the clothies
Mages do it with spells.

Officer's Quarters: Two heads > one
Unfortunately, this article is only tangentially about two-headed ogres. I don't think I'm alone when I say we need more two-headed ogre-focused content here at WoW Insider.

WoW Rookie: Quest wrangling 101
Gotta kill some rats? Make sure you do it with a little organization.

Shifting Perspectives: Your first steps as a Druid
First step: get used to shedding hair, and lots of it.

The Light and How to Swing It: The Paladin Epic Mount quest for Alliance
How to hook yourself up with some wheels... er, legs.

Build Shop: Warrior 8/5/48
Prot warrior build FTW.

Raid Rx: Transitioning to 25-man raiding
Marcie Knox starts up a new weekly column about healing in raids.

Guildwatch: Holiday wishes
Our weekly column of guild news wishes for lots of juicy drama next year-- something tells us the guilds of Azeroth won't disappoint.

Blood Pact: Locked and loaded
Being 70 and a 'lock is barrels of impish fun.

Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn: The warehouse
Our graphic novel series continues.

Encrypted Text: Upcoming Rogue changes
What's in store for those who stealth.

World of WarCrafts: Healing Potion Punch
Just in time for the holidays, a bit of potion (and put some vodka in there for a punch).

Totem Talk: So you're still playing that shaman...
Taking that totem-tosser from 40 onward.

Well Fed Buff: Night Dragon's Breath Dip
Who knew a dragon's breath could be so tasty?

Blood Sport: Know thy ground
Scouting the terrain for arena matches.

WoW, Casually: December 21 to 27: Alterac Valley and the Feast of Winter's Veil
Tips for casual players on what you can do with just a little bit of time this week.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Heresies
Why do we do certain things? Because.

Insider Trader: Some disenchanted evening
IT looks at turning items into dust with a little magic.

Phat Loot Phriday: The Unbreakable Will
A big sword that's meant just for your main tank.

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WoW Insider Weekly

Wondering what to do on this lazy Saturday afternoon? Why not enjoy some of our terrific weekly features from the past week? Here they are, all in one post. It's a week's worth of WoW Insider content, all served right up for you.

Two Bosses Enter: Moam vs. Hakkar the Soulflayer
I completely agree, Elizabeth-- Batman can (and has, multiple times) beat Superman like a drum.

Sunday Morning Funnies: The beginning
Our new weekly look at the best in Warcraft comics.

Arcane Brilliance: Fun with utility spells
Why else do you roll a mage in the first place? To mess with people!

Addon Spotlight: Comix - the return
This is definitely an addon that some people really hate, and some people really love.

Officers' Quarters: A case of the blahs
How to shake the ennui from your guild.

The Art of War(craft): Idyllic Arathi Basin
Zach takes you into my favorite battleground for some fun and strategy.

Shifting Perspectives: So you're thinking of playing a Druid
Think our new Druid blogger sounds familiar? He's none other than Big Bear Butt, right here on WoW Insider.

Build Shop: Warlock 43/0/18
Chris dissects one of the most "feared" builds around-- Affliction.

The Light and How to Swing It: Ret gear part 1
Stuff to wear when you're going Ret.

Guildwatch: Worth every wipe
Is the drama worth it? Ask a guild after they down Gruul for the first time.

Blood Pact: The final stretch
Bringing Warlocks home to 70.

Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn: The story begins
WoW Insider presents a new standard in graphic storytelling for the WoW universe.

World of WarCrafts: Murloc Fin Soup
A brand new column about making things in real life for and by Warcraft fans.

Well Fed Buff: Winter's Veil Bark
Our other new column, about RL cooking, breaks out a tasty snack for Winter's Veil.

Totem Talk: Gearing up Elemental 66-69
Get the gear you're going to be tossing for all those phat epix.

Blood Sport: Gearing up for Arenas
What to wear in there.

WoW, Casually: December 14-20 and Feast of Winter's Veil
Fun things you can do this week in just a short time.

Insider Trader: Hawking wares via the web
An interview with Elite Fish Vendor.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Tanking knicknacks
Tasty tidbits about tanking.

Ask WoW Insider: Are you who you play?
When you get in a car accident, you don't say, "His car hit my car!" You say, "He hit me!" Weird, right?

Phat Loot Phriday: Delicious Chocolate Cake
It makes you happy. Do you really need to know anything else?

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WoW Insider Weekly

Saturday once again, and that means it's time to round up all of the great weekly action here at WoW Insider over the past seven days. Our columnists work hard to bring you great content, and every Saturday afternoon, we wrangle it all up on one post for your weekly reading enjoyment.

All the World's a Stage: Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones
David smooths out the roleplaying road.

Officers' Quarters: Why we lead
Why do guildleaders put up with all the progression angst and drama? I have no idea-- read Scott's column to find out.

Addon Spotlight: Whodrop
As in, who dropped this?

The Art of War(craft): Warsong Gulch, the broken battleground
Zach covers not only what's wrong with WSG, but what you should be doing while there.

Two Bosses Enter: Sapphiron vs. Bloodlord Mandokir
Our gigantic boss throwdown enters its second round.

Guildwatch: Inspiring action in all the wrong places
If only players put as much effort into making the world a better place as they did fighting about drama.

Build Shop: Hunter 41/20/0
Chris breaks out my favorite Hunter build: Beast Mastery.

Shifting Perspectives: The forgotten feral form
He probably means the little-known Druid anteater form. Oh, that doesn't exist? It's something I just dreamed up? Oh. Excuse me.

WoW Insider Show Episode 14: A podcast of PvP
Zach woke up at 4:30 in the morning just to record this podcast for you. The least you could do is listen, right?

Blood Pact: Let's lock and roll to 60!
Vims covers the penultimate stretch of leveling a 'lock.

The Light and How to Swing It: Heal me! for dummies
Scared of healing? Don't be.

Know Your Lore: Aszhara
KYL covers the queen of mean.

Totem Talk: Gearing up Elemental 60-65
The best Shatner-spec gear in Outland.

WoW, Casually: December 7-13 activities and making cash
Robin's guide to what you can do with just a few hours of playtime this week.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Making life easier for your healer
They spend their whole lives making sure you stay alive. Should you help them out a bit, too?

Insider Trader: Gatherers behaving badly
Back off that Black Lotus or so help me God I will flag PvP and chain lighting you where you stand!

Phat Loot Phriday: Precisely Calibrated Boomstick
This... is my boomstick!

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WoW Insider Weekly

Time once again to spotlight for you all the great work our weekly columnists have been doing. Every week our writers work hard to churn out terrific weekly columns for you, and here they are all from the past one in one big post.

Arcane Brilliance: Speccing for AOE
Yes, you too can enjoy the thrills of taking down a crowd of enemies all at the same time.

All the World's a Stage: It's not about saving the world
Be heroic? Be villianous? Just be.

WoW Insider Show Episode 13: Review of every patch from 1.2 to 2.3
Last week on the podcast, they took a trip through history.

Officers' Quarters: 2.3 postmortem
The latest megapatch from a guild officer's point of view.

/silly: The dough-based confectionery is a falsehood
This was a great win. I'm jotting a memo here: huge victory. For the benefit of all of us-- except the ones who are deceased.

Build Shop: Druid 43/0/18
Build Shop goes shapeshifter style for the week.

Guildwatch: You can't trick people into gquit anymore
Spoiler: you can.

The Light and How to Swing It: Command vs. Blood
Choose that seal wisely.

Blood Pact: Free mount at 40!
The best reason to roll a lock?

Know Your Lore: Thrall (part one)
He's a Shaman. And he can wear plate. 'Nuff said.

Blood Sport: Shape up or ship out in Season 3
The new Arena season was at the top of our lists this week, and Vims does a great breakdown of what's new and what's news.

Encrypted Text: Enchanting your gear, part 3
Speaking of enchanting, did anyone else see Enchanted yet? That was an amazing movie. Amy Adams won me over with Junebug, but she was terrific in that, too.

Totem Talk: Sentry totem
I just read it, and yes, the column really is about the Sentry Totem. Stop laughing.

WoW, Casually: The best gear for the least play time
That's really what we all want, isn't it?

Insider Trader: Where have all the clouds gone?
Look all around, there's nothing but blue marshes.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Outland awaits you
Seriously, it's been sitting out there for like twenty minutes. How long does it take you to get your makeup on, anyway?

Phat Loot Phriday: Bulwark of Azzinoth
A really, really big shield.

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WoW Insider Weekly

It's Saturday once again, which means it's time to give you a clickable look at what our columnists have been up to for the past week. Here's everything our weekly columnists put together for you in the last seven days.

The Art of War(craft): Why PvP?
Zach's new PvP column shows you how to wax on, wax off, grasshoppa.

Arcane Brilliance: Gears of war, part 3
Amanda covers levels 41-58 of what you should wear as a Mage going to war.

All the World's a Stage: Yes, and...?
David tells you how to use the basics of improv performance to become a better roleplayer.

Know Your Lore: Maiev Shadowsong
Elizabeth W breaks down what that Night Elf is doing in Illidan and Akama's prison in great KYL style.

Blood Sport: Building an arena team, part 1
V'Ming's got awesome graphs about the best way to get an arena team that works together.

Officers' Quarters: Chased out of guild chat

Scott's weekly officers' column covers how to handle guild chat.

/silly: Can't see the forest for the trees
Reading between the lines of the Warrior build trees.

Build Shop: Warrior 41/20/0
Who says poleaxes are useless?

The Light and How to Swing It: Maximizing Paladin DPS, part 3
Chris continues his series on how to get the most DPS out of your Pally.

Guildwatch: The march of war
A disenchanter gone rogue!

WoW Insider Show Episode 11: Shaman silliness and other outrages
Our weekly podcast has myself, Amanda, and Duncor chatting about 2.3, Shaman problems, and loot cards.

Totem Talk: So you've decided to roll a Shaman...
Two words: ghost wolf. Trust me. It's awesome.

Blood Sport: Season 3, rise of the Hunter
Does no dead zone mean lots of dead opponents?

WoW, Casually: The increased benefits of battlegrounds for casuals
Not a PvPer because you're too casual? Think again-- battlegrounds are fun and profitable.

Encrypted Text: Enchanting your gear, part 1
Make the stabby stuff glow, too.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Leveling up 21-40
This might be my favorite part of the leveling journey.

Phat Loot Phriday: Band of Icy Depths
By request, a really weird ring on PLP.

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WoW Insider Weekly

Another week has come and gone, and the fact that it's Saturday again means that it's time to run down our weekly features from the past week, all wrapped up in one jumbo-sized post for your perusal. We've got lots of original content, and don't tell anybody I told you this, but our columnists told me they made it all just for you.

Blood Sport: Rock, paper, scissors?
Our brand new PvP columnist lays out who beats who in PvP (and it's up to you whether you agree with him or not).

Arcane Brilliance: Gears of war, part I
I sure thought this column was about my favorite Xbox game before Halo 3, but instead Amanda adeptly lays out something way more useful: what kind of gear to hook your Mage up with.

All the World's a Stage: WTF is IC - OOC? WTB RP! OK THX, CU L8R
David tells you how to do out-of-character correctly.

Officers' Quarters: Loot whores-- are you their pimp?
Scott's column about dealing out loot is super insightful, but doesn't his title sound like something on the front of a womens' magazine?

Azeroth Interrupted: Reader mail -- how to tell your friends about WoW
You're playing what? What's a Night Elf? Is that different from a Day Elf?

/silly: Anything else would be uncivilized
Art's comic really gets ahead of itself.

The Light and How to Swing It: Maximizing Paladin DPS, part 2
Chris breaks down how to be a great Shockadin.

Guildwatch: Taking a holiday
Did your guild do anything fun for Halloween?

Encrypted Text: How to be evil
The real benefit of playing an Undead Rogue -- messing with people's heads!

Know Your Lore: Uther the LIghtbringer
That goody two-shoes loser -- whoops sorry, I was still stuck on the Encrypted Text 'tude.

Totem Talk: The Fury of Drek'thar
If all Shamans were as uber as Drek, we wouldn't have anything to QQ about.

WoW, Casually: A new column for the playtime-challenged
One of the best things about WoW is that there's lots of fun to be had in just a little time. Robin shows you how.

Blood Sport: Perfect balance, the PvP pipe dream
Vims breaks down (with graphs!) whether it's even possible to balance nine classes perfectly.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Leveling up 1-20
A.k.a. getting your new Warrior ready to shoot through the 30s in patch 2.3.

Ask WoW Insider: Is there a class/spec truly viable for both PvP and PvE?
I'm biased, but if you want to heal in PvP and PvE, resto Shamans rock.

Phat Loot Phriday: Speedy Racer Goggles
A reader request shows off a pretty special and rare item.

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WoW Insider Weekly

Here's your weekly look at all the great work our columnists are doing here on WoW Insider. It's all of our weekly columns, wrapped up into one groovy post.

Arcane Brilliance: Adventures on the PTR
Amanda does a character copy and gets the numbers on here to there.

All the World's a Stage: Getting Started with Roleplaying
David starts you off on the path to being someone else.

Spiritual Guidance: The spirit debate
Elizabeth and Eliah get together to figure out what Spirit means to you.

Azeroth Interrupted: Escape from Los Angeles
What's keeping you out of Azeroth?

Officers' Quarters: Reinforcements
Recruiting for your guild with panache and style.

The Light and How to Swing It: Pre-epic plate healing gear, part 3
Ready to raid? Not so fast-- get that healing gear on.

Guildwatch: Smooth sailing
Huge Guildwatch this week, with lots of great drama, downed, and recruiting news.

/silly: At a slight disadvantage
If only our totems really could do this.

Totem Talk: Odds and more odds
How is the PTR treating you elemental Shammies?

Insider Trader: Blacksmithing's final stretch
Insider Trader talks with a specialist on how to finish off the Blacksmithing grind.

Know Your Lore: Bad dragons
Wachowski returns to KYL to take on the bad dragons of Azeroth.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Plate
Strap on that metal, we're going to battle.

Phat Loot Phriday: Serpentshrine Shuriken
A look at a thrown weapon (for the first time ever) on Phat Loot.

Ask WoW Insider: Proving your worth
With specs so easy to find in 2.3, will you judge players based on their talents?

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WoW Insider Weekly

We have a ton of great weekly columns here at WoW Insider, about nearly every aspect of the game. Starting today and every Saturday, we're going to round them all up for you in one big post, so that, at a glance, you can see what our weekly features are talking about.

Azeroth Interrupted: It really is ok to play WoW
Robin tells you how to play WoW and feel good about doing it.

Reader WoWSpace of the Week: Rizznay
Love that chair.

Officer's Quarters: Dark pacts, part 1
Our guildleader's column takes a look at raiding alliances and how to form them.

All the World's a Stage: And all the orcs and humans merely players
David premieres his roleplaying column with a look at examining the roles we all play in game.

BigRedKitty: Patch notes exclusive!
BRK somehow got the patch notes a day early! And apparently humans are skinnable and Fel Reavers are trainable. But they get those bear models.

/silly: Dire Straits
The new Bear tanking form is a little excessive if you ask me.

The Light and How to Swing It: Pre-Epic plate healing gear, part 1
+healing on pre-Epic gear-- it's right here.

Shifting Perspectives: PvP is hard
What do you do when you can do everything?

Guildwatch: Wish you were here
WoW is serious business.

Arcane Brilliance: Statopia
What spell hit, spell damage, and spell crit do for you.

Two Bosses Enter: Baron Geddon vs. Lady Vashj
Fire! Water! Lady Vashj, you are the bomb!! And boy is that vote close.

Totem Talk: Masters of the Elements
Elementary, my dear Watson.

Encrypted Text: Rogues, 2.2, and the exploding UI
Rogue mods, and what happens to them when a patch drops.

Know Your Lore: Good dragons
KYL covers the scaly serpents of Azeroth (the good kind).

Insider Trader: Here, fishy-fishy
Lisa's crafting column is gone fishing for the week.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Protection
Living in the padded chamber of Protection spec.

Ask WoW Insider: Far from home
A Gnome Rogue wants to see the world, even before level 1.

Phat Loot Phriday: Blighted Leggings
A little something for you to grab while in SM GY.

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