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WRUP: Patch 6.0 surprises

Patch 6.0 has finally arrived, and with it comes plenty of changes and even a few surprises. Yes, even though Team WoW Insider has been eagerly awaiting the latest patch for a good long while now, there were details we missed, changes we expected that didn't appear, and just things we hadn't thought about until we logged in for the first time post-patch.

But a new patch and new content means we're definitely playing this weekend, surprises or otherwise. To find out just what sort of virtual trouble the team is diving into, read on -- or join us in the comments to tell us what you're playing in this post-patch weekend.

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WRUP: Patch 6.0 is just around the corner!

The weekend means WoW time, and since this is our very last weekend before patch 6.0 arrives, most of team WoW Insider intends to take advantage of this time to try to finish last minute tasks. Will we finish all of our pre-patch must-dos before the deadline? Only time will tell.

Curious about what the team is up to in-game this weekend? Want to regale us with your own weekend (and pre-patch) plans? Drop us a line in the comments!

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WRUP: Looking forward to 6.0

As the week once again segues into weekend, team WoW Insider gets ready to kick back, relax, and, of course, game. But while we might be diving into WoW, our minds are focused on one thing: patch 6.0, which will bring many of the conveniences we expect to see in Warlords of Draenor to the game now. The patch has been testing on the PTRs and is likely to land on live servers soon... so the question is, what is everyone most looking forward to from the first game patch since Siege of Orgrimmar?

Read on to see just what the WoW Insider team thinks and be sure to chime in yourself in the comments!

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WRUP: How many legendary cloaks do you need?

It's the weekend once more, which means it's time to forget about the stresses of the work-week and dive into the delightful escapism of video games... which usually means playing some Warcraft. This week, we're all looking towards the end of Mist of Pandaria's legendary cloak quest chain, so in addition to what we're playing this weekend, we talk about where we are on our legendary goals.

So just what is the team up to this weekend? Read on to find out -- and let us know what you're playing in the comments.

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WRUP: Looking forward to WoW's 10th anniversary

This week, everyone's been talking about WoW's upcoming 10th anniversary celebrations, with an updated take on Molten Core (with a corehound mount reward) and a Southshore/Tarren Mill battleground so you can relive the good old days of vanilla WoW. But with the timing of the expansion and the duration of the event (which lasts from November 21st to January 6th), some of us are worried about hitting level 100 over the holiday season with time to enjoy these updated classics.

So who's looking forward to heading back to Molten Core? Let's see what the WoW Insider team has to say.

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WRUP: Waiting for Warlords edition

With a few months still to go before Warlords of Draenor arrives, we're stuck in something of a WoW doldrums. Sure, we have plenty of time to catch up on our virtual to-do lists to get achievements we've never gotten or finish leveling yet another alt... but so close to the expansion, the question also remains: why bother? In a few months, the gear we've spent so long collecting will be replaced with new starting zone gear and only the memories (and the achievement points) of Pandaria will remain.

So it's no surprise that Team WoW Insider is doing a lot of stuff that doesn't involve playing WoW this weekend. So what is everyone playing? Read on to find out and be sure to chime in with what you're playing this weekend in the comments section.

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WRUP: Expansion predictions

Another weekend is upon us. Who cares, though? Sure, free time, blah blah blah. What we really care about is the release date announcement this upcoming Thursday. Join us as we tell you what we're doing this weekend (as if you care) and try to predict the release date anew.

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WRUP: The news is finally happening

fireworks in azshara
There's been a surprising amount of news this week. It's like warlords from some not-quite-time-travel location are finally catching up to us. Whether we're talking about the night time being dark or just kind of dim, or exciting new fiery corgis, it feels like things are finally happening.

So when we asked What R U Playing this weekend, we also asked: what's been your favorite bit of news? What's on your mind about recent events? Also, most importantly, is the Corgi the best pet ever, or just the best pet available?

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WRUP: Breaking Gnome

This week saw the premiere episode of Azeroth Choppers, a new webseries featuring Paul Jr. from American Chopper. Two teams, Alliance and Horde, are being challenged to construct the ultimate chopper for the faction they represent -- and both bikes will be put up to player vote, with the most popular chopper being given a model in World of Warcraft itself. Sure, it might sound kind of silly, but it was also pretty fun -- and in the spirit of fun, we decided to ask our staff not only what they are playing this weekend, but what television spoof they would like to see next?

Alex Ziebart (@AlexZiebart) I'm going to be doing more Heroes of the Storm this weekend. I genuinely expected we'd have the Warlords alpha/beta by this point, so I don't have much to do in WoW for the time being. I want an Azerothian version of Hoarders. They can start with Anne and Rossi's banks and void storage. Puns that combine hoard and Horde need not apply.

Touché, Alex ... touché.

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WRUP: Just a little haiku

Some say that haiku is done. That as an internet art form, the haiku has been beaten to death and left on the roadside. But we few, we happy few, we band of bloggers, say that there is yet a little life one can drag free from the beaten style and left to your enjoyment.

So this weekend, we've offered you not only the games that we will be playing. We also offer a bit of our souls in the form of a few poems. Make sure you don't miss out on Rossi's epic lyrics, in particular. I think they'll please even the most hardened prose addict.

But what about you, dear reader? What will you be playing this weekend? We'd like to know. Leave a comment below so that we may know a little more about your deepest, darkest soul. We're curious, and we promise not to tell your family.

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WRUP: Good news everybody!

When you say news around here, you frequently get a wide variety of results. After all, we're a WoW news site, and it's easy to assume were talking about in-game news. But, sometimes, recent world events are so troubling that we might be talking about those affairs. Or we might be talking about some personal news. After all, "news" is a big word. So when we asked your intrepid WoW Insider staff what they thought of the news this week, we got some surprising answers.

Kick back with a bottle of your favorite legal beverage, and join us in the freshest installment of WRUP: What R U Playing? Leave a comment below and let us know as well; we love hearing what our fellow players plan to do with their weekends.

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WRUP: Infographic Edition

Blizzard put together a pretty neat infographic earlier this week that pointed out all kinds of cool and interesting tidbits of information about World of Warcraft. While I did enjoy the pile of intriguing facts and figures surrounding the game, I wondered if perhaps there might be something missing from the infographic that should have been included. So I put the question to our writers this week, as well as the usual inquiry: What are you playing?

As for me, I'll be bumming around on an alt. Except for Sunday. There's this big game on Sunday that I have a vested interest in and will be watching from my snow-blanketed home, somewhere in the mountains of Colorado.

Adam Koebel (@bendakwow) I'll be working on my alt, farming Warbringers, and perhaps I'll do some challenge modes. I would have liked to see some class specific stats on the infographic (e.g. the 5 most tamed hunter pets), or some silly stats like the total number of deaths from falling. As for the Superbowl... I guess that means less competition on the Warbringers for me!

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WRUP: The hot, big news

WRUP The hot, big news
Not every week is packed with exciting news. But this week, our intrepid WoW Insider staff will take you through the week's biggest hits. It's kind of like a weekly news recap, but with Twitter headers. Don't forget to hit the comments and tell what you're playing this weekend! Anything from GTA to Pac-Man counts, and we want to see it all!

Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) I may see if I can work on farming Shaohao reputation this weekend -- I have nearly enough Timeless Coins for the mount, I just don't have the reputation to get it yet! That, and I'm kind of tempted by the Steam sale for The Secret World that Mike Sacco mentioned on Twitter -- it's 50% off, and I might just have to check it out. Biggest news this week would probably have to be that the book I worked on is out now -- I'm terribly pleased about that one!

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Phat Loot Phriday: Grievous Gladiator's Dragonhide Helm

Phat Loot Phriday
"It's not that I'm not happy to see you," Lolegolas carefully said. "But what on Azeroth are you wearing?"

"You look like a stag beetle," Throgg said. "Like an angry, fuzzy stag beetle."

The druid looked down at his outfit and then plucked the helmet off his head. "Oh. It's the Grievous Gladiator's Dragonhide Helm. I picked it up while fighting in the arena."

"Were you fighting stag beetles?" Throgg asked. "Did you skin them and wear their buggy hats as a prize?"

The Gilnean known as Not Spot growled slightly, then laughed. "No. Just other fighters. It's how I paid my way to catch up with you two. My kitty fu has grown strong."

"Also," the blood elf interjected, "it'd be good camouflage for infiltrating Silithus. It's a harsh helmet. A bug helmet."

Item Note: While the Grievous Gladiator's Dragonhide Helm obviously looked pretty good, I can't help but dwell on its beetle-like nature. I think this might be my favorite druid hat since the days of the moose horns.
Phat Loot Phriday brings you the scoop on some of the most ... interesting ... loot in the World of Warcraft, often viewed through the eyes of the stalwart Throgg and indelible Lolegolas. Suggest items you think we should feature by emailing

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WRUP: How's that honeymoon doing?

WRUP How's that honeymoon doing
It's always a little funny when new patches come out. You start off just loving it... new stuff, new challenges. But then you get bored and start hating life. So, how about you guys? Is the honeymoon over?

Join our staff by telling us how you feel about the new patch in the comments. And, of course, read on in What Are You Playing to see what we're doing this weekend!

Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) I'll hopefully be spending the weekend on my new server. If not, then I'll be spending the weekend not really logging into WoW aside for dailies. As for 5.2 -- I love the patch, I love the content, I haven't really gotten bored with anything yet. However, the re-structuring and subsequent splintering of my guild has put a bit of sadness over the whole thing. On the other hand, the Isle of Thunder is tremendously entertaining, and every time I see a tree or structure struck by lightning I stand there marveling and hoping it will happen again because it looks really, really pretty.

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