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WoW Moviewatch: Who's the tank?

One of the most iconic comedy routines of all time is Who's on first? by Abbott and Costello. It was a groundbreaking performance that would provide a fast-paced, dialogue-driven comedy style for decades. BroncoTV's Who's the tank? clearly draws inspiration from Abbott and Costello's original writing. That being said, I think the creators have written enough WoW humor into it to make their version original and fun. It's been a while since we've looked at this video, so I thought now would be a good time to revisit it.

I especially enjoy that the night elf and dwarf refer to specific classes, class abilities and dungeon roles. This really sets Who's the tank? apart, since this really makes me think BroncoTV spent a lot of time working on the dialogue. Anyone could have simply subbed out specific phrases to make the routine a WoW version, but BroncoTV put the effort into making the routine a little new.

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WoW Moviewatch: World of Warcraft: Lost Within

Warning: Mild cursing at the end.

Do you remember BroncoTV? They're the same guys who created Who's the Tank? Michael Schroeder dropped your intrepid Moviewatch team a note to let us know they've released a new video -- World of Warcraft: Lost Within. To sum up the plot, a WoW player finds himself transported inside the game. He must quest, grow, and ding, all en route to rescue his princess.

It's definitely a WoW vs. reality theme. The gags are suitably funny, and I found the acting to be over-the-top in the right places. (The gag at the end worked for me, I think in part because I knew it was coming. C'mon, who hasn't tried to whack someone with a plastic sword, only to be sorely disappointed with the effect?)

I really liked the WoW interface laying over top of Live Action acting. It gave a neat surreality to the comedy, and kept me firmly rooted in the escapist joke. Of course, if there's a part two, it'd be neat to see some UI Mods and such start making appearance. (Maybe an Omen Kiss meter or something.)

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WoW Moviewatch: Who's the Tank?

Who's the Tank? is a classic bit of machinima. It's posted on YouTube by broncotv, but I'm not positive if that's the original author. If you know who the author was for sure, please mention it in the comments. They definitely deserve the kudos for this piece.

"Who's the Tank?" is obviously based off the old "Who's on First?" skit. Its fast-paced dialogue is launched from the confusion that happens when you use vague, unspecific terms for class roles. Given the newcomers to the game, I think it's as funny now as it ever has been.

The production values aren't through the roof, but are still more than adequate given that the movie's emphasis is on dialogue. I think it's worthwhile for everyone to see it at least once, since there's a lesson in the movie for all of us. Be specific when you're trying to communicate.

Thanks to Scott for the tip.

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Edit: broncotv (Michael Schroeder) is definitely the author of this piece.

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