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WHU is Frostheim and why did we recover his cloak?

Recovered Cloak of Frostheim
Every now and again, we'll run a 15 Minutes of Fame interview with someone whose WoW personality simply overflows the standard interview format. In those cases, we have to resort to crazy bullet-point summaries before the break in order to have any hope of conveying the sheer reach of their awesomesauce. You'll undoubtedly recognize our subject from the pages of WoW Insider, yet his influence is felt far beyond its borders. It's true what they say: Sometimes the strongest, most potent things come in small (read: dwarf-sized) packages.

Who: Brian Wood, aka Frostheim, Grandpappy Frostheim
What: Dwarven hunter; blogger at Warcraft Hunters Union and WoW Insider; guild master of the massive, all-hunter Icecrown (US) guild Warcraft Hunters Union (WHU), recently responsible for the first all-hunter kill of a Cataclysm boss; podcaster with the Hunting Party Podcast; founder of the WoW Hunters Hall community portal; and eponym of the Recovered Cloak of Frostheim
When: Since 2005
Where: Icecrown (US-Alliance)
Why: Purportedly, being an "uncommonly good-looking hunter" has something to do with it.
How: Follow us past the break to find out!

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All-hunter 25-man raid downs Omnotron

The Warcraft Hunters Union raid team has downed Omnotron, the first Cataclysm boss kill by a 25-man team made up of only hunters. The WHU team, which includes cross-realm players, made several attempts, wiping many times, but was able to defeat the Omnotron Defense System without healers or traditional tanks.

Their strategy involved using BM hunters with turtles for tanks and required all of the raiders to have the Spirit Bond talent for at least some self-healing. A very detailed and informative breakdown is at the Warcraft Hunter's Union website.

The hunter raid team is a product of the Warcraft Hunter's Union blog, owned and written by WoW Insider's own Brian Wood, aka Frostheim. WHU plans to progress and will be raiding again this month.

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The Classifieds: What do you call a pack of rampaging dwarven hunters?

The Classifieds brings you weekly news from around the WoW community, including our famous Random Acts of Uberness.

Hundreds of dwarven hunters swarming through Kharanos and into Blackrock Mountain astride their trusty rams -- what's not to love about this player event? Reader Liessa tipped us off to this recent Warcraft Hunters Union event, designed especially to suit the guild's current level 30 level cap. The event's objective: the dastardly Overmaster Pyron. "Clearly, Pyron was too easy," admits WHU organizer (and WoW Insider hunter expert) Brian "Frostheim" Wood. "But the idea stuck in my head and wouldn't go away. I knew we'd slaughter him in no time now at level 30, but I just loved the idea of the WHU army marching on Blackrock Mountain. I thought that would look so cool. So I scrapped the original intended target in favor of marching on Blackrock Mountain. I'm certainly glad I did, 'cause I think it looks cool as all hell."

We think so as well. Sound like fun to you, too? Join the level-capped, all-hunter action with your own hunter at Warcraft Hunters Union.

Let's crack open The Classifieds ...

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