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Why I started WoW, why I continued with it, and why I'm still at it

My journey in the World of Warcraft started much like everyone else -- I picked up the game shortly after release, having heard that it was turning out to be a good MMO. I had bought EverQuest 2 right away after it came out, and while I still have a soft spot for the game, it never lived up to its potential. WoW was much larger and had a much richer story to it. More so, the community was amazing.

It took me all of a month to get hooked, WoW was more fun than boring college classes (although they're much more important, of course). It is, by far, the longest game that I've ever played. Sure, there's been some breaks now and then. Sometimes work takes me away from it for weeks at a time, but my toons are still there waiting for me. Safe and sound in the virtuals of Azeroth. My first character, my warrior, still has his Tier 6 look and is ready to onslaught at a moment's notice.

While I got into the game via looking for something fun to do, I kept with it because of the community. I found that not only were there similar people playing the game, but that the vast majority of them were nice and just wanted to team up to kill some internet dragons. I grew up reading The Hobbit and the adventures of Drizzit Do'urden. Suddenly I was able to stand face-to-face against the mighty dragon, and stealth around my weaker enemies while blade-dancing my foes to death. In life I was but a lowly college student, trying to find his path, but in the game I was a hero, committed to a quest of grand proportions.

Of course, as with all fantasy, reality struck and I was suddenly faced with options in life.

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