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The Queue: Adorable baby giraffe, take 2

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mathew McCurley (@gomatgo) will be your host for today.

OK, I think I got it this time. Look at this adorable baby giraffe.

Questions, yes?

Arkonn asked:

Something that's been bugging me for a while: Why does PvP gear ilvl - specifically crafted gear - count towards ilvl required for entering dungeons and the LFR? I can understand giving the gear itself a level so you can quickly differentiate between what is potentially an upgrade and what isn't, however what I can't understand is why it counts towards your normal ilvl.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not an elitist so-and-so by any stretch of the imagination. It just bugs me that some people spend hours and hours running heroics getting gear and points to improve themselves and others spend 10 minutes at the auction house buying gear that essentially is a "free" pass to the next stage.

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Wii Fit board to fight the "Body by WoW"

There's more than a few of us who have to fight the "Body by WoW." While gamers certainly are not lonely losers, we have to admit several hours of immobile gaming does nothing good for your body. When you check out the above video, jump forward to about the :40 mark. You'll see what these chaps have done for those of us looking to trim some pounds while cruising Azeroth.

As pointed out by Massively, using the Wii Fit board to control your character's motion isn't going to become the new Warcraft SOP. The video demonstrates that you only turn as quickly as a keyboard turner. Still, for solo questing, it's pretty feasible -- if you could hack your Wii hand controls to fire your abilities. Otherwise, good luck face mashing the keyboard. (I'll let you insert your own OP-class jokes here.)

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Blizzard announces new Molten Core console version

The conversion of WoW Insider to HKO Insider has thus far been an unprecedented success, but that said, some news is so amazing, so massively genre defining, that we have to report it regardless of any harm to ourselves or accusations of breaking the site format. The Bard class was one such announcement, and this is another. Ladies and Gentlemen, Molten Core: The Console Version.

This, to say the least, is a major step forward for Blizzard. With everything from the ground-breaking Aggro Every Bears technology that is sure to revolutionize the Skinning tradeskill when they bring it to the main WoW game, to the amazing 8 direction movement system, this game should easily boost the Atari 2600 past lesser consoles such as the Wii and the PS3. Be sure to check out the official website, especially the concept art. It's amazing how Blizzard has realized it in full stunning 2D glory. I'm already planning to reserve my Collector's Edition copy, because those cellophane TV overlays sound hella sweet. We're sure the news on this amazing game will only keep coming, so stay tuned to HKO Insider for all your HKO and WoW:MC news!

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Insider Trader: Crafting speculation in the Flower Kingdom

Insider Trader is your inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

To celebrate the kick-off of HKO-Insider, Insider Trader will be doing a bonus column this week! As the closed beta has only just been put in the works, there are understandably few details floating around.

Currently, we have confirmed at least the following professions:
  • Mining.
  • Gathering fruit from the wild.
  • Tailoring.
  • Furniture-crafting.
  • Farming.
  • Cooking.
  • House-building.
This week we will speculate on what we might see, and compose a wishlist for what we would like to see. Join us on Friday as we resume our normal schedule and delve deeper into the concept of mining as a profession, building on today's overview as well as player feedback.

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Fishing with the Wii remote (and how to do it yourself)

Blogger Chris Heald of has a Wii remote and likes to go fishing in WoW. So when he found out (I didn't know this) that the Wii remote is really just a bluetooth device, he figured he could work out some way to combine the two. First, he got Chrono Trigger (omg great game) working, and then, with the use of a GlovePIE script, he set up a way to actually fish in Azeroth, Wii-style. Pretty freakin' cool.

But the best part is that he's actually posted the script online, so if you've got a Wii controller sitting around, you could very easily do this yourself. Just make sure your computer can receive bluetooth (adapters are cheap if you don't already have one), download and get GlovePIE running (it's free), input Chris' script, and you should be set.

We've seen WoW on the Wii controller before, and our only concern was that the controller was pretty limited in actually playing the game. But fishing is the perfect venue for a motion controller like the Wii-- the controls are simple and don't require text input or complicated sequences. From the video, it looks like Chris' hack works perfectly. Great job, Chris, and very cool.

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Blizzard developer says WoW unlikely for consoles

Pro-G caught up with Blizzard game designer Jonathan LeCraft, and got a little bit of an interview out of him (they promise a full-length interview on Thursday). The interesting bits:
  • "You really do need a keyboard to play WoW"
  • Wii-controlled WoW "got to be pretty easy to PvP against"
  • WoW on consoles not in the plans, although they do keep it "on the radar"
  • Blizzard has the "capacity" for another MMO, possibly in a different license (if you're reading this, blue: Diablo MMO plz)
Do you think there is any way WoW could work without a keyboard? I don't really see it happening myself. And what MMO would you most like to see Blizzard come out with next?

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Blizzard to Venture Further into Console World?

Even though we've heard Blizzard announce time & again that there will be no World of Warcraft for the XBox 360 or any other consoles, a new job listing on Blizzard's website for a Senior Producer position, with one of the requirements listed as having "a proven track record in producing high-quality console games", has some gamers hopeful again that WoW may indeed surface on one of their favorite consoles.

The ad also specifies that the idea candidate must have "recently shipped at least one AAA game in a producer role for one of these console platforms: Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, or GameCube.", so apparently they're looking to cast a wide net, whatever their plans might be.

Personally, I'm not much of a console gamer, but I still can't imagine any way WoW could truly ever work on a console, at least without the addition of a mouse & keyboard; there's simply too much typing to do. Perhaps there's a way to accomplish this that I don't know about, but I just can't see one being able to have the true WoW experience in a console setting. Then again, what do I know?

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