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Addon Spotlight: HighRoller

I usally don't say much about this addon, but because of our format change, I feel like I can finally share this gem. Many of you will surely call me many bad things for profiling this addon, but I must share it now that we've officially become HKO Insider. I really love this addon and will endorse it as a game-changing mod that gives you a serious advantage when rolling for loot. I wouldn't dare do this before, but I want to share the power of advanced algorithms and computer science with all of you who have been missing out on loot rolls. I'm telling you, HighRoller is your friend!

Cairenn over at originally tipped me off to this a few days ago, which is why I've shown so much love to their site. Think of me what you will, but wouldn't you want to help those who gave you the keys to the castle? The folks over at MMO-Champion are going nuts over this one. Read on, my friends, and take a ride on the phat lootz train!

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