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Well Fed Buff: WoW-themed recipes for your Winter Veil feast

I only managed to slide in a roundup of Pilgrim's Bounty recipes the very day of Thanksgiving, so let's get our shopping lists rolling a little sooner for a Winter's Veil feast! Some of this will be a tad repetitive from the Pilgrim's Bounty lineup, but I hope a few new winter dishes, some seasonal tweaks and suggestions, plus having the whole thing ready for you a little earlier will help everyone plan and enjoy a fun World of Warcraft-themed holiday feast.

Again, let's start off with side dishes and accompaniments for your Winter's Veil feast.

Oronok Tubers Old-school skinners will recognize Shadowmoon Valley's Oronok Torn-heart as that cool guy by all the boars who'll buy your greys, sell you water, repair your gear and even give you a hefty heal when your hit points run low. Questers will recognize Oronok as "the tuber guy." Following Oronok's lead, if mashed potatoes are too bland for your taste, spice things up with these spicy roasted root vegetables.

Conjured Croissants Everyone at our house always fights over the last crescent roll -- oh, that happens at your house, too?

Dalaran Applesauce Here's a healthy side dish that won't take up any space on the stove or in the oven. Simmer this up in a slow cooker in a quiet corner and enjoy as a side dish or even as a pie topping.

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