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WoW, Casually: A casual guide to the Feast of Winter Veil

Robin Torres writes WoW, Casually for the player with limited playtime.

Nothing says Winter Veil like a skanky santa outfit. Ho ho ho, indeed. The winter holidays in Azeroth have enough sex and violence (mostly violence) to counteract all of the feel-good, family-friendly holiday cheer going on in the real world. It's exactly what you need after going anywhere near a mall parking lot at this time of year.

In-game holidays are always good for those of us with limited playtime because the quests give good experience, fun loot and there are often entertaining stories and activities to go along with it. The Feast of Winter Veil is no exception. While it doesn't have the ridiculous xp of the Midsummer Fire Festival or Hallows End, it does have some great Achievements, virtual toys and enough xp to make it worth your while. Following is a casual player's guide to the festivities.

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Deeprun Pest Control rocks Kharanos this holiday season

Fresh from the forums, a note of a nice holiday event planned by the players of Deeprun Pest Control on the European Aggramar server. They're planning a costume party, a gift giveaway (for the whole server!) and even invite the Horde to come join the festivities on level 1 alts. Now, I'm an infamous Scrooge... ask anyone who knows me, or even people who don't... and even I think this sounds like fun, so kudos to the folks at DPC for putting it together.

Remember, Kharanos, Aggramar EU server, 21:00 hours server time (thats 9 pm for those of us like me who have to stop and count backwards when presented with a logical time system) the festivities begin. I don't know about you, but I'm inspired to blatantly steal this idea and am feverishly working on a plan to convince people on my server to go along with it.

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WoW Moviewatch: WuaG: The Winter's Veil Whiners

Mushanga created a new Wish Upon a Gnome episode for his entry into the Christmas contest -- WuaG: The Winter's Veil Whiners. For those of you new to "Wish Upon a Gnome," the protagonist of the story happened across a genie (the Dranei), who'll help the gnome out in his various hijinks. This one is obviously themed for Christmas.

Grandfather Winter has been kidnapped by a cadre of Frost Mages, who will hold him hostage until they recieve further buffs and damage. Hijinks ensue, including a cameo by everyone's favor Midsummer's dancers. It all turns out all right in the end, of course, and has a nice little ending for our hero. You don't need to have seen the other WuaG episode to understand what's going on.

I especially liked the climatic fight scene, set to Christmas music. The character models are all well chosen, and Mushanga did a great job of using convincing scenery without letting that background take over the action. So far, this has been one of my favorite seasonal videos this year.


If you have any suggestions for WoW Moviewatch, you can mail them to us at machinima AT wowinsider DOT com.

Previously on Moviewatch ...

The Guild: Christmas special 2008

Yes, The Guild is back with another Christmas special this year, and this time it's a retelling of "The Night Before Christmas" with a decidedly MMO spin. St. Nick is a level 90 rare spawn, apparently, and the guidies have to be careful -- not only does he have a few mean adds (including a reindeer with a Shiny Nose buff), but he's got more than one phase to get through, too.

Very cute. The video should be on Xbox Live and the Zune marketplace as usual, and we should be very close to having the rest of the guild's episodes sitting right on The Guild's site as well, so stay tuned for that. Maybe next year we'll be able to see some of St. Nick's dropped loot tables.

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Breakfast Topic: Happy Winter's Veil!

Ah, the sights, scents, and sounds of Winter's Veil: the gingerbread cookies, the eggnog, the beautifully-wrapped presents beneath the tree, bestowing cheer unto all in addition to -- coal? I wanted a Clockwork Rocket Bot! Man, screw this holiday. When's the Lunar Festival coming?

Ignoring all the usual bah-humbuggish sentiments to which one might be prone during this wonderful and joyous holiday season (hmph), Winter's Veil seems to be one of the ingame events with the most staying power. There's not a single month out of the year where I haven't seen someone rolling around on a reindeer mount courtesy of a Preserved Holly, or a snowman suddenly pop in the middle of a raid while people are waiting for buffs. This year the new Winter's Veil achievements will ensure these items and quests get even more traffic than they have previously, so you can bet that both the 2008 holiday -- and older content, in the form of Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la -- are going to be well-trod.

As for me, well, my shaman wants a rocket bot. My druid hopes for peace on Azeroth and good will towards all men (and cows, and space goats, and dwarves, and...). My warrior would like a new sword. My warlock wants to see the world burn. I'm not entirely certain how to balance these competing desires, but I'll be keeping an eye on the gifts under Orgrimmar's tree.

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The Achievements of Winter Veil

Looking for our 2010 Winterveil Guide? You'll find it here!

The Feast of Winter Veil is almost upon us. The festivities kick off on December 15th, and will run until January 2nd. There are plenty of achievements to be had, as well as the title "Merrymaker" for completing them all.

If you can complete every achievement from all of the holidays in a year, you will also be eligible for the achievement, What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been, which rewards you with a Violet Proto-Drake.

You can refer to this guide for information about completing each achievement for this holiday, including links to maps and our usual comments section that should not be passed over if you're looking for tips.

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Enter to win one of two giftpacks from SwagDog and WoW Insider

The holidays are upon us, and what better gift to give the Warcraft player in your life than a customized t-shirt from You may have seen them right there on our gift guide, but we're making it even easier for you to give one away, by giving two lucky readers a gift certficate of their own (and if you want to use it for yourself, we won't tell anybody).

Yes, we're giving away two different prizes from SwagDog -- a hoodie gift pack (retail value $65, includes a customized hoodie and free shipping), and a t-shirt gift pack (retail value $30, includes a t-shirt and free shipping). To enter, just leave a comment on this post between right now and Friday, December 12th at 6:00pm Eastern, and we'll choose two random winners then to get the gift packs. One comment per person, please, and make sure to use a real email so we can contact the winners easily. Must be 18 or older and live in the United States to win (Canadians can enter, but they may have to pay a few bucks extra for shipping, as the codes only pay for free shipping to the US). Click here for complete Official Rules.

And if you don't win, don't worry -- SwagDog offers gift certificates of all kinds, and we're told that anything ordered from the site by December 16th should show up before the 25th. Good luck to everyone who enters the contest, and let us be the first to wish you a happy Winter's Veil! That's right, it starts next week!

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Reminder: It's Winter's Veil in July!

"Ho ho hello, everyone! It is I, Greatfather Winter, reminding you that time is running out on your chance to enter WoW Insider's Winter's Veil in July contest. Yes, I and the kind folks at Smokeywood Pastures -- fresh from our farm to your plate, it's Smokeywood Pastures' wholesome goodness -- and Upper Deck are giving away a TCG Winter's Veil Gift set right here on WoW Insider in the middle of summer! Huzzah.

"To enter, I hear you have to go to our contest post, and put a comment there (one per person, must be in the USA or Canada, full rules available here). Please note: you must comment on that post, as putting a comment on this post will get you nothing but on my naughty list -- although that means that you might get some of Smokeywood Pastures' new line of coal products. They'll warm your fire so well, you'll feel just like me on Winter's Veil Eve.

"Wait, what? That makes no sense. Anyway, folks, your Great-father Winter is getting pretty tired here -- unlike the usual Winter's Veil festival, I don't have players bringing me cookies and milk all the time during the summer, so I get a little parched. But do make sure to run back to that post and comment, and have a happy -- what is this? July. From your friends at Smokeywood Pastures. I give up. Where's the Schnapps?"

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WoW Insider's Winter's Veil in July contest

Hey, everybody, it's Great-father Winter! What's up G-FW?! What's that? You want to give some Winter's Veil swag away right now? But Great-father, it's the middle of summer here in the real world -- the Winter's Veil festival takes place in December! Aw, look at that scraggly beard, we can't say no to you. What the heck, we'll do it!

Yes, WoW Insider (and Great-father Winter, along with our our friends at Upper Deck) is giving away a TCG Winter's Veil Collector's Set, featuring all kinds of holiday-themed TCG goodies. To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling G-FW how your summer is going before next Friday, August 1st, at 11:59 PM EST. You may enter only once (please use a real email to comment, so we can get in touch with you afterwards), and one commenter will be selected in a random drawing to get a free Winter's Veil Collector's Set (MSRP $39.99). You must also be a resident of the United States or Canada, and age 18 or older -- all the rest of the contest rules can be read by clicking here.

Good luck! Thanks, Great-father Winter, for spreading your holiday cheer even during the offseason!

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Clockwork Rocket Bots back in action

Let's get it on... again! Yes, while the level 30 mount news got a lot of play, and Rogues had to grapple with the Cheat Death nerf, there was one tasty morsel of news hiding in the patch 2.4.3 notes: Clockwork Rocket Bots will be back up to fighting shape! I've had this Winter's Veil gift in my pack from last December, and was bummed when they removed the ability of the bots to fight each other when summoned out. Now, finally, when two players have them summoned close to each other, the little bots (which look a little bit like Wall-E, don't they?) will throw down.

According to the patch notes, the problem was a little strange, too -- the robots were supposedly attacking other people in the Arena. No idea why the bots would see other players as attackable targets in the Arena, but there you go. Unfortunately, the bots still aren't buffable, as they once were -- it was actually a really fun minigame trying to keep those little bots alive as they fought, but at this point, your bot is on its own. Which means when my bot comes by, your bot better watch its little bot-ty back! Fight!

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Christie Golden working on an Arthas book, Legends story, and a secret project

Author Christie Golden, who's written a few Warcraft books for Blizzard in the past, has started up a blog, and her first post is full of fun info for fans of the expanded universe. First, she's going to be doing a novel about none other than the Lich King himself, Arthas Menethil. She's been chatting with Metzen about the book, and she says she's excited to tell the story of how "good people slide down that terrible, slippery slope to becoming monsters." Sounds about right to us.

She's also working on a short story to be featured in Toykopop's Warcraft Legends series, based around Winter's Veil and called "I Got What Yule Need." Cute. We'll assume Goblins will be involved somehow. And finally, she's working on a third secret project -- it's not clear that it has to do with Blizzard (Golden writes her own fiction, as well as fiction for a few other properties), but why else would it be so secret, right? If we had to guess, we'd probably say a retelling or connection story for the Diablo stories -- if we do see the announcement of a new Diablo game at WWI, time would be ripe for Blizzard to catch players up on the lore of that setting as well.

[via Blizzplanet]

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Last Week on Massively: WoW-related stories

For those of you who asked to have all your WoW news from one source, you'll be happy to know that we now provide one RSS feed that combines both WoW Insider and all WoW-related Massively stories. You can find information on that feed in our special announcement post.

Also, a few of you have requested a different format for this weekly posting that is more than link and description. So we now present to you: image, link and description! Ta da! Who loves ya baby?

Now on to the good stuff:

"Peace on earth goodwill to men" started with players this season
Eric Vice wanders the MMO lands in search of the Yuletide spirit. From Santa's sudden appearance in Middle-earth to a voice behind the Ironforge Christmas tree promising a seasonal surprise, join Eric on his quest for the spirit of the holidays.

Adventures from the Back Row: World of Warcraft priestly resources
Michael Zenke compiles a list of sites, forums, blogs and guides that are essential reading for anyone playing a Priest. Highlights include Elitist Jerks' Holy Raiding Compendium, Ten Ton Hammer's forum guide to What The MT Expects From The MH and a few of his favorite Priest blogs. He didn't mention our new Raid Healing column, Raid Rx, so I'll have to spam his e-mail box with articles until he adds to the list.

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A clockwork nerf

Did you grab your Clockwork Robot Bot from under the tree this Winter's Veil? I did, and I was thrilled to find that the little wind-up robot is more or less what we asked for a while back-- when two of these guys are summoned next to each other, they'll battle it out. Now, they only have a few HP, so really, just one hit from one usually takes the other out.

Unless you can buff them, that is. A few people found that you could cast Power Word: Shield and Power Word: Fortitude on the bots when they first came out, which meant that you could give them more health and make them invincible for a few seconds. Unfortunately, Max Bliss found out that's not the case any more-- Blizzard has performed a clockwork nerf, and the bots are now unbuffable. Lame.

Sure it may be imbalanced that some people can buff their bots and make them live longer, but this is hardly an instance of life or death. Let the bots be buffed, Blizzard!

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Well Fed Buff: Sideways Snowman

Every Thursday, Well Fed Buff will be serving up the tastiest dishes to boost your HP and stats, just in time for your weekend gaming.

Winter Veil is over for the year, but it's still frosty outside – and everyone wants something to make 'em feel as warm and cozy as a bedbug in an Ironforge inn. Reader Lenny sent us his solution, in the form of a Warcraft-inspired drink he concocted on New Year's Eve.

Sideways Snowman
¾ shot Hpnotiq®
¾ shot vanilla vodka

Over half a glass of ice, add 3/4 shot of Hpnotiq® and 3/4 shot of vanilla vodka. Stir a bit, and pour in Sprite® to fill.

Lenny advises us that you can leave the Sideways Snowman relatively unstirred for a stronger effect as you drink it down, or mix it thoroughly for a more consistent flavor. Either way, we think this sounds worthy of a Winterspring frost!

[Thanks, Lenny!]

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Insider Trader: Connect-the-dot gathering

Insider Trader is your weekly inside line on making, selling and using player-made items.

The experienced gatherers among us know something we don't know – they know where to find stuff. The real old hands know where the nodes are based on years (yeah, literally) of experience. They've collected so much for so long that they've developed time-tested, favorite routes for every zone. And then there are the tech-savvy gatherers who let technology map things out for them. We all know there are mods out there that show you where the nodes that you've gathered are, and most of us even know that you can download data packs that show where other players have found nodes.

There's yet another tool out there that puts all that information together. This mod maps out the easiest route from node to node, connecting the dots in a single, efficient path. All you do is follow the path! Find out how after the break, as well as how to nab a pattern for Green Winter Clothes or Red Winter Clothes if you didn't receive one in the mail at the start of the Winter's Veil season.

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