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Breakfast Topic: Did you accomplish your Winter Veil goals?

The gifts have been unwrapped. The cheese logs have been consumed, the Greench's plans foiled, the eyes shot out. The Winter Veil holiday is drawing to a close today -- you have only a few short hours to get everything you wanted to accomplish done. (If you don't want to miss anything, you should probably check out The Overachiever's Guide to Winter Veil 2011.)

That said, those of us here at WoW Insider want to know: Were you able to achieve all your in-game goals for the Winter Veil holiday? Did you get all the achievements you hoped for? Was Greatfather Winter kind to you? Did you make a fortune selling Small Eggs? Or did you just say "bah, humbug" to the entire holiday?

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Breakfast Topic: What do you think about the new holiday boss style?

We've come to expect our holiday bosses to work a certain way here in World of Warcraft. Once every few months, we get a chance to go queue up for a unique boss that drops some nice loot to provide easy upgrades for casual players, and we get a daily package with a chance at some sort of fun pet or mount, as well as a BoE weapon. This has been a very nice arrangement for all involved.

This year on Winter Veil, Blizzard muddied the waters a bit. Rather than put the boss in a dungeon, Blizzard put him right smack dab in Alterac, uninstanced, and made the daily package come from a daily quest. Now, if you want to kill him, you have to fly out to him and grab a group, then take him down.

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WRUP: 'Twas the night before the night before Winter Veil

Every week, just at the start of the weekend, we catch up with the WoW Insider staff and ask them, "What are you playing this week?" -- otherwise known as: WRUP. Join us to see what we're up to in and out of game, and catch us in the comments to let us know what you're playing, too!

Happy holidays! Merry Christmas! Those of us here at WoW Insider are busy decking the halls, trimming the trees, and in the case of Mat McCurley, making last-minute reservations at a New York City Chinese restaurant. Dec. 25 means something different to all of us, but to me, it will always mean one thing: presents. Getting presents. Lots and lots of presents.

And since the true meaning of Christmas, contrary to all those television specials, is getting gifts, I organized the first ever WoW Insider Winter Veil Secret Santa. After the break, all our columnists are giving each other gifts such that they may receive gifts in the true spirit of the holiday -- with a little bit of traditional WRUPing mixed in, too.

In that same spirit, I'm offering you, the reader, some of the absolute worst Christmas movies and TV specials. It's all condensed into bite-sized videos for your holiday enjoyment.

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WoW Insider Weekly News Update for Dec. 16, 2011

The WoW Insider Weekly News Update is your source for all the biggest stories from the past week wrapped up in a neat little video package. Mathew McCurley hosts your quick look at this week's biggest news.

If you haven't already subscribed to the WoW Insider YouTube channel, you should!

This week's top stories include: Win a Nightsaber Cub loot card from WoWTCGLoot! Here's how to enter: Subscribe to the WoW Insider YouTube channel and comment on the video over on YouTube for a chance to win! We'll contact our winner via YouTube on Friday, Dec. 23.

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Breakfast Topic: What are your goals for Winter Veil?

Deck the non-religious halls with joy that is totally unrelated to this guy who may or may not have been the savior, depending on your own personal beliefs that we all totally respect. It's time for Winter Veil!

The Feast of Winter Veil is a two-and-a-half-week-long, pine-scented, in-game holiday consisting of dwarves, off-brand orc Santas, and unappealing spiced cookies. And who could forget all the gift-giving, murder, comic mischief, getting this close to regionals, and ... please tell me they're not going to make us go back to Outland again. No, seriously. Please. There are space ghosts there.

But enough about the sheer terror of being haunted by the specters of the dead and feeling their cold essences devour your soul -- this is Winter Veil holiday! So what are your plans for the holiday? Are you going to be saving Metzen the Reindeer this year? Or are you going to be all Scrooge-like and let this holiday pass you by?
Working on achievements? The Overachiever is here to help! Count on us for advice on Azeroth's holidays and special events, including new achievements, how to get 310% flight speed with achievement mounts, and Cataclysm reputation factions and achievements.

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Twink Info giving away gifts for Winter Veil

Twink Info, a depository of great information and blogs for twinking out your characters at any level, is giving away some great prizes this season including a 7-inch touchscreen tablet. All you have to do to enter into the drawing is create an account for Twink Info's forums and post a minimum of 15 times before the new year. Learn about twinking out a new alt, how to survive in the Battleground brackets, the best transmog sets for your level, and more, while being entered in a cool competition.

Read all about the contest over on Twink Info, and then enter the contest.

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WRUP: All I want for Winterveil ...

Every week, just at the start of the weekend, we catch up with the WoW Insider staff and ask them, "What are you playing this week?" -- otherwise known as: WRUP. Join us to see what we're up to in and out of game, and catch us in the comments to let us know what you're playing, too!

Happy non-denominational, non-religious, made-up in-game holidays, everyone! It's that magical Winterveil season. All the good boys and girls in Azeroth -- 95% of whom seem to be orphans, go figure -- are sitting on all sorts of strangers' laps asking for Grindgear Gorillas, a sixth season of The A-Team, and whatever else it is kids like nowadays.

In addition to the usual question of What are you playing? this week, I asked our columnists exactly what it is they all want from Greatfather Winter this year.

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Breakfast Topic: Winter Veil Merrymaking

Is this merry enough for you?
So, for those lucky enough to have today off, I'm sort of wondering if anyone's awake yet to read this topic. After all, I'm sure a good portion of us drank so much eggnog and ate so much roast beef, turkey, or your other meat or non-meat of choice, that we're all sort of wishing we could just hibernate for the rest of the winter.

But regardless, life goes on, and here it is the morning after. I'm sort of wondering, then, how many people made time to get a few winter veil traditions in as well. I admit, for my part, first thing in the morning I logged onto WoW, ran to Ironforge, and checked out what Greatfather Winter bought for me. Then I proceeded to run around with my crashing thrashing racer until I got 25 crashes and the Merrymaker title. Which I am not using because my character is a Death Knight. Death Knights do not... make merry. We're dark. And angsty. But we also like Violet Proto-Drakes, so what can we do?

Did anyone else make time to log on and get a little Merrymaking going? Did you just stick to more achievement gathering, or are you making your own WoW Winter Veil traditions?

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World of WarCrafts: Snowman sculpture

Every Thursday, Shelbi Roach of The Bronze Kettle guides you in creating WoW-inspired crafts using real world mats with World of WarCrafts.

The Feast of Winterveil is fast approaching. Along with the rest of the holiday fluff, the snowmen that loitered outside the banks in the capital cities are sure to make a return, only this time they will all be dancing with each other in Dalaran in an attempt to achieve A Frosty Shake.

With this craft, you can have your very own snowman friend. Guaranteed not melt under most conditions.

Here is what you will need:
  • Sculpey Clay (white, black, red, orange, yellow, blue, brown)
  • Pins
  • Wire Cutters
  • Ball Point Pen
Click on the images below to view a gallery of step-by-step instructions.

Want to print the step-by-step instructions? Copy and paste the instructions below.

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New WoW site for non-combat pets

With the release of the latest WoW TCG expansion, a new in-game pet has arrived, Bananas the Monkey. Looking into this has led me to a wonderful site dedicated to collecting all the non-combat pets in Warcraft. And when I say "dedicated", I mean "look no further than this site."

World of Warcraft Small Pet has checklists, FAQs, guides to getting pets exclusive to the opposing faction, screenshots, extensive information for each pet, you name it.

Now, I have a fair collection of non-combat pets, mostly from seasonal events like the mechanical yeti from Winterveil and Willy from Children's Week. I also quested for the Sprite Darter Hatchling out of Feralas back when the zone was in my level range. But this site is for the serious collector.

Check it out and then tell me: frightening obssession or one more kind of pleasant activity to pass the time in-game?

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