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Breakfast Topic: New to you

I have played multiple Night Elves over the years I've been playing WoW (which is since open beta). So why did I just notice the face in the wisp a couple weeks ago? It's not like I don't die a lot. I do. I play on PvP servers but am not very good at defending myself, so I'm easy prey. I guess it could be new (doubt it), or it could be my recent graphics card upgrade (which isn't that recent), but I think it's just that I never really paid attention.

I also just noticed that the Timbermaw Hold cave entrances are furbolg heads. Of course, they've been like that since the beginning, but it's new to me.

What things that have been in the game a while are new to you? Or am I just particularly unobservant?

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The Final Word on Wisps

WispI've been very anxious since the initial Wisp announcement - worried that April Fool's might just be a cover for quietly distributing the news of a crazy concept race.  Thankfully, my fears were unwarrented - on Monday Blizzard let us know that they were only kidding.  Now we can get back to the hard work of speculating about what the new race might actually be!

Wisps: Really the New Alliance Race?

Initially, I brushed off the "wisp" announcement as an obvious April Fool's prank, but Blizzard has thus far been sticking to the assertion, with numerous forum posts asserting that wisps are the real deal.  This evening, Drysc noted that it was unfortunate the change was announced so close to April Fool's.  And Eyonix points out that he's stated multiple times that wisps aren't a joke.  So now I have to wonder - is this the real thing, or is it just an elaborate prank?

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April Fool's with Blizzard

While I could be wrong, I'm guessing this announcement of the new Alliance race is an early April Fool's joke.  Not just because the idea of a "wisp" race came completely out of the blue, but because their racial abilities seem downright odd.  My personal favorite has to be treeform, which turns the wisp into a tree for 30 seconds. During this time, spirit is increased by 300 but the wisp's chance to dodge or parry axes is reduced by 50%.

Edit: Eyonix claims this is "no joke" but I still think he's joking.

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