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The Queue: No auto-play zone

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

Sorry about that auto-play video yesterday, everyone. We thought we'd fixed it earlier in the day, but apparently not!

mattprendo asked:

I don't remember seeing an answer... what happens to garrisons in the next expansion? I know it's at least 2 years off but isn't it a waste to spend all this time building up a garrison then wow 7.0 comes out and poof they are useless. I understand gear being outdated, buff items... but garrisons aren't an item per say but an extension of our tools and utilities. Was it mentioned anywhere that we will be able to call u-haul or something and move these around?

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Breakfast Topic: An alternative to tailoring

For people who are starting the game and looking at professions for the very first time, some of the professions are fairly obvious in how they should be combined. If you're going to take leatherworking, you'll likely also be taking skinning so that you have some leather to work with. Mining is matched up with blacksmithing, jewelcrafting, and engineering. You've got alchemy and inscription intended to be with herbalism. Lastly, you've got tailoring and enchanting.

All you really need for enchanting is a profession that makes uncommon quality or better equipment. Enchanting doesn't really have to be matched with tailoring, but all of the other crafting professions need a gathering skill, and enchanting works better when you have another profession to disenchant from. The gathering skill for tailoring is just killing humanoids and undead over and over again, and thus it can be matched with any gathering profession just to fill a slot.

If you're anything other than a warlock, priest or mage, then taking tailoring is fairly unintuitive if you want enchanting. You could just combine it with a gathering profession like mining or skinning, but that means you need to obtain your enchant materials via the auction house, get really lucky via the dungeon finder or use alts with other professions.

What the game needs is an alternative, self-contained profession that could be matched with either. Could it be the woodworking profession idea that they announced had pretty much been scrapped during this past year's BlizzCon? How about merging leatherworking and skinning into a single profession? Or do you take a page out of Final Fantasy XI's book and go with bonecrafting (we just finished an expansion heavy on the bone armor theme)? What's your idea for a single slot crafting profession that would be useful to something other than cloth-wearers?

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BlizzCon 2009 Insider Trader: Cataclysmic professions

Insider Trader is your inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

Over the course of several BlizzCon panels, we've been treated to a preview of how professions will be changing in Cataclysm, the next expansion pack.

Pass through the break to learn all about:
  • The new title and level cap.
  • Revamped skill gains.
  • Archaeology, the new profession!
  • Reforging, a new dimension to crafting professions.
  • Hints about the future of Engineering, Fishing, and Gathering.
  • Information about things we wanted to see, but won't.

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Insider Trader: Woodworking in the expansion?

Insider Trader is your inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

Ideas for a woodworking profession have been bounced around for years, but have previously been dodged by Blizzard. Although they assured us that they have plenty of ideas, they've always been working on too many others.

Woodworking was not to be for Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King, but what about the upcoming expansion? Considering that Goblins and Worgen could become playable, it might be a real possibility.

In late summer 2007, Nethaera posted a list of some of the things that need to be considered before they can even begin to implement a new profession. While it became clear that it wasn't going to work for Wrath, it seems a little more plausible now.

Today's column will be dedicated to presenting the crafting community's Woodworking ideas, discussing their implementation using the (incomplete) criteria set forth by Nethaera, and speculating about its possible presence in the next expansion.

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On woodworking: Why we can't have everything we want

A player on the official forums asked what the new woodworking profession would be like, how gathering wood would work, and so on.

If it had been me I'd have asked, "How much wood could a woodworker work if a woodworker could work wood?" and "Where would a wannabe woodworker who would work with wood find wood with which to work the woodworker's wood work?" But I digress.

Nethaera was kind enough to pop in and basically tell us that we were getting ahead of ourselves again, and imply that woodworking probably wouldn't work in this expansion.

"But why just one profession per expansion?" you ask? Got profession fever have you?

Well Nethaera responds to this as well:
We're never short on ideas. We have many that we would like to implement, but implementing them isn't always such a simple task.

For a new profession you need to consider:
How it will work?
Where will the recipes come from and where in the world will they be placed?
Who will the trainers be and what is their story?
What recipes are necessary and what materials are required for them?
What exactly will be the result of the profession as far as stat changes and enhancements be?
What art assets are going to be needed?
What technology will support it on the back end?
Why will people want it?
Is it ultimately fun and interesting?

And many more things. Then in the end, it must balance out with the rest of the game as well as with other professions. Combine that with all the other things we are working on for Wrath of the Lich King and it isn't something we can just toss together overnight.
So there it is, as usual: this whole "game development" thing can be a lot more complex than it seems, and consequently we players can't always have as much new stuff as we might want. Still, woodworking is in those Blizzard offices somewhere, percolating through the developers' brains -- so maybe one day we might actually get to work with the wood we've always wanted.

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More Wrath info from Leipzig

Howling Fjord Bridge
It seems that WoW Lead Designer Jeff Kaplan has a new bit of expansion information for every journalist he talks to at this week's European Game Conference in Leipzig, Germany. This batch of news comes from Curse gaming, who has sent a couple of journalists over to get the scoop.
  • We already know about the L70 instance called Utgarde Keep in the Howling Fjord zone. Now we learn that there will be a second wing of the instance for L80 players called Utgarde Pinnacle. Both dungeons will have Normal and Heroic modes. Yay for key grinding! Anybody?
  • The new Inscription profession will do more than increases effectiveness of spells and abilities. Devs are playing with the concept of using Inscription to improve other elements like range, duration, etc.
  • The "increased leveling curve" of levels 20-60 is going to be accomplished two ways: reduction of the amount of experience required per level and increasing the amount of experience a quest grants by 30%.
  • To address Hunter concerns, Blizzard is considering a Woodworking profession as well as a Mortal Strike kind of ability that reduces healing effectiveness on the target in PvP. These are just ideas they are currently considering and have not been confirmed as going live.
The full interview can be read on Curse's front page. Curse promises a video of the interview later tonight. I'll update this post with the link when it goes live.

As for the pre-60 leveling increase, I've been toying with leveling an enhancement shaman, but have been weary about the grind. This may be the incentive to get me to accomplish that goal. Is this enough for you? Will you level an alt before the expansion?

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Bring on the horizontal changes, please

Mystic Worlds lays out exactly what is, in my humble opinion, the biggest problem with World of Warcraft right now: We need some horizontal change. As I said in my impressions of BlizzCon, Blizzard seems intent on building more and more vertical content into the game-- Zul'Aman is built to be played after Karazhan, and Wrath of the Lich King will add another 10 levels onto the top of the 70 we have now. And while Blizzard keeps building up, they're more or less ditching everything that happens from 1-58. Even worse, the only changes we're seeing there are going to be to move past that stuff faster-- not only are they ignoring it, they're working on pushing it out of the game entirely.

So Mystic Worlds wants more horizontal changes. That doesn't necessarily mean midlevel content (although a lot of her suggestions mean more things to do for midlevel players). Instead it means that Blizzard should take a breath, and set their teams on making the existing game experience more fulfilling. Things like guild halls, single player dungeons, more professions (Inscription will probably provide new items 1-70, but Woodworking has been necessary for a long time), and little touches-- more live events, gambling minigames (that all players can do), and fun little additions that all players can get involved in, not just those who have made it to 70.

Now, there has to be some part of Blizzard that is pushing for this stuff-- it's not quite as simple as casual vs. raiders in this case. But Blizzard seems to think that they're behind on high end content, and that they're rushing to catch up to players who are hungry for more of it. I don't think either perception is true. If anyone is hungry for new things to do, it's players who have more than three alts, and yet a main that hasn't yet reached 70. I'm more than willing to trade one of the three or four 25 man instances planned in WotLK for two or three of these "horizontal changes," and I'd guess most other players are, too.

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Optimistic speculation about expansion number two

The lack of information about the next expansion continues, and so does the fabrication by fans hungry for info about new content. This time Tobold lays out what he'd like to see in the next expansion, which he is calling, as a parody of the Burning Crusade, the Freezing Jihad.

He's got some of the usual suspects in there, including the long awaited hero classes. But his biggest suggestion is probably that the expansion focuses on adding oomph (technical term) to the midlevels of the game. In his imagination, there is no new level cap, but rather a complete reworking of everything between 1 and 70, including an all new neutral faction with four new races, and a new continent of quests for players from beginning to end. I doubt we'll get anything near that comprehensive, but it's true that players want more midlevel content. While this is probably beyond their wildest dreams, hopefully Blizzard will at least hear their pleas.

In other places, Tobold is just plain wrong-- we're going to see guild housing before we ever see player housing, and Blizzard has consistently said they want their armor to look like what they say, not what players say. But he's dead right on the new professions-- woodworking and the ability of players to make arrows and bows would both fit perfectly with the lore, and fill a nice hole in crafting that's been there for a long time.

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