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Thomas Tull on the World of Warcraft Movie

At his keynote address for the Hollywood & Games conference, Thomas Tull, Legendary Pictures chairman, talked briefly about Legendary's work with Blizzard on the upcoming World of Warcraft movie. Of course he doesn't give us anything concrete, but some of the things he's saying gives me a good feeling about the film's prospects. For example:

I have very strong feelings -- from the movie side -- that making movies based on games just because they sold well is a really bad idea. There've been some like that that weren't up to snuff just out of the gate. It doesn't matter to us if it's based on a graphic novel like 300, or a TV show – if there's a great universe and story, that's what's interesting to us.

A well-done movie based on the lore of World of Warcraft could be a cool thing -- and it certainly sounds like that's what the people at Legendary want to do.

[Fan art by Ya Lee, and thanks Simon for the tip!]

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Spielberg to Direct Warcraft Movie?

Apparently, Variety is reporting that Steven Spielberg will be directing the upcoming live action World of Warcraft movie.  It seems a little unreal to hear a big name like Spielberg's mentioned in connection with a video game-based project, but if anyone could make this crazy combination work, it would be Blizzard.  With the success of other fantasy projects (i.e. Lord of the Rings) and World of Warcraft's immense existing fan base, perhaps it really is the type of project that could attract this level of talent.

Update: This has been found to be pure fiction

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Breakfast Topic: Game to Movie

So the recent movie rumors have been confirmed as legitimate - but how well will Azeroth really translate in a live action movie?  The World of Warcraft we all know and love has such an exaggerated and cartoony style, and while I can see that easily translating into a CGI film, I have trouble envisioning it transferring into a film with live actors.  Of course WoW has the advantage of a detailed world environment and history to work from, so all may not yet be lost.  But what do you think - is will Azeroth be able to go Hollywood, or will it be another video game film flop?

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