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WoW Moviewatch: Game of Raids

This raid video possesses the finest opening minute-and-a-half sequence I've seen on any raid video. While it's clearly a play on a popular HBO show that shall remain nameless, World of Raids literally made me drop my jaw and say "Wow!"

The raid footage is pretty keen, too. The videographer did a pretty good job of capturing the look and feel, but I'm still more excited about that opening sequence. Seriously, wow.

Interested in the wide world of machinima? We have new movies every weekday here on WoW Moviewatch! Have suggestions for machinima we ought to feature? Toss us an email at

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World of Raids going offline in favor of MMO-Champion

It was announced in July that MMO-Champion had been acquired by Curse, which also owns World of Raids. It was unclear at the time what would eventually happen to World of Raids, given the obvious close proximity of content between WoR and Curse. While there were no details to be had, it seemed clear that something had to happen between MMO-C and WoR.

Now, Kody, a World of Raids administrator, has announced that World of Raids will be going offline and that most of the page views will automatically forward over to MMO-Champion. At the same time, MMO-Champion will receive a facelift by the same designer who created the Wowstead design. According to Kody, the new design will not repeat any of the "mistakes" in the WoR design, although Kody didn't specify what those mistakes may have been. World of Raids will still be providing basic coverage until the final forwards are completed and the lights are turned out.

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Curse acquires MMO-Champion

Yesterday, announced the acquisition of MMO-Champion from its owners, Major League Gaming. Boubouille, the big dog over at MMO-Champion, is heading to the Curse team as well. This is some pretty exciting news for the Curse network!

Curse, which already has one of the largest repositories of WoW addons and mods for download, as well as the venerable World of Raids outlet, adds on significant prowess in the WoW information community. With content from all three channeled into each other, you can expect big things from all involved. Read the official press release over at Curse or MMO-Champion.

Some of the questions that I personally had about the acquisition were, happily and thankfully, answered by both World of Raids and Boubouille himself. Curse currently has a premium subscription-based service, and I wanted to know if we could expect something similar from MMO-Champion in the future. Boubouille answered on his website:
I'm not going to bullshit you, premium might happen but it's really not a top priority for the moment. I would hardly call it premium, more like "Donator/Sponsor" for people who would like to help, I would also like to explore new features through that like user generated blogs or user groups on forums, etc ... But really, I don't see it happening in 2010.

If I ever add a Premium feature to the site, it will be because it can bring something more without penalizing people who don't want to pay, it won't be just because I'm jealous of Ghostcrawler and want to buy a bigger yacht than his. If something is free today, it will stay free. It's that simple.

Doesn't sound attractive or well-thought? Good, that's because we have no immediate plan to do that. Exactly my point.

Secondly, what happens to World of Raids, now that two similarly positioned outlets are housed under the same roof? From World of Raids:
What this means for World of Raids, and when it will happen, is still being worked out. I'll make sure to announce any plans well in advance though.

We talked with Boubouille back in 2009, and the interview is definitely worth a read. Good luck to Boubouille at his new home and big grats to Curse for picking up a hot property.

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April Fools! Or at least it was yesterday. Some love the pranks, some find the pranks boring, some wish to see the pranks fall down a dark, dark hole, never to return, possibly to be eaten by a grue. Regardless of your personal feelings on the matter, we've gathered a short list of Blizzard and WoW-related pranks across the web:

Blizzard Pranks

Other WoW-related sites

  • El's Extreme Anglin': El reports on the latest Cataclysm feature: Aquariums!
  • MMO-Champion/Paragon/Premonition: MMO-Champion breaks the news that Paragon will be moving to US servers come Cataclysm and merging with the US Guild Premonition. Sponsored by AXE!
  • Nihilum: Nihilum breaks some rules and brings us screens and video from the Cataclysm alpha
  • Wowhead: Wowhead, er, TACOhead brings news of a new in-game item, the Hellfire Kickin' Taco Supreme!
  • Tankspot: Tankspot announces their change to Farmspot
  • Warcraft Pets: Breanni fills us in on some new non-combat pet... er... features coming out in Cataclysm
  • World of Raids: World of Raids reports on the new Observation Deck and Spectate features coming in Cataclysm
  • The Guild: The Guild proudly announces its new foray into the world of animation!
  • fills us in on Cataclysm -- exclusively available for the IPad
  • And of course, there's us. Our day was filled with takeover after takeover, from Twilight to Muscle March to Saturn Six -- we've decided to return to WoW news. For now...

Love them or hate them, at least they're done for the year, right? Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief and start believing what we see again. Did you laugh? Did you see a clever prank we missed? Or did you hide indoors all day and fervently wait for it to all be over? Let us know -- and check out the gallery below for screenshots from the various sites listed above!

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The Daily Quest: It's 8:30 a.m., on a Tuesday, in Stormwind.

We here at are on a Daily Quest to bring you interesting, informative and entertaining WoW-related links from around the blogosphere.
Go Phillies!

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The Daily Quest: Addons, haste, and tea

We here at are on a Daily Quest to bring you interesting, informative and entertaining WoW-related links from around the blogosphere.

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Arcanite Ripper gets a model change in patch 3.0.8

Patch 3.0.8 is bringing an interesting change to one of the more nostalgic items added to the game recently besides the many Heirloom items that came with Wrath. The Arcanite Ripper, a nod to the Arcanite Reaper of old, is getting a graphical overhaul. Its new model is much cooler, but it's a little sad to see that model go. I'm not too busted up about it, because I can still pick up a Bloodied Arcanite Reaper if I get sentimental.

The new Ripper will use the guitar model used by Bergrisst of the Tauren Chieftains (who you transform into upon right clicking the weapon). The new model is way cooler looking, but it's still a little sad to see the old one go. Despite the more awesome model, I can't help but feel my attachment to my Paladin's Ripper fading away.

[via World of Raids]

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SK Interview from Frostshock

Frostshock is a Hungarian site that covers World of Warcraft -- they've done us the kindness of linking to us in the past, but usually my Hungarian is so rusty that we have no idea what they're talking about. This weekend, they posted an interview with SK-Gaming, the group that nabbed the world first of Kil'jaeden, and while normally we wouldn't be able to tell a másnap from a kezdték, the newly redesigned World of Raids has a translation up.

There's a lot of the usual stuff that you hear from guild after a big down, but there's a few new things in there, too -- apparently SK and other raiding sponsors are actually paying "premiums" for world first kills. Doesn't sound like a lot, but they do say they'll be able to do a meetup this summer thanks to their run in Sunwell, so that's a fairly substantial amount for playing a game. Both M'uru and Kil'jaeden are on their top 3 encounters in the expansion, along with Magtheridon, apparently. And the Sunwell "gates" system gets a pretty good review -- SK says it kept some guilds going even when they might have been burned out on the tougher fights.

All in all, an interesting interview. They dive into drama a bit when talking about the friction between SK and Nihilum, but mostly, they just stick to what it's like raiding as a professional guild in the Sunwell. It will definitely be interesting to see how these kinds of guilds react to the 10/25 man change in the expansion -- raiding has come a long way from the 40-man runs in vanilla WoW, and these guilds may have a lot more competition for the 10man world firsts.

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Legendary bow Thori'dal, the Star's Fury "nerfed" on live servers

World of Raids has discovered something that might give Hunters a momentary attack of Angina: Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury has been found in the current game files, and while it still looks pretty tasty, it's also look weaker than the last known stats from the Pre-PTR leak. Namely, it's lost about 10 base DPS, having dropped from 148.7 DPS to 138.8 DPS.

Now, it's hard to call this a "nerf," perse, since the bow hasn't actually appeared on any live or test server yet as an actual item. It's possible that the pre-PTR leak was a hoax (not likely though, since it got the other stats spot on), or that Blizzard's internal testing made them think they needed to tone back the damage a bit. It's a bit of a blow to think what might have been with the old damage anyway, of course.

That said, Kil'jaedan isn't even killable yet on live realms, so the stats could change again before it drops. Even if they don't, it's still an awesome bow that will make the Black Bow of the Betrayer look like a peashooter for damage, and comes with the added bonus of a free bag slot, so I'm sure there will be plenty of Hunters aiming for it, and good luck to them. My Hunter is still going to be holding out for a Legendary Gun out of Thor Modan.

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Wowhead and other sites are having trouble with ad banner trojans

You'll want to be a bit more cautious when looking up information on the game today. World of Raids reports that an unknown ad banner appearing on Wowhead, Thottbot, and Allakhazam has an embedded keylogger trojan. You don't even need to click on the banner, apparently, simply mousing over it will be enough. Wowhead says that all they know for sure is that it originates from "", and will produce a redirect to "" They're working at isolating it.

The issue is known, and all parties involved are tracking it down, so it should hopefully be resolved soon. In the meantime, if you're looking for a quick way to protect yourself, I would follow the recommendation of World of Raids, and try out the Firefox web browser and the No Script extension. As long as you keep the scripts blocked, it should prevent the banner in question from forcing itself on you. This should also provide you with some protection if you accidentally click on the wrong link elsewhere, such as on the WoW general forums.

Edit: Apparently, the virus in question is not an actual keylogger, but it still does a number on your system, which is reason enough to try to avoid it.

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New Flametongue bugged

As predicted, Enhancement Shamans got some nice buffs yesterday, including the addition of a Mortal Strike-like effect of reduced healing to the Flametongue weapon.

But the weapon hasn't quite had the desired effect yet on the PTR. In fact, as World of Raids has posted, it actually does exactly the opposite. As you can see above, Flametongue is actually adding to heals on the target of the attack, not halving them as its now meant to. No doubt this will be fixed before long, but a note to whoever's working on the Shaman class on the PTR: you should have used that minus sign in the code there, not the plus one.

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Sunmotes confirmed a raid drop

The Sunmotes we've seen cropping up in the new crafting recipes and various other things are confirmed a raid drop in the new Sunwell Plateau 25-man instance.

If you're unfamiliar with this sort of drop, a good example is the Hearts of Darkness from Mount Hyjal and Black Temple. They drop off of trash mobs in the raid instances, and are fairly common. The Hearts of Darkness in BT/Hyjal were used in resistance gear for Mother Shahraz as well, so we may still run into some of that in the Sunwell. However, if we don't, expect Sunmotes to be a little on the rarer side of the spectrum since we won't need quite as many.

Sunmotes don't seem to be Bind on Pickup either, so if you don't have a 25-man raid group, there's still a chance you can buy these from an established raid group once they have extras.

My thanks goes out to World of Raids for the information and screencap!

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More clay dolls from Maidemao

World of Raids came across some more of those clay dolls from the other day, and holy moly are they cute. Lookit this Voidwalker! And this hearthstone! Awesome.

Her blog is all in Chinese, so it's a little hard to read if you don't speak the language, but here's a gallery of all the new pieces. And there's no word if any of these are for sale yet-- forget about Figureprints, I want one of these of my character.

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PC Zone has Wrath PvP teaser info

PC Zone magazine has an interview with WoW Lead Designer Jeff Kaplan. In it Kaplan reveals details about Wrath of the Lich King PvP warfare as well as the epic feel players will experience when first entering Northrend. Sounds great, huh?

Unfortunately, you have to buy the magazine today to get the entire interview. They have only released a snippet of it online to send us into a frenzy of anticipation. What we learn from this sneak peek is that the Northrend PvP zone, Lake Wintergrasp, will be about the size of Westfall and will be all PvP. No PvE objectives in it at all. It will also be a static zone, not instanced. He also mentions that it will have destructible buildings and siege weapons, which we knew from his Leipzig interviews. Not much new there other than the size comparison to Westfall.

Kaplan also talked about learning from the Hellfire Peninsula experience. This entry point into the first expansion wasn't epic enough. The design team wants to raise the bar for Northrend. We know from earlier interviews that entry into the expansion will be split. The Alliance will grab their sword and the Horde will get their own damn battlecry and both head into either Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra. How Blizzard is going to raise the bar is still a mystery.

Argh! More infoz, please! If anyone gets their hands on the magazine, send us a tip with details. We'll happily give you credit.

EDIT: Clarified entry points for both factions.

[via World of Raids]

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Nagle's Algorithm has been defeated!

The latest 2.3.2 mini-patch on the Public Test Realm has been updated. World of Raids and MMO-Champion both have a list of the 10 changes listed in the notes. Druids and Rogues get a boost to their large damage attack out of stealth, Warmasters and Warmarshalls in AV get a stacking +20% boost to each other's max health and damage and Rogues get some more tweaks on abilities. The fact that pre-mades are available again remains the most exciting news.

And, of course, the nerf of Nagle's Algorithm. What? You haven't heard of the beast? It roams the land killing unsuspecting adventurers through its almighty lag inducing abilities. Actually, It's a method of handling information packets across the Internet. Applying it makes for slower, more efficient packet transmission, but for online games that require constant communication, it can cause lag. Bad, naughty, slideshow of death lag. Ok, not that bad, but removing it will increase responsiveness of the game. And that doesn't suck.

Class over. PTR's are up. Log in on those pre-mad- uh, with your transferred mains and their hard earned and well-deserved equipment to test it out.

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