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Breakfast Topic: What did you think of Lords of War?

Along with Thursday's cinematic reveal, we got the first episode of Lords of War, a new animated series from the same crew that brought us The Burdens of Shaohao. I have to admit that the reason I was excited about this expansion wasn't just the potential for draenei lore -- which I'm completely in love with on the beta so far -- but the addition of backgrounds and history for all the assorted orc clans found throughout Warcraft. These clans have always had evocative names, but little depth in terms of how they got those names, or how long they'd been around.

The teaser trailer only got me more excited, because we're finally going to get some background on orc clans we knew very little about. Durotan was covered pretty well in Rise of the Horde, but this is a different Draenor we're visiting, and his story may be a little different as well. However, we know next to nothing about Grommash and Kilrogg -- both were briefly mentioned in Rise of the Horde, but how they rose to power was never really addressed. It's new lore, and I always appreciate that.

What did you guys think of Lords of War? Are you looking forward to the remaining episodes? Were you hoping to see more of the storytelling methods used in The Burdens of Shaohao? What kinds of stories do you think Blizzard should animate and tell next? What areas of lore do you want to see fleshed out?

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Breakfast Topic: Do you miss vanilla?

With the 10th anniversary events announced, it's clear that Blizzard is trying to take us -- in a way -- back to the days of vanilla WoW, with PvP battles between Tarren Mill and Southshore and an updated 40-player Molten Core raid. But as a vanilla-era player myself, I have to ask: does anyone really miss those days?

While 40-player raids sound epic in scale, the effort coordinating 40 players to be at the same place at the same time -- much less getting them to act as a cohesive unit -- was a fairly major undertaking. And though the new Molten Core takes away some of the headaches by making the event LFR, getting even 25 people to work together in LFR is a challenge.

Will I be in the new anniversary version of Molten Core with everyone else? Sure. (After all, I want a Core Hound mount as much as anyone.) But have I missed running Molten Core all these years? Not really. What about you, fellow raiders? Are you feeling nostalgic for the good old days of vanilla?

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Breakfast Topic: The Best Quest Ever

Its Welcome to the Machine. We all know that it is. But I know that some people haven't done it - I myself dislike the Forsaken and so I resisted doing the quests in Hillsbrad for a long time. But eventually I succumbed and what so many told me was true - this quest is the best quest in World of Warcraft.

But since I understand that not everyone is going to agree, and because I'm always interested in what other players think, let me put the question to you - what do you think is the best quest in World of Warcraft, if for some reason you don't think it's Welcome to the Machine (which it totally is)?

I'm also fond of Fiona and the paladin pals from Cataclysm and the overall Klaxxi experience in Mists of Pandaria, if we need runners' up. Vanilla Darrowshire and Order Must Be Restored would be my favorite classic quests. So now it's up to you - share your favorite quests, the best quest in the world (funny thing is that quest isn't actually anything like this quest, this is just a tribute).

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Breakfast Topic: Your ideal Warcraft reality show

Azeroth Choppers may have come and gone, but that doesn't mean the reality show of your WoW-playing dreams isn't a possibility. It may not be likely, but that's no reason not to speculate on what the next generation of Azeroth Choppers might be. (After all, who thought we would have even one Warcraft-based reality show?) I'm thinking a Big Brother style show featuring WoW NPCs (preferably including faction leaders) could be a big hit, and though that's not entirely reality the same sort of take could be fun with WoW developers. Or maybe we could get something along the lines of The Bachelor that matched up players with guilds.

But it's your turn to jump in on the brainstorming, readers. Tell us, just what kind of Warcraft-based reality show would you like to see next?

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Breakfast Topic: What's your dream expansion?

Thursday's the day we find out when Warlords of Draenor is coming out. Naturally, that means I've already moved on to thinking about the next expansion, because I'm like that. I'd like to get to go to places we haven't seen or heard much about yet - I've always wanted to check out places like Argus and Xoroth. Failing that, that South Seas expansion people keep talking about would work. An Emerald Dream expansion could also work, since it would be like going back to pre-Sundering Kalimdor, but it would be so heavily druid-based that it would make it hard for anyone else to care about it if they weren't careful.

So what about you? What's your dream expansion?

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Breakfast Topic: How much do you explore?

One of my favorite parts of playing on a beta is the exploration aspect of it all -- combing the world for hidden hideaways, cool places of particular visual interest, and of course, the bugged areas. Holes in the world aren't really a thing to be feared on the beta, they're a thing to be noted and submitted so that wayward travelers on live servers don't inadvertently fall under the map and die a horrible death in a sea of nowhere. But sometimes these areas do make it to live servers, which is why I don't just explore on the beta, I explore everywhere.

It's one of those things I've loved since vanilla. My first character was a druid, and I remember after finishing the agonizingly long chain to obtain aquatic form, I decided to put a hold on questing and instead swim around the entirety of Kalimdor, from Darkshore to Silithus and back around. I died a lot. But the journey was incredibly fun, and I got to see areas I never would have encountered in the normal span of questing, and familiarize myself with just how big the world actually was.

It's something I do every expansion -- swim, climb, crawl, jump, and poke around every nook and cranny of the map until I'm satisfied I've seen absolutely everything there is to see. After all, someone out there at Blizzard went to all the trouble of building these far-flung areas and caverns. Of course I'm going to give them a look. But what about you guys? Do you spend any time in the game just running around and exploring the world? Have you ever had a strange trip under the map? What was the coolest hidden away area you've ever seen? How much do you explore?

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Breakfast Topic: Have you ever attended a server-wide event?

For several years now, I've played the game on a variety of roleplaying servers -- mostly because I like the roleplay, but also because the atmosphere in general is pretty cool. This week I got to attend a couple nights of a week-long server-wide event that had participants from several different servers, thanks to CRZ, called the Tournament of Ages. While I didn't sign up to participate in anything, several members of the guild I'm in decided to, so I showed up to cheer them on and see what the event was all about.

It was honestly pretty amazing. The last RP server I was on didn't exactly have a gigantic population to begin with, not to mention roleplaying community, so being on a server with a roleplaying event this large-scale was kind of mind-blowing. We're talking hundreds of people milling around both roleplaying and participating in dueling tournaments, contests, jousting -- just tons of people, tons of activity, and a chat screen that would not stop frantically scrolling from all of the chatter going on in every direction.

Plenty of servers do these kinds of large-scale events for a variety of different reasons -- holiday celebrations, PvP tournaments, mass raids on major cities. It's not something that's restricted solely to roleplaying servers at all. So I'm wondering -- have you ever attended a server-wide event? What kind of event was it, and how many people were around? Did you have fun with it? Was it something you actively participated in, or just observed from the sidelines? Is this the kind of thing you'd like to see on your server someday?

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Breakfast Topic: Mad cinematic speculation

In less than a week we'll get to see the Warlords of Draenor cinematic and we'll know the release date for the expansion. For me this means that I'm sitting around wondering what's going to be in that cinematic - are we going to get another villain centric one like the Wrath of the Lich King or Cataclysm expansion trailers, focusing on the big bad? Or are we going to get a Mists of Pandaria style focus on a major lore figure to help introduce us to this new land? Perhaps a Burning Crusade style trailer which introduces the setting and shows us various figures representing the players? Or maybe something entirely new, like, a band of six gnomes stepping through the Dark Portal and smacking everyone around? Impossible to say.

So let your imaginations run wild. What will we see in the cinematic? What do you want to see?

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Breakfast Topic: What Warcraft swag do you want to see?

Between their own official gear store and the merchandise on J!NX and other retailers, there's plenty of WoW (and Blizzard in general) swag out there for the buying. But with time-limited exclusives -- like the immensely popular (and quickly sold out) Nether Faerie Dragon plush at San Diego Comic-Con -- you can't always get your hands on the swag you want... and maybe Blizzard just hasn't gotten around to making the swag you want yet. (For example, I'd love to see more of swag based on Carbot's properties, like the StarCrafts hoodies.)

But just what Blizzard swag would get you shopping? Do you want more plushies, more hoodies, or something else entirely?

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Breakfast Topic: Guess at the Warlords release date

It's official... sort of. We officially know when we'll know the Warlords of Draenor release date (August 14th), though we don't know the date itself. Blizzard originally told us we'd be playing Warlords by this fall, with the official pre-order page saying the game will be released "on or before 12/20/2014." On Amazon, the official strategy guide has a release date of September 23rd, though that could be a guess on Amazon's part as well (Amazon's predicted date for Warlords itself is December 20th).

So armed with this information, it's time to step up and take your guess: Just when do you think Warlords of Draenor will be released?

When will Warlords of Draenor be released?
August59 (0.6%)
September1094 (10.9%)
October3497 (34.8%)
November3284 (32.7%)
December1680 (16.7%)
Even later443 (4.4%)

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Breakfast Topic: When will the Siege of Orgrimmar reach Orgrimmar?

Though the Siege of Orgrimmar patch was released way back in September 2013, the situation in the live version of Orgrimmar has changed very little since the so-called siege begun. If you play a horde character, portals throughout the game send you to Orgrimmar as the horde capitol... even though Orgrimmar under the rule of Garrosh is hardly a friendly place. Patrolled by the all-orc Kor'Kron Guard, the city streets aren't particularly welcoming to non-orcs -- or anyone who disagrees with Garrosh's leadership.

While this made for a strong story element when patch 5.4 was launched, it's rather outstayed its welcome. At this point, even a wrecked, post-siege Orgrimmar would seem a more welcoming place than the fear-filled city that's been the center of the horde's game world for nearly a year. So tell us, readers -- when do you think Orgrimmar will get a post-Garrosh makeover? And what will we see taking its place come Warlords?

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Breakfast Topic: What's the one thing you will never get rid of?

I will happily admit that I am a terrible packrat when it comes to WoW. I like to collect stuff, and my bank, void storage, and bag space all suffer for it. I have been known to get rid of things, however -- old tier sets from vanilla and Burning Crusade can always easily be farmed again later, so I never feel a need to hang onto them. With the addition of a new void storage tab and the toy box, I'll have plenty more space to fill in Warlords of Draenor -- and I'll happily find a ton of stuff worth squirreling away, I imagine. Beta doesn't have all the new items you can find implemented just yet, but there are more than enough hidden chests, rare spawns, and fun vignettes to provide me with things to put in my bags.

There are, however, certain things in my bank and bags that I will never get rid of. My Thieves' Tools from vanilla, which used to be a requirement for lockpicking but are no longer needed. My Loaded Gnomish Dice, because who doesn't need a pair of those sitting around? And of course, Pocket Lint -- an essential part of any adventurer's bags. Last week, I asked you guys to name one thing you wish you hadn't gotten rid of. This week, I'm going to ask the other half of that question: What's the one thing you will never, ever get rid of? That one precious item that will always and forever remain a part of your inventory? Do you have certain in-game items that you cherish? Or is it all just liquidation material to you, waiting to be turned into gold?

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Breakfast Topic: Does WoW eat your time for other games?

I was talking on twitter (I talk a lot on twitter, it's terrifying, especially since I seem to have almost no filter there) when a conversation came up that I'm not going to link to because I don't know if the person who started it wants me to. But I made a point in that conversation that I think can go here - when I'm playing WoW a lot, I tend to play other video games more as well. For instance, when I was progression raiding, I also played a ton of console games. Now that I'm not progression raiding (or raiding at all, really) I actually enjoy not playing any video games whatsoever - I do a lot more reading, some more writing, in general I feel like I'm just not in a place where I want to game as much.

As soon as Dragon Age Inquisition comes out this is going to change, of course. But the consensus from others seems to be the opposite to me - they seem to play less of other games when in the throes of WoW, and when they back off from WoW, they play more of other games.

So I decided, why not get some more thoughts on this? So I put the question to you - do you play more or less of other video games when you're playing WoW?

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Breakfast Topic: Avoiding the beta

I have friends who somehow manage to do this. Not just not playing the beta (that's pretty hard to do) but flat out avoiding any and all news about it. One of them somehow managed not to know anything about the upcoming changes to healing, the CC changes to PvP, even the item squish completely evaded his attention. This isn't just not logging on or anything, it's an act of will, and frankly to my eyes a difficult one. How do you manage it? He even told me he reads various fansites. How do you read fansites and avoid beta news?

Of course, if you're reading this Breakfast Topic, you just failed (since I told you three things from the beta) but perhaps you have some insight. How does one avoid this kind of thing?

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Breakfast Topic: You're all real people

So yesterday I logged into WoW on my baby hunter and started messing around in Mulgore. I don't have any other characters on this particular server and I forget where my heirlooms are, so I was leveling at my own pace, didn't have any bags or anything.

Much to my surprise, a level 90 on a Corrupted Firehawk landed next to me, opened trade, and dumped 100g and several 16 slot bags onto me before flying off again. (Hey, if you did that on Wyrmrest Accord, thanks.) And it got me thinking about how this is a game full of actual people, all living their own lives, and I'll never really know what the majority of y'all are doing.

I used to tell the story of the dungeon run with racist tank quite often - I've actually forgotten much of the specifics, other than that it was Grim Batol, he had a racist macro for his paladin shield throw ability, and I dropped that group like a hot potato. But what would possess a person to create a racist Avenger's Shield macro? It's such a strange, baffling thing to do.

So I figure, here's a BT about the strange, improbable, human side of World of Warcraft for you guys to fill up the comments on. Good deeds, bad practices. Share it with us.

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