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Breakfast Topic: Would you spend 100,000 gold on a chopper?

I will put it out there that I may not be the audience for this. But while I was willing to pay way, way more for the Grand Expedition Yak, I could justify that because it had a reforger at the time, which has since become the even more usefully awesome transmog feature and which sends me into fits of delight every time I mount it. But this is just a mount. You ride it. That's it. It's not even a dragon or a demon or a demon-dragon. Have we had one of those yet? If not we should.

Anyway, for me, I think this is kind of wasted. I'm not likely to buy it. Honestly, if I could buy it as a Horde player just to confuse and irritate everyone, then I might think it was worth the 100,000 gold. But that's the great thing about the WoW community, we have widely disparate opinions. So how do you feel? Would you spend 100,000 gold on this? Or any mount? What would a mount have to offer to get you to cough up 100,000 cheddar?

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Breakfast Topic: Have you looked for Draenor's treasures?

I have to admit that I spent a longer time leveling than usual in Warlords of Draenor. It wasn't that the content was particularly difficult, it was the treasures. Oh so many treasures to be found, all over the place. Treasures in every zone, tucked away here and there waiting to be discovered. Treasure hunting was one of those things I really loved about Mists of Pandaria, so I was really happy to see it make a return in Warlords on a slightly larger scale. Happy, and distracted from leveling by exploring and finding all those lovely hidden treasures.

Of course I hit level 100 finally, and got to work doing what level 100 players are all up to. But the siren song of treasures that still had yet to be reached was stronger than my desire to go run a bunch of dungeons. A few days ago, my treasure-hunting madness got me the Grand Treasure Hunter achievement for my troubles -- 200 treasures found. There's still more of them out there. I think I'm going to have to find every single last one of them to be satisfied.

What about you guys? Have you indulged in any treasure hunting? Do you keep an eye out while you're questing for unusual sparkling objects on the ground or in the trees? Do you go about your treasure hunting the old fashioned way, or do you use a mod that tells you where to find everything?

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Breakfast Topic: What's the strangest thing you've seen in your garrison?

I'm finding myself spending a lot of time in my garrison at level 100 -- and the more I do, the more little things I notice. The garrisons are ridiculously detailed, with random items strewn around all the different shops and buildings you can create. When you add the Menagerie, suddenly your battle pets will be seen running here and there all over the place -- and it doesn't matter what kind of pet they are. Today, I saw an Alliance balloon slowly floating along inside my Horde garrison, despite the fact that I can't actually use that pet on Horde.

Things get stranger, too. Perhaps the wildest thing I've heard of is the stables, which display a random selection of mounts that you've designated as favorites. Mounts that are housed in the stable will while away the hours milling around, walking in circles, eating straw ... you know, mount things. Except when that mount is an engineer's chopper, and it slowly wheels itself to the straw pile, well. Like I said, things get a little strange.

I think some of the best stuff I've seen though has been the interactions between my various followers. For some reason Birchus and Blook have become best friends in my garrison, possibly because they're both larger than life and can't fit in the buildings. I caught the above screenshot the other day of Birchus grabbing Blook's arms in what looks like a desperate plea for Blook to get a grip and snap out of it. I have no idea what they're talking about, I just think their interactions are particularly funny. What about you guys? What's the strangest thing you've seen in your garrison?

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Breakfast Topic: A surprise endboss

Personally, I hope it's me. Please let it be me. I know I'd be surprised.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about yesterday's Reddit AMA with the WoW devs, where it was stated that the end boss of Warlords of Draenor will be a surprise. Since we've known the end boss for the last three expansions in a row (and one of the complaints about Mists of Pandaria was that knowing Garrosh was the end boss ruined the story arc for a lot of people) this is a bit of a departure. I know a lot of people (myself included) assumed it was going to be Grom, because they told us it was going to be Grom, so this is welcome news to my ears.

But now it's time to speculate. Who will the Mystery Endboss be? Who will this surprise menace turn out to be? Arthas. It's going to be Arthas. It's going to be King Arthas Menethil leading an invading army from Alternate Azeroth. And the victory condition for the fight isn't killing him, it's holding his forces off long enough to escape via a portal to Argus.

See? That's just my crazy speculation. What's yours?

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Breakfast Topic: Race-inspired battle pets

We all know about Argi the Spacegoat (sing it to the tune of Frosty the Snowman) and her utter adorableness. But she (or he, could be a he, but the name Argi just makes me think girl goat for whatever reason) got me thinking -- what if every race in WoW got a similar racial pet? A tiny bovine for tauren and a worg pup for worgen, of course, but what about others? Would we want some kind of kitten for night elves? A green battleboar for orcs? An adorable little zombie bunny for forsaken?

Come on, speculate. The sky is the limit. What battle pet would best sum up your favorite playable race in World of Warcraft?

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Breakfast Topic: I kind of miss dragons

We haven't had an honest to Naaru dragon boss in a while.

No, Galakras doesn't count. First off, it was a proto-drake, and secondly, we all know how dragon bosses work - they're huge, they have tails that do tail swipes, and they usually have several incredibly annoying gimmicks that require us to do something we find annoying. And yet, dragon bosses have been a huge part of WoW since the original Onyxia raid. And we haven't have one since Cataclysm. Of course, it makes sense that we haven't - Deathwing wasn't just a dragon, he was the dragon, really, and along with him came a host of twilight drakes and dragons and after a while, we got burned out on dragon aspects and wanted a break. Mists of Pandaria was our summer vacation, and it was necessary, but now we're in Warlords and the old school Warcraft feel is back.

And nothing says old-school Warcraft like a few good dragons. I'd like it if it turned out that Draenor had its own dragons, not at all related to the Aspects and Azeroth at all - huge, scaly, fire breathing reptiles with their own special elan. After all, there's dragons on the Dark Portal. Let's get some dragons up in this.

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Breakfast Topic: Highmaul opens

So today's the day - Highmaul opens, and with it, the start of raiding in Warlords of Draenor. I've personally been so sick I've barely even played the past week, so I'm woefully unprepared (some dude with a bandana tied over his eyes keeps telling me) but that's my own fault - well, my fault for having a fragile human body made of flesh. But what about y'all? Are you ready for Highmaul? Will you be diving back into raiding this week?

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Breakfast Topic: Have you camped for Poundfist yet?

As a fan of large and obnoxious mounts, I simply couldn't say no to this guy. The Sunhide Gronnling drops off a rare mob called Poundfist in Gorgrond. This isn't your ordinary rare. This one actually lives up to its name. Poundfist has a 48-96 hour respawn timer, and on top of that this timer is reset back to zero whenever the server is reset (including maintenance). This kept Poundfist from spawning at all until the 10th day of Warlords of Draenor. All of the unscheduled maintenance and rolling restarts kept him from ever appearing.

When he did start spawning about a week ago, people gathered by the hundreds at his spawn points. The one upside to Poundfist is that everyone who tags him will get the mount, regardless of group or faction. Unfortunately, he has 5 different spawn points. They are spread out enough that it's possible you'll miss him if he spawns at another one. He's only level 95 and his health doesn't scale up nearly enough to handle all of the people attacking him. On top of that, the phasing that was introduced to help server loads means that you could be in a different phase than the one he spawns in. Most frightening of all, these separate phases of Gorgond share the general chat channel. Getting this mount is half dedication and half luck.

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Breakfast Topic: Do you miss dailies?

I have a confession to make -- I miss dailies. I kind of miss them a lot. Don't get me wrong, I was just as tired as the rest of you with Mists of Pandaria's endless daily roulette at level 90 -- but it wasn't the dailies themselves I was tired of. It was just the fact that there were so many of them, coupled with the ridiculous amount of gating in terms of gear upgrades being locked behind reputation. The daily quests themselves varied in terms of fun vs. tediousness, but things like patch 5.1 and Operation: Shieldwall? Those were ridiculously fun. And now that I'm level 100, my choices for things to do seem to be ... really limited.

There's the daily for attacking one of two locations for Apexis, and there's the daily with the fishing building and the Menagerie, but other that that, there's ... a whole lot of nothing. I do have the Inn in my garrison, so I do get dailies that send me into dungeons, but to be perfectly frank, doing dungeons is probably one of my least favorite activities in WoW, and at the moment it seems like they're my only option for endgame stuff to do. It's either that or Ashran, and while Ashran is fun, it's only fun for so long.

Which is why I find myself quietly wishing that, in this particular instance, Blizzard hadn't cranked that particular lever so far in the other direction. If they had settled for giving us one or two daily hubs with a variety of quests, like those wonderful days of patch 5.1, instead of the mass glut we were slammed with at level 90, it would have been perfect. I'd be logging on with something in mind to do that didn't involve waiting ridiculous amounts of time in a dungeon queue. What about you guys? Are you cool with the endgame options we've got right now? Do you miss daily quests, or are you really happy there's none to be found? What do you do to keep busy when you log on?

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Breakfast Topic: Your favorite garrison building

We've all been working on our Draenor garrisons long enough to have some experience of the day to day grind of garrison life -- which means we've probably all had time to pick out favorites (and less favorites) amongst the building options. So today let's talk about our must-have garrison buildings.

I have to admit, in my own garrison there's been some rollover as I've tried out different buildings to see what I thought of them, but while I've found the lumber mill to be the most practical of the lot (who doesn't need more garrison resources?), the stables wins as my favorite. Not only does the stable offer some excellent bonuses -- like not having to dismount to interact with objects -- but your stable also shows off a random selection from your collection of mounts, which makes it a nice visual addition that makes your garrison seem a bit more yours. But what about you, readers? Which garrison building could you just not live without?

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Breakfast Topic: Have you tried Ashran?

First off, let me complain that I have a terribly hard time calling it Ashran - I always correct it in my head to Ashram, because, well, ashrams are real things. Anyway, Ashran is a really rather sophisticated mix of elements, a development in terms of PvP that reminds me of Wintergrasp, of the old days of Tarren Mill and Southshore, and of ancient never-ending Alterac Valley matches, but better than that sounds.

I've really only gotten my feet wet in Ashran so far, haven't had a chance to really throw myself into it. So I'm asking you guys - have you tried Ashran? What did you think of it? Did you like it, did you hate it, do you wish you could move there? Give me the head's up before I start getting serious on PvP again.

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Breakfast Topic: Happy Thursday

I'd say it's just Thursday for those of us living outside the US, but for me it will be Thanksgiving because my wife and mother in law have decided to celebrate American Thanksgiving in Canada, possibly to be nice to me, possibly because hey nobody hates a chance at another turkey. But either way it's still Pilgrim's Bounty, it's still the Anniversary event, and it's still Warlords of Draenor, the most popular World of Warcraft expansion in years and years. There can be no escape.

So let's make it simple. If you're in the US, how are you going to evade your family and play this fine day? And if you're not in the US, how are you going to ignore how Americans (including myself) seem to forget the other six billion people on the planet don't celebrate our holidays? Will you involve Warlords of Draenor in this?

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Breakfast Topic: The professional grind

WoW's professions have changed a lot between Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor, making professions perhaps as easy as they've ever been for both leveling and crafting. Catch-up methods have made professions easier to level from zero while garrisons give us the ability to have limited access to any profession even if we didn't bother (or didn't have the profession slot) to level it.

But while professions have always been a grind, I find the removal of the grind to be nearly as much of a problem. While professions may be much more streamlined, a lot of the variety has been removed, too: there are fewer items to craft (due to a removal of low-quality craftables that were rarely used) and the things you can craft typically require a large quantity of a single material rather than sending you on an epic quest to gather bits and pieces from around the world. In theory, I like making crafting more straightforward. But in practice, it means crafting is reduced to pressing a single button to create work orders for days (or weeks) until you can finally create something. The new system may be easier, but it seems a lot less interesting, too.

So tell me, readers: just what do you think of professions in Warlords? Are you enjoying the new way of crafting, with the ease of gathering and queuing up work orders from your garrison? Or do you find yourself nostalgic for crafting systems past?

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Breakfast Topics: What Building do you think Garrisons need?

I was just wondering about what I'd put in my Garrison if I could - I still think the idea of a Tony Start style armory where all your various transmog sets were on display would be cool, but then I really got to thinking about it - maybe an airstrip to allow you to fly between various points in Draenor (or perhaps that could be how we learn flying when it comes in, via the airstrip?) or perhaps a variety of race specific buildings could be added? Something like an elaborate orrery for blood elves, a crystalline tower for draenei, a clockwork robot lab for gnomes, a stump for orcs.

Honestly, I'm dead curious. What would you add if you could add anything?

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Breakfast Topic: Who's your favorite follower?

So far the Garrison seems to be a hit. This got me curious as to which Garrison follower people enjoy the most. Is it a rare or elite you like because they cleave through missions, or perhaps simply a sentimental choice like my favorite, who is a spoiler heavy choice because he went through so much along side us, from Cataclysm to this expansion.

There's a lot of potential followers to consider. So who is it for you? Can you tell us, or are you still farming her, him or it?

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