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Officers' Quarters: Grading your raiders

Every Monday Scott Andrews contributes
Officers' Quarters, a column about the ins and outs of guild leadership.

When your raids are going smoothly, there's almost a superstition among players not to look too deeply into exactly what everyone is doing. It just works: Players are clicking, the loot is flowing, confidence is high, and no one questions it. But when your raid hits a snag, you can either start blindly pointing fingers or figure out what you're lacking. Well-run guilds take the latter course. This week's reader wants to know exactly how to do that:

It would be great to see a post on your Officer's Quarters blog about how to measure/observe the raid's performance. For example, we are stalling on the Curator, and it would be great to hear some different techniques on how to measure who's getting all the heals, where is mana going, why exactly are people dying, etc., in how to assess performance and adjust.

Thanks! Great reading your stuff, keep it up.

-- Ciacco -- Malygos, 70 human rogue

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