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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Wrath report card -- protection

The Care and Feeding of Warriors is about warriors, who hurl themselves into the fray, the very teeth of danger armed with nothing more than the biggest weapons and armored with the absolutely heaviest armor we can find. Hey, we're not stupid, we're just crazy.

With patch 3.3.5 upon us and the absolute last raid instance of Wrath of the Lich King set to go live in a week or two, we're finally at the end of the roller coaster of class design for this expansion. Whether you love your class (i.e., play a warrior) or hate it (play one of those other classes like mages -- that one's for you, Dom), it's fair to say that barring any last-minute surprise redesigns, what you see is what you're going to get until Cataclysm.

So where are warriors as a class right now? Since we're a tank/DPS hybrid with two roles and three specs (if you count PvE, anyway; if you include PvP, then we effectively have four roles and three trees to fill them), how well does the class do in each role, and how do our specs shape up? This week we'll discuss protection, the dedicated tanking tree for warriors.

At the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King, warrior tanking saw a pretty significant shake-up in terms of its talents and abilities. Tanking in general was redesigned to be more fun, and a new hero class that was a tank/DPS hybrid was introduced. All of this changed the playing field for warriors pretty significantly. Warrior tanks found that for the first time, protection was possibly the most viable leveling build.

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Encrypted Text: Patch 3.3.3 changes mean subtlety is back

Every Wednesday, Chase Christian of Encrypted Text invites you to enter the world of shadows, as we explore the secrets and mechanics of the Rogue class. This week, we discuss the upcoming patch 3.3.e changes, and what they mean for subtlety.

I promised myself I would never say this. When I took up the mantle of Encrypted Text, I knew that with great power comes great responsibility. It was my duty to ensure that accurate information reached the readers of this column, and to keep them abreast of upcoming changes. The other sites could do as they pleased: I would remain steadfast.

Unfortunately, as we all know, Blizzard loves to shake things up when they feel that the status quo is stale. The recent subtlety changes are an example of this. Because of those changes, I have to break that promise that I made. Today, I am forced to say something which I never thought would be seriously true. Today, I am telling you that hemo daggers is a viable spec.

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Patch 3.3.3 PTR: Revenge of the Warrior, now Improved

In the most recent bout of data mining the PTR patch (specifically build 11623), the fine folks at MMO-Champion discovered more changes and clarifications to how warrior abilities will work. Keeping in mind again that this is the PTR and you never know how things are going to change, here are the specifics.

  • Revenge damage has been slightly lowered, it now deals [ 31% of AP + 1636 ] to [ 31% of AP + 1998 ] damage at max rank. Down from [ 31% of AP + 2181 ] to [ 31% of AP + 2665 ] damage.
  • Improved Revenge now Increases damage of your Revenge ability by 30/60% (up from 10/20%) and causes Revenge to strike an additional target for 50% damage.
  • Vitality now increases your total Strength by 2/4/6%, Stamina by 3/6/9% and your Expertise by 2/4/6.(On live, this is Strength and Stamina by 2/4/6% and Expertise by 2/4/6.)
  • Trauma now lasts 1 min, up from 15 sec.
The Trauma change is probably one for convenience, as it can be hard in a high mobility fight (like, say, running out of a Defile) to keep Trauma up and this way you'll have more leeway to keep those bleeds ticking at max efficiency while still getting out of bombs or fissures or what have you. Vitality is pretty much exactly as it was the last time we talked about it.

As for Revenge, the baseline ability is being adjusted slightly downward from our original exciting 3.3.3 revelation. But Improved Revenge is being hugely buffed. Hugely. When we first heard the news that Revenge would be getting some improvements, we speculated in the comments that perhaps they'd throw some AoE viability in there, and now they have done exactly that. By baking it into the talent instead of the baseline ability (and by removing the stun from Imp Revenge, it appears) you cut back on prot warrior stuns in PvP while giving a strong new reason to pick up Imp Revenge for more damage and more AoE threat. It's a pretty solid change for a tanking prot warrior.

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Frozen Orbituary: The Death of Rolling 'Greed'

Frozen Orbs matter again. Come Patch 3.3.3, Frozo will be exchanging your frozen orbs for crafting materials used in some of the better Pre-ICC craftables. It is prudent, then, in my mind, to inform the greater playerbase at large about this development. Most people know about the new value of frozen orbs. If you read, you've already been exposed to some pretty comprehensive coverage. This post is to address a growing trend I personally see in random heroics -- rolling need on the orbs ahead of the patch.

No one should fault people for rolling need on frozen orbs at this point in the game. They have new value. Technically, we all can use them. Frozen orbs are directly convertable into some better cash items. While the items you can buy currently with frozen orbs on the PTR are not set in stone, and their costs are subject to change, we know that they will be useful.

Two different solutions to the frozen orb situation present themselves: 1) Blizzard removes the need roll from frozen orbs so everyone gets a chance to get the orb or 2) change the behavior of the populace and everyone roll need on frozen orbs and educate the masses on the new, impending value of frozen orbs.

If you've ever been upset at a random pick up group player rolling need on a frozen orb, you have a weapon to fight it -- just roll need, and tell everyone else to roll need as well. Do everyone a favor and educate -- let people know frozen orbs will have a new place in the economy. Now you've got a random chance for frozen orbs and of avoiding the end of instance standoff.

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Icecrown Citadel raid buffs live

If your guild has been struggling throughout the various bosses in Icecrown Citadel, then struggle no more! Icecrown Citadel raid buffs are now live. For the Alliance, it is called Strength of Wrynn and the Horde version of the buff is Hellscream's Warsong. For now, your health, healing done, and damage done are increased by 5%. It looks like it'll eventually cap out and end at 30% but who knows when that will be. All in all, the buffs will definitely help progression raids out. If your raid doesn't need the buffs, you can simply talk to your faction guy and tell him to go away. He'll ask you once just to confirm, but if you are sure, he'll disappear. We've known that the raid wide buffs would appear at some point but not exactly when.

Be sure to check out's Icecrown Citadel raid strategy and information page!

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Arcane Brilliance: Patch 3.3.3 PTR changes for mages

It's time again for Arcane Brilliance, the weekly mage column that wants to point out that while gnomes often come compared to the other races, they do have one special feature that always looks larger by comparison. Their spells are huge! Wait...what did you think I was talking about?

So anyway. It's always an exciting time around here when a new patch hits the PTR. We all wake up, head down to the living room and gather beneath the tree to open our presents. Sometimes the bounty is rich, and we reap a choice harvest of new content and features. Other times the crop is more meager. And while patch 3.3.3 doesn't seem to have brought with it the largest pile of new stuff we've ever seen, it's turning out to be a bit more generous than I'd have previously suspected.

Yes, for those of us who play this game, a new patch is just like Christmas. You just never know what you're going to get. Will that gaily wrapped parcel contain an N64? Or a hideous sweater? A huge buff? Or a soul-crushing nerf? Let's all head over to the PTR together and start unwrapping, shall we?

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Patch 3.3.3 PTR: Minor Jewelcrafting changes

Yesterday an updated list of changes for PTR patch 3.3.3 was released. Ranging from new pets and mounts to the LFD dungeon stats being tracked, there have been a lot of tweaks. Jewelcrafting is no exception to the rules of change and like other professions is seeing some small changes.
These are small changes, but for many Jewelcrafters they are welcome ones. On many servers due to the rising number of tanks, Chalcedony can be very difficult to come by on the auction house and relying on the random number generator can sometimes leave you high and dry when you are prospecting for specific gems. Lowering the amount of gems required for the Icy Prism makes it a tad bit easier for aspiring jewelers to obtain the various gems they may need to level their profession to the skill cap, as well as making it slightly more profitable when you manage to gain a good gem like a Cardinal Ruby or Dragon's Eye.

Just like Inscription having the material components reduced for many of it's recipes and the Titansteel cooldown being removed, I think we will continue to see this trend as Cataclysm approaches. Making it easier for players to hit their profession skill caps before the expansion drops is a very good way to get people ready for when the skill cap is raised again.

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Starfall and Nature's Grasp PTR changes

Yesterday was a very good day to be a balance druid in the World of Warcraft. While things seemed a bit rocky at the start of the PTR, the most recent build held two changes that are certainly going to benefit all of our feathery friends out there. The first of these changes was an increase in the damage and scaling of Starfall, the second was a change to the way in which Nature's Grasp functions.

To start with Starfall, the updated patch notes do not tell the entire story of this change. In order to clarify things, Ghostcrawler made a few statements on the Damage Dealing forums about it. Although there have been several posts on the matter, the most important was this:

The Starfall change is difficult to patch note because of the nature of the spell, but I'll share the numbers so that the theorycrafters among you can plug them in. It's a significant boost to the spell's damage.

Initially, we had designed the spell to be more AE focused, but that hasn't been super useful for a class that also has Hurricane. Rather than adding another nuke we thought it made more sense to make the 51 pointer something that really delivers on damage. Yes it can be countered. PvP is designed with the intent that things can be countered.

Main shot
Base points 432 -> 562
Coefficient 0.21 -> 0.37

Splash damage
Base points 77 -> 100
Coefficient 0.12 -> 0.13

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Patch 3.3.3 PTR: Companion pet and mount updates

Another PTR build has been deployed on the public test realms for patch 3.3.3. We'll be seeing some new pets and mounts it seems. I admit I'm not as dedicated to pets or mounts as my friends are, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested in any new updates.

The Celestial Steed has been added into the game and it looks to be an all around mount that can function is a ground mount in the old world and a flying mount in Outland or Northrend. There are no screenshots of it yet, but my guess is that it's a horse with wings that could double as a constellation. Check out the picture above for an idea.

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Patch 3.3.3 PTR: Upcoming profession changes

There are a number of profession changes being introduced in patch 3.3.3. Most of these changes revolve around the speeding up process of crafting. For example, the cooldown and location requirements for Tailoring items like Moonshroud, Spellweave and Ebonweave? Gone!

Some craftable items have had their costs reduced.

More changes after the break!

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Patch 3.3.3 PTR: Random Dungeon Finder changes

The random dungeon finder is getting a nice facelift in patch 3.3.3! There are a few things about the current system that cause occasional problems, and they're being solved.

The most important change is not in the official notes yet, but a Zarhym post clarified that there will be no cooldown on the vote kick function. Combined with the fact that we'll be able to put a reason for the vote kick in the interface itself instead of having to whisper everyone, I think the classes that queue as tanks for the quick queue and then make it clear that they can't tank will find themselves doing less dungeons a day now.

The other exceptionally nice part of these changes is that we won't need to scrub around in general or trade looking for a holiday boss group, and won't have to travel either.

The full list from the patch notes after the break.

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Icecrown Citadel: Frostwing Halls available

The last wing in Icecrown Citadel is now open. The Icecrown Citadel raid overview here on has new information and resources that your raid needs to know about Valithria Dreamwalker and Sindragosa. We've also got boss overviews for every encounter up to this point, complete with links to other strats and loot information.

Unfortunately, we currently have no details on the Lich King encounter (warning, spoilers: although we do know how it ends). Look forward to it at some point in the future. For now, enjoy the last dragon bosses we'll ever see in Icecrown Citadel.

Patch 3.3 is the last major patch of Wrath of the Lich King. With the new Icecrown Citadel 5-man dungeons and 10/25-man raid arriving soon, patch 3.3 will deal the final blow to Arthas.'s Guide to Patch 3.3 will keep you updated with all the latest patch news.

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Patch 3.3.2 download mirror

Our sister site Big Download has hosted the patch 3.3.2 files for easily accessible and speedy downloads. Right now they only have the North American PC patch available, but they will be getting the additional versions of the patch up later today.

Head over there and grab the patch if you're having trouble with the downloader. Enjoy!
We'll update this post when other versions become available.

Comments have been disabled on this post. We need to be sure we only link to sources we are 100% confident are virus free, and cannot allow outside links to executables. Thanks for understanding.

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Patch 3.3.2: Fall of the Lich King sound files

We're in heavy spoiler territory yet again with datamined sound files straight out of Patch 3.3.2, so we've hidden the video containing them behind the cut below. Do not click through the break to watch the video if you do not want to be thoroughly spoiled. The sound files contain lines spoken before, during and after the final confrontation with the Lich King. If you do choose to watch/listen, please don't run around spoiling your fellow players. Let them make that decision on their own.

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Ashen Verdict strength-based melee DPS rings stats

Patch 3.3.2, the next minor content patch, will include the much requested strength-based rings for melee DPS from the Ashen Verdict reputation. This should make warriors, paladins, and death knights quite happy. This afternoon Zarhym has released the stats for the different reputation levels (friendly, exalted, etc...), which we have for you after the break.

The minor content patch will also bring with it an influx of other small changes, as well as arena season 8. You can check out all the changes in the translated version of the patch notes that were discovered last night.

The rings after the break.

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