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Cataclysm Preview: The Battle for Gilneas

Do you like dog men? Do you like zombie men? Do you like dog men who fight valiantly to defend their homeland against zombie men? Do you like zombie men who are very hungry and want to eat the dog men? And then build luxury condominiums on their land? If you answered yes to any of these questions, there's good news!

Blizzard just announced new information about the the new-for-Cataclysm 10v10 battleground, The Battle for Gilneas. Similar to Arathi Basin, winning the battleground requires you to capture and hold a majority of the area's resource-rich locations -- the waterworks, the lighthouse and the mine -- long enough for your Horde or Alliance worker friends to collect resources from them. A total of 2,000 resource points wins the match.

Just like in the real world, once all the resources are gone, no one cares about the area anymore, the fight ends and everyone goes back home to Stormwind and Orgrimmar, only to requeue and fight over it again ten minutes later. Good times!

All you gank-hungry fools can check out the details by following me after the jump. It contains information about Cataclysm, so if you're totally religious about not spoiling anything, don't click.

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