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Cataclysm Dungeon Guide: Blackrock Caverns

Blackrock Caverns (BRC) is likely to be your first Cataclysm dungeon; it's the equivalent of Hellfire Ramparts and Utgarde Keep. I can predict what'll happen to a good 90 percent of you zoning into the place, by the way:
  1. Everyone zones in and buffs up -- silently, need I add?
  2. The tank will pull the first mob pack without preamble, marking, or warning.
  3. The DPS will start AoEing or targeting different mobs.
  4. The healer will start a heal which will land fruitlessly on a tank who's died in less than 2 seconds.
  5. Everyone will scramble out of the dungeon.
  6. In a firestorm of threats and recrimination, someone will shoulder the blame for the near wipe and be kicked.
Actually, that's not true. You can probably survive most of Blackrock Caverns with the usual Wrath "lawl AoE" approach to dungeoneering, mostly because lots of players will be arriving with ilevel 251+ gear before combat ratings take a digger at level 81. The process described above is a lot more reminiscent of what Throne of the Tides and subsequent dungeons were like in the beta. But ... well, just be aware that a certain amount of ugly death is in store for you with Cataclysm 5-mans and heroics if you play like a nitwit.

Most of the bosses in BRC drop ilevel 279 loot, so even players in heroic ICC gear are likely to find upgrades here.

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