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What is crowd control and how do I use it?

You've probably heard about crowd control -- or maybe even used it yourself -- but you may be a little unclear as to what people want when they ask you to "CC" or "sheep" a monster. Crowd control generally refers to a lot of different skills, but they all have one thing in common: they let you, in some way, control the actions or movement of a hostile target. The standard example is mage's Polymorph spell, which turns its target into a sheep for up to 50 seconds, during which it wanders aimlessly, without doing any damage or casting any spells.

So just why would you want to "sheep" a monster? Well, when it's a sheep, it's not attacking you or your party, which can be the difference between life and death when you're trying to take out a large group of monsters at once. The idea is that you polymorph one monster while you focus on taking down others. When the polymorph runs out, you can either recast it to get more time to fight your other targets or take that opportunity to kill the formerly polymorphed monster.

Good use of crowd control can let you and the rest of your group take on more difficult monsters and groups by limiting who's attacking you. So just how do you become a crowd control ninja -- and the hero of any party you're in? We'll walk you through the basics.

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