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Breakfast Topic: Do you revisit old dailies?

We're heading towards the end of daily quests, and while it's more than likely that no one will be mourning them, I've started to look back on them fondly since finding out they're going away. (But it's through the same aged haze of nostalgia that I look back on 40-man raiding with, so it's probably not to be trusted.) I've revisited the Isle of Quel'Danas, done past-expansion fishing dailies (I'm still trying to get those crocolisks), and done a ton of Cataclysm dailies. When I don't have to do them for advancement and I don't have to force myself into completing them every day, the dailies available really don't seem so bad. Some of them, like the Quel'danas bombing run or helping bear cubs in Hyjal, are even -- dare I say it? -- fun. But then again, that could just be the nostalgia talking.

So today I'm wondering, dear readers: do you ever revisit old dailies? Do they seem more entertaining in hindsight than they did when you were on the reputation treadmill and grinding out dailies as quickly as possible? Tell us about it!

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The changing face of Shattrath and the new Shattrath dailies

With patch 2.4, there's a lot of eager eyes cast towards the Isle of Quel'danas and the Sunwell. But what about elsewhere? Silvermoon City is not the only place to see some big shakeups. There's a new flavor to Shattrath City as well, as the Aldor and the Scryer begin to work together to take down Kil'jaedan the Deceiver.

A lot of familiar faces, as promised, have shed their former Aldor and Scryer ties to join the Shattered Sun Offensive, and it's bought some new activity to the capital of Outland that you'll want to check out before you go running back to Azeroth to look for a Magister's Terrace group.

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Your Guide to Dailies: Unlocking Blade's Edge

Once you are familiar with the daily quests offered in Skettis, you will begin searching for more dailies. After all, you can complete up to 10 of them per day. By completing only two or three, you are bypassing a large amount of guaranteed gold. Unlocking these quests will also increase your grind toward a nether ray flying mount.

The next step then is to set your sights on Ogri'la and the Skyguard Outpost in Blade's Edge Mountains (see map above). Unfortunately, you won't be able to fly up there, do a little dance, and expect them to hand you out the quests. In fact, you might as well buckle in, because the upcoming chain is long and involved. Fear not; by following this guide, and consulting the map, you should be welcomed by Ogri'la in no time.

It all begins with a naaru residing in the Terrace of Light, a long way from the mountainous regions inhabited by ogres.

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Your guide to dailies: Skettis

Now that you have unlocked your daily quests in Skettis, it is time to actually do them. Many players, myself included, were introduced to dailies in the same way we learn about most quests; we just try them. When we become frustrated, we turn to the Internet.

Because of the repetitive and somewhat obligatory nature of daily quests, it is important to not only master them to minimize such frustration, but also to understand exactly what you are gaining in the long run. Knowing exactly how many rewards you are racking up will keep you doing these quests even when you don't feel like it. This will help you reach your goals, whether they are epic flight, the Cenarion Expedition flying mount, or anything else, you will need to be diligent if you want to save enough gold in a timely fashion.

Follow through the jump for a detailed walkthrough of each daily quest, as well as a few different summaries of your loot, put into perspective.

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Your guide to dailies: Unlocking Skettis

Whether you fancy a nether ray mount or are simply after some daily gold, you will probably want to start completing the daily quests for the Sha'tari Skyguard in Skettis. While they may prove difficult at first, with practice, you'll become faster and more adept.

In order to unlock these dailies, you will need to be level 70 and have at least basic flight. This is because Skettis is nestled in the top of a group of cliffs, and cannot be reached by mount or by foot. In fact, even if you were summoned to Skettis, you would only be able to do one of the two daily quests, as Fires Over Skettis entails bombing eggs while in flight. You will also need to complete two quests to gain access to your dailies.

The first of these unlocking quests, Threat From Above, can be completed without flight, provided you can get a warlock to summon you to the Barrier Hills, an area above and behind Aldor Rise, Shattrath. In fact, the second quest, which takes you to Skettis initially, could also be completed with the help of a warlock. Your dailies would then be unlocked, although you would still need flight for one, and want flight for the other. In addition, you would need to be summoned to Skettis every single day to actually complete the one daily you can do without flying.

Follow through the jump for an in-depth walkthrough for unlocking your dailies, as well as a bonus look at some non-daily, repeatable quests you can use to boost your reputation with the Skyguard.

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Your guide to dailies: Cooking

Congratulations! You've hit level 70 and you're peering around Outland with hungry eyes. A multitude of new things have opened up for you, from soaring to new heights, to searching the world over for keys and epics. One of the most common activities that you'll want to begin are the daily quests, available mainly to level 70s, and often requiring certain prerequisite quests or even a certain riding skill.

While the cooking quests do not award as much money as other dailies (only 7g 59s), and therefore may not be high on your list of priorities, there are several non-monetary benefits to completing them. First of all, they are fun. Currently, there are four separate quests, and they rotate, so you are not completing the same monotonous tasks day after day.

Secondly, they award your choice of fish or meat, which not only helps if you're an avid cook, but also gives you a daily crate of food for your pet, if you are a hunter. In addition, you can acquire random recipes, some of which are quite nice, including the hunter pet food buff [Recipe: Kibler's Bits]. Many of the reward meats and fish can be cooked up and/or sold for a tidy profit as well. All quests are given by, and handed in to, The Rokk in Lower City.

While several of the quests will require the use of a flying mount, this can easily be avoided by doing the quests in a party with a warlock willing to summon you. In addition, although the dailies often require a very high cooking skill level, this can be circumvented by purchasing the cooked meats on the Auction House, or by having your companion cook your meats for you. You will, however, require 275 cooking skill to gain access to the quests. Should you be in need of leveling your cooking skill, Lisa Poisso's got the inside scoop on the most effective ways to grind it up.

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