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Oveoflod shows old models still have new tricks

I have no idea how the above video managed to escape attention for so long. Originally published on May 4, 2012, the video by Oveoflod -- simply titled Moves -- seems innocent enough at first. It isn't until 26 seconds in that the standard female human model decides to break out of the standard female human model animations and show us her moves, which are nothing like the Macarena.

According to the Youtube description, the video took over a year to make, using MotionBuilder, 3ds Max and Wowmodelviewer to pull it all together. Let's be clear, here: Creating new animations is not as easy a task as you'd think. This tiny, 4 minute video took well over a year to create. However, I still find it pretty astonishing that the old character models can still be taught new tricks. And I still hold out hope that one day, we'll see different dances for all of the races in the game.

Until then, we can go ahead and watch Oveoflod's video and wonder about the possibilities of what could be done, given enough time.

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Breakfast Topic: What's a deal-breaker in your love for a particular race?

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

When word of the Cataclysm races came out, I admit I was excited about the worgen. I had once played a werewolf character in a game of D&D, and it amused me at the idea I could recreate her in some aspect within WoW. Then the dances were released. At first I was undeterred; I play my gender, so the male dance didn't bother me much. However, things changed when the female dance was finally released on the internet. I was quite displeased at the choice for the female's dance. It was too much; I decided then and there that I wouldn't roll a worgen, purely because of the dance.

I know it sounds petty, but the racial dances are a bit of a deal-breaker for me. When I was first introduced to WoW by my cousin and friends, I looked up the racial dances to see which ones I liked best. Having only a trial account, I went with tauren as my first choice, as all my friends played Horde, and I thought the Electric Slide wasn't a bad dance, trolls being a close second.

What about you? What sort of thing about a race or faction breaks the deal, causing you not to choose them?

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Surprises may loom in Wrath

Relmstein has posted a theory that Blizzard has been holding back some surprising features of the upcoming expansion Wrath of the Lich King. We've had no news about the expansion for quite awhile now, and no news might mean good news.

In the near future, World of Warcraft will be facing some hefty competition from the MMO world, from games such as Warhammer Online. Relmstein has asserted that "Lake Wintergrasp, one hero class, and ten more levels...can't hold up the expansion". Compared to what the competition will have to offer, if Blizzard doesn't up their ante, the launch of Wrath of the Lich King could get lost in the mix.

Of course, the expansion will also be including a new profession called inscription, as well as siege weapons, new NPC races, changeable hairstyles, new dances, and other interesting details.

Askander, a commenter, pointed out that pre-BC, Blizzard withheld the announcement about the "Shaman/Paladin faction swap" until late in the game, surprising many players. While some players may remain cautiously skeptical, Tigole has been on the forums hinting of bigger things to come.

What do you think? Does Blizzard have some dynamic plans in the works that they're not sharing for the upcoming expansion, or will they launch with only the announced features? Do you think they have underestimated their competition, or have grown distracted with development of their upcoming MMO and Starcraft 2?

Wrath did make Yahoo!'s list of the most anticipated games of 2008, and was the only expansion listed. Can Wrath live up to our expectations without added features?

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