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WoW geek love brings two players together on a reality show

While I'm loathe to promote the tired idea of WoW gamers being lonely, misanthropic geeks without the ability to connect normally with normal people ... this video is kind of hilarious.

Essentially, two contestants on this speed dating show were failing to achieve chemistry when they discovered a mutual love of WoW! With this common ground firmly in place, the two spontaneously had a successful conversation about characters, raiding, and the game in general.

While I'm not ready to say this video proves how awesome WoW performs as a social dating tool, it's still kind of cute to see two reality show peeps suddenly start chatting about raids. I wasn't entirely shocked to see the chap's a WoW player, though -- that hair is straight out of the sin'dorei catalog.

[Thanks to many, many for the tip!]

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Debunking the "WoW is better for online dating than dating sites" story

A story is making the rounds that WoW is a better for dating then established sites such as or eHarmony. It's a feel-good story for those looking for love that warms the hearts of nerds everywhere reading about it on their favorite gaming sites.

The only problem is that the story really doesn't hold up. The source of the story is an infographic that lauds the lovely pleasures of WoW and online gaming. But the makers of the infographic itself, the facts that are presented, and the sources of those facts are not very reliable.

Let's debunk this idea.

Online university ... not really

The infographic was put together by a site called Online University, making its internet home at It sounds like a reputable place, right? A place where one could go to, say, get a higher education and learn something ...

Not really.

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Felicia Day on meeting girls in WoW

Felicia Day is a girl. Felicia Day plays WoW. Felicia Day tells boys how to meet girls in WoW. If that just didn't get the attention of every hormone-infused-female-liking nerd on the planet I don't know what will.

Felicia say down with the Asylum and talked about this topic for a bit. Their interview with her touches on a few interesting points.

"Would it matter if the guy's a noob?" Asylum asks. "Yeah..." Felicia answers. She goes on to mention that the difference is like seeing a guy in a Ferrari. Not being a total noob and having some good gear at least catches the eye. This makes me and all my purples happy.

The interview is an interesting and entertaining read. Hit it up when you have a minute and enjoy.

And stay tuned to WoW Insider for more news on Felicia Day and The Guild. She'll be sitting down with Mike Schramm and a few folks on our podcast soon talking about Season 2 and Wrath of the Lich King.

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