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Breakfast Topic: What kind of transmog items would you like to see?

As a self-proclaimed transmog addict, there are three major things I'd like to see from Warlords of Draenor's transmog offerings -- first, more draenei-themed items. We have a lot of orc clan stuff available, but the only real transmog set for draenei is locked behind one particular garrison building and a rep grind. The draenei have great fashion sense, why not have more of that style of gear available? Second, I really love the standard gear the Frostwolves run around in -- the designs are pretty, evocative, and unique. If the Frostwolves are Horde allies, why can't we dress like them?

Lastly, though, is something I thought we were going to see with this expansion, but seems to have been pulled -- back banners. I love blademaster orcs, and the idea of being able to run around with one of those signature banners on my back all the time was really cool. But although we've got a follower who dutifully carts one around on her back, we don't really have any of our own. Wouldn't it be cool to have, especially given the theme of this expansion?

What do you guys think? Are there particular items you'd like to see made available for transmog? Are there certain NPCs that made you take a step back and ask yourself where you could get their clothes? Is there a particular armor set you'd love to see added to the War Mill for transmog purposes? Or is how your character dresses the furthest thing from your mind while you play?

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Breakfast Topic: 6.1 and content

There's a lot of stuff coming in patch 6.1 - like, for example, the continuation of the Legendary Quest Chain, complete with legendary follower. But so far, one of the things I'm not seeing is content, exactly. A ton of model fixes, new stuff for the Darkmoon Faire, Harrison Jones as a follower, but no new dungeons, no new raids, and as far as I know zones like Tanaan and Farahlon aren't coming.

Since I have no idea how many patches we'll actually see for Warlords, I have no idea how significant this is. I want there to be more dungeons and raids, that's my favorite content, so I'm sort of hoping we'll hear more soon.

What about you? Would you like to hear about some dungeons, a raid or maybe the zones that weren't released on launch? Or do you think 6.1 is full enough?

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Breakfast Topic: The Fate of Inventory

We've seen a lot of improvements to the inventory system over the years. We've seen bags get bigger, sorting and searching included, items like mounts, pets, toys and soon heirloom items all removed from our bags (along with quest items) to help make space. We've seen void storage, so that we can take items we want to keep but not necessarily need access to and put them somewhere, and many consumable items and various reagents have been improved to stack to higher amounts, freeing up more bag space.

This has me wondering, though, are we forever in a bag arms race between all the things we may want, and the amount of space we have? Will we eventually see consumables get their own tab, or reagents go from the various kinds of profession and reagent bags in the bank to a tab of their own? What changes do you foresee for our always filling bags?

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Breakfast Topic: Looking for...

When I first started playing World of Warcraft some ten years ago, if you'd told me one day I could simply queue for dungeons, raids, even open world content, I'd have looked confused because I barely understood how to run dungeons with a group of friends at that point, much less all this talk of 'queueing' for anything.

Thinking about this the other day I started wondering if we were at maximum inclusion, if there was any kind of content that could exist that would use the queue system. You can queue for PvP and PvE, you can queue for random BG's, dungeons and raids, world bosses and I'm wondering what could possibly be left. I'd say scenarios, but we had those in Mists.

Have we achieved peak Group Finder? Or am I missing something? For that matter, could an entirely new form of content be introduced? Flex dungeons? One of the reasons I love this job is that I know you'll come up with something that completely eludes me.

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Breakfast Topic: Your Dream Legendary

Once upon a time, the only legendary items were weapons, or means to create weapons. (I'm ignoring the Talisman of Binding Shard, okay?) But with the introduction of the Legendary Cloak in Mists of Pandaria, and now the Ring and Follower in Warlords of Draenor, we're experiencing an entirely new phenomenon, whole new kinds of legendary items, even an outright legendary person. This has gotten me wondering - what new kinds of legendaries would you like to see in World of Warcraft?

A legendary shield? Legendary offhand items? A legendary mount or pet? A legendary toybox item? Or could we get even weirder? The legendary cloak made it possible to fight a world boss, perhaps we could actually summon a legendary version of a boss with entirely different loot? The sky's the limit. What should be legendary?

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Breakfast Topic: How do you view your followers?

Greatmother Geyah is a total name-dropper. Every time I run into her, she asks how her son is doing, and just has to point out that she's talking about Durotan, just in case I wasn't aware that she was the mother of the Frostwolf chieftain. Meanwhile, Phylarch the Evergreen is some sort of meditative genius, as he spends a lot of his time sitting in midair, when he isn't making my other followers cry. Botani, right? Meanwhile, I'm not sure about Aeda Brightdawn, because despite her name she's a warlock and she's taken to speaking in demonic when she thinks I'm not paying attention.

I tend to think of my followers like people, because the AI for them is pretty good -- they notice when I walk by, they'll make a comment in my direction every now and again, and they even talk to each other, sometimes with disastrous results. Milhouse Manastorm spends a lot of his time laughing at my peons and making them feel bad, for example. It's interesting because it's so lively, but it's also interesting because I've noticed other people doing the same thing -- they'll send certain followers on missions together because, in their heads, those two followers totally belong together. They'd hit it off. They'd be best friends.

This humanizing of what is essentially a decent AI system and a bit of random dialogue is kind of fascinating to me. I like making up stories, I like writing stories, so making up personalities and stories in my head is pretty much right up my alley. I'm kind of delighted to see that I'm not the only one that does so -- and I'm also curious, just how widespread is this habit? Do you guys view your followers with different personalities? Do you make up stories for them? Do you treat them any differently for how they act in your garrison? Do you tend to group the same followers together? Or are they all just mechanical minions to be sent out at your whim?

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Breakfast Topic: What do you like about legendary quests?

I've been diligently plugging away at the legendary quest chain via LFR, follower missions and the occasional stone found in my piles of work orders. Today I was pleasantly surprised to note that I now have 75 of the things -- sure, I have 50 to go, but I should be done with the entirety of it pretty soon. I don't mind the stone collecting so much, I mean it's something that is by and large passively going on while I'm getting other stuff done, but it's definitely not my favorite kind of legendary quest. I've managed to collect a small pile of legendary weapons over the years, both by killing bosses and by completing various quests.

I think my favorite kind of legendary quests so far have been the ones that send me out to actively do things -- with the Fangs of the Father chain, the section that sent rogues to stealth through Gilneas was frustrating at times but ultimately pretty satisfying. So was the solo scenario that Wrathion dragged you off to on the Isle of Thunder as part of the legendary Mists chain. I liked the bit in this particular chain where you met up with Khadgar and a friend in Nagrand to take care of some unfinished business. Basically, I prefer legendary quests where I'm actively doing something, rather than passively letting something happen or pile up over time.

Don't get me wrong, though -- I still prefer this method over the old school once-in-a-million drop from a particular raid boss. It feels better when a legendary is something you work to obtain, rather than a ridiculously lucky drop. What do you guys think? What's your favorite part of legendary quests and items? Do you like the solo scenario method? The individual quests? Do you prefer the collecting rather than having to do any additional questing at all? Or did you really like the old days and extremely low drop rates for weapons of the past?

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Breakfast Topic: All Hail Maraad

If I had to list the one character in Warlords of Draenor who already existed, but who improved the most in this expansion, my choice would absolutely be Vindicator Maraad. Before this expansion, all we ever got to see from him was his appearances in the comic book, a brief cameo in Northrend, and his appearance in the Prophet's Lesson short story (which was pretty cool). The first hint we got that he was going to be a big part of Warlords was his appearance in a Pandaria short story, and that hint was confirmed by his appearance in the Lords of War shorts, then his role in the Warlords of Draenor cinematics and as you level through the game.

So I ask you - who was your favorite established NPC in Warlords? Was it Cho'gall? Teron'gor? Thrall? Velen? Garrosh? Let me know.

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Breakfast Topic: Do you like alts?

I've lost my taste for alts this expansion. With the Garrison being so important it feels like I'd be wasting effort to level another character, even though I could theoretically end up with a lot more materials that way. It just seems like a lot of time and effort spent leveling which I could be using on follower missions and so on. But on the other hand, I could very well set my stuff on my main then switch over to an alt, so maybe I'm wrong.

This is complicated by the fact that I've never really been a big altoholic - I mean, I play a lot of warriors, but that was mostly because of a neurological disorder I have. Most people wouldn't do that. So I'm stuck on the fence. What do you think? Do you like alts? Is Warlords the wrong time to experiment with the idea of starting up a host of them? Let us know. Let me know. I need help to make this decision.

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Breakfast Topic: Thank You Suspension of Disbelief

I remember, back before mounts and pets just existed in a special book, that we actually had to carry them around in our bags. Many, many jokes about this were told. Jokes about how an entire horse took up as much bag space as a roll of bandages, a cherry pie, a dagger, or a greatsword. And even today the game is absolutely chock full of moments that, if you really think about them, confuse and bewilder. To this day, there are items like food and bandages that you simply can't use unless you're of a certain power level - there are people out there making pies that simply cannot be eaten until you've killed enough things. Clothes you cannot wear, weapons you cannot use, even earrings and rings and necklaces that will laugh if you attempt to don them before you master a certain degree of power.

We accept this because we have been trained to do so - the game makes these assumptions and we go along with them. Why wouldn't we? We always have. We have always been at war with the other faction, we have always constantly discovered new foodstuffs, new pants and new earrings that can't be used until we grow sufficiently strong. Any doubts we have are suspended, because we trust the fictive element, or because we simply do not care about the inconsistencies.

But every so often I balk. Where do I even keep all these mounts? How can I possibly be carrying over thirty weapons and piece of plate armor in my bags and not topple over? I have like ten greatswords and greataxes on me! So I ask you - what do you sometimes find yourself unable to believe?

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Breakfast Topic: What should be account bound?

Should Apexis Crystals be account bound? Should Garrison Resources? This is me asking - I've seen a lot of debate on the issue of these kinds of things making Warlords more alt-friendly, and I'm curious what you guys think. I'd kind of like it, I think - I'd feel freer to play a leveling up alt if I knew he or she could still contribute to my main. But I can imagine all sort of problems - players with multiple alts grinding up a ton of Apexis in a couple of frenzied days, for example.

So here's your chance to tell me what you think. More stuff account bound, or keep it the way it is now?

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Breakfast Topic: If I could put my garrison anywhere...

As much as I love Shadowmoon Valley (and it's a lot) I often wish I could move my garrison. There's something about the idea of planting it in Talador and making a bold statement about retaking Shattrath from the Iron Horde that just appeals to me - I know SMV and Frostfire are were we first arrived, but considering there was at least one other failed garrison (the Spires of Arak saw Admiral Taylor start one) I feel like we could be a bit more flexible about where we put the things.

If I were playing Horde I'd love to put my garrison in Gorgrond. Gorgrond just feels like a Horde zone to me - all that giant primal monster battling, I guess.

So where would you put your garrison. if you could put it anywhere? I often dream of relocating it to Winterspring once this expansion is over.

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Breakfast Topic: How powerful are your followers?

I now have a dozen followers with an ilvl of 645. This means that they can trek into Highmaul on missions and bring me back stuff -- really good stuff, all things considered. Still, I keep experiencing these moments of odd discontent, although the process of sending my followers on missions is pretty satisfying. I think this has little to do with the process itself, and more to do with the fact that my character's ilvl is only 643, which means I've got a dozen minions who are arguably stronger than I am. And that seems a little strange, if I'm the commander, doesn't it?

But I can't really argue with the end result, especially when that end result is legendary stones, or gear from Highmaul difficulty levels that I'm not even trying to approach. Sure, they might be stronger than I am -- but I eagerly await the day that the little guys successfully go out and come back from a heroic level raid. Heck, if they can handle mythic difficulty content, so much the better for me -- my ilvl will climb soon enough, and these guys seem to be stuck at 655, for now. So I'll continue leveling and upgrading my followers at every opportunity, and see how much further they can do. What about you guys? Have you actively been working on follower missions and gearing your followers? Have they brought back anything interesting for you? Are they going into raids yet? What do you think of the follower gameplay -- is it fun, or a chore for you?

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Breakfast Topic: Where would your house be?

There was a pretty good post on reddit the other day that posed the question of homes and Azeroth. If you were given a deed to a home in Warcraft's universe -- that includes Outland and Draenor along with all Azeroth continents -- where would you choose? I had to think about that one long and hard, because there are plenty of places on Azeroth alone that I'd consider house-worthy. I think, given the choice, I'd like an apartment in Dalaran. Who doesn't love a floating mage city? And the decor holds up even after all the years since we've left Northrend.

But then you consider Draenor, and honestly I like the idea of having a house in the Alliance garrison, too. It's a cute little village and the scenery outside is really nice, provided you ignore that whole bordering-a-forest-of-dangerous-animals part of things. And the orc problem. It's kind of a big problem, so maybe property there would be pretty cheap. What about you guys? If you were allowed to rent a place or buy a place anywhere in Azeroth, Outland, or Draenor, where would you go? Would you want to be in a major city, or would you rather have a little plot of land far from civilization?

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Breakfast Topic: The ultimate what if

Warlords of Draenor is kind of a what if expansion, and that's got me wondering. We've talked about going to the alternate Azeroth where the Horde never showed up, but why should that be the only potential what if we explore? Could we potentially end up on an Argus where we could perhaps prevent the eredar from falling for Sargeras' sales pitch? An Azeroth where Arthas said "You know, if both Jaina and Uther are against this, maybe I shouldn't cull Stratholme." There are so many pivotal moments in Warcraft history, you could easily wring several dungeons, raids, maybe an entire expansion out of going from timestream to timestream seeing what might have happened.

So here's a question for you - what's your ultimate what if scenario for Warcraft? What if someone just killed Gul'dan instead of listening to him for once? What if Medivh had died on one of his adventures with Anduin Lothar and Llane Wrynn? What if Gul'dan's assassins had failed to kill Durotan and Draka? Hit us with your best shot.

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