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Breakfast Topic: What will you miss from Pandaria?

The Horde Shrine and the Alliance Shrine are two oddly different places. While I'm used to the layout of the Horde Shrine, the Alliance is just different enough that I find myself getting lost every now and again. It's not quite a mirror image. But the Alliance Shrine has the advantage of Andrea Toyas, pictured above. She's a musician who will happily play you any of the many inn themes from Pandaria for just 2g.

I have wasted so much gold on Andrea.

But I totally love the different inn themes that were introduced this expansion. They're crazy, lively, peppy little numbers that instantly cheer me up the second I hear them. And I realized that after we leave Pandaria, we're going to leave the crazy inn music behind too, which makes me kind of sad. I'm sure Warlords will have some amazing music, but I highly doubt any of them are going to be remotely like what we've heard in Mists, and I'll miss those weird crazy little tunes. What are you going to miss when we leave Pandaria behind? Is there a bit of music you really like hearing? A place you enjoy hanging out? A particular NPC you look forward to seeing when you log in, for no real reason other than you like their name or what they do? When we leave Pandaria behind, what will you be sad to say goodbye to?

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Community Blog Topic Results: Your new WoW holidays

Art Panel
The current Community Blog Topic asked you to design your own World of Warcraft holiday. We got many detailed responses, but I've only taken excerpts from them. If you like the general idea of the holiday, click through the link to the original.

Astalnar from Cogitationes Astalnaris gives a very detailed description of the Rites of Passage holiday.

Rites of Passage, as I would call this holiday would take place between 8th and 22nd of March. Thus it is right between Love is in the Air, and Noblegarden. During this holiday daring adventurers would embark on epic journey across Azeroth to obtain the items that would prove their worthiness, and let them pass the Rites. Such items would be a Dry Cloth from Ocean's Bottom, Lie of Many Colours, and Horn of Hornless Old Hag.

The search would take them across all the continents of Azeroth, both known and unknown. Most of the items would be located on still undiscovered continents. There would be number of clues pointing to Outland, and they would need to fish for hours in the backest of the backwaters Azeroth can offer. Searching for the next clue. It would be fun, if the clues for every player would be randomly generated, thus the Holiday stays actual even years after it would first appear.

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Breakfast Topic: Are you kind to your PuGs?

If you follow me on Twitter, or read a lot of my articles here at WoW Insider, you'll know that when I level, I do it via dungeons. And it's true, it's why I always have a slew of hybrids and fewer pure DPS characters, I just love spam-running dungeons. As I build up my US-server alt stable, I'm noticing a distinct absence of kindness. Not that I'm saying US servers are a less friendly place than EU ones, just that I'm noticing a lot of rage.

So I'm wondering, are you kind to your PuG-mates? I do my very best to be. I try to educate rather than yell, and don't get overly wound up by people's mistakes. I could tell you all manner of horror stories, as I move towards my 5th US-server level 90 leveled entirely via dungeons, but I don't think it helps to do so. My philosophy is that if the tank is bad, the healers are bad, or the DPS are bad, I play the best I can to make the group a success despite these issues. And if players ask for help, I give it, kindly. I'm a great believer that kindness results in kindness.

What about you? Do you do your best to be kind or nice? Or are you less tolerant or patient? Are there things that just set your blood a'boil? And did I make you feel bad yet?

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Breakfast Topic: How many characters do you have?

Some players are focused on advancing and perfecting a single character. But others can't resist the lure of trying out other classes, races, and even factions for a change of pace. Some players could be certified professional alt-a-holics, with level 90s of each class. Today's question is simple: how many WoW characters do you have?

Of course, a true alt-a-holic knows the real answer goes further than that. How many characters do you actively play? How many characters do you have at max level? And just how do you make time for them all?

So, tell us readers -- in as much or as little detail as you'd like -- just how many characters do you have?

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Breakfast Topic: Your holiday frustrations

Love Is in the Air once again, which means -- you guessed it -- crowds of people in a rush to complete their holiday quests and achievements before time runs out. I'm a fan of holidays for a change of pace, but the crowds -- especially on day one or two -- can be tremendously frustrating... especially when you've got twenty people standing on top of your quest-giver. Argh!

So, readers, let's talk holidays: what are your holiday frustrations... and, better yet, what are your frustration workarounds? The frustrated among us really, really want to know.

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Breakfast Topic: Was the instant level 90 the death of Scrolls of Resurrection?

Chances are you've caught the news that Blizzard's Scroll of Resurrection program, which offered a boost to level 80 and some free gametime for lapsed players, is about to reach its end. But, really, this is a change you might not be feeling: Blizzard hasn't updated the program in a while and it's a little challenging to find players who have been gone long enough -- nearly two years -- to qualify to receive a Scroll so you can reap the rewards.

With Warlords offering players a boost to level 90, we have to wonder if the Scroll of Resurrection just doesn't make sense anymore. When you can get a level 90 character to play just by buying the expansion, why bother getting a friend to send you a Scroll for a level boost, even if Blizzard did update the rewards to be at-level to Mists or Warlords.

So tell us, readers -- do you think the upcoming expansion's instant level 90 was the end of the Scroll of Resurrection? Or do you think we'll see an updated SoR program at some future date?

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Breakfast Topic: Do you pay attention to transmog while leveling?

I'm a sucker for transmog. I've dumped I don't know how much gold into getting nice-looking outfit combinations on my main character. Transmogrification was easily one of the best new features to come out of the Cataclysm expansion -- I honestly can't imagine not having it around. It's no wonder they took the feature to use in Diablo III's next expansion.

But my addiction to transmog goes beyond just my main character. Now that the feature is readily available with a quick trip to either Stormwind or Orgrimmar, I've taken to using the feature for all of my alts as well. Sure, the heirloom sets are nice -- but there's so many low-level pieces of gear to mix and match that I really can't help trying to mix it up and come up with something fun. I'm pretty meticulous about leveling gear, if I replace a piece or two of gear and it messes up my transmog, I'll end the day by heading back to town and fixing it.

While the feature is wildly popular, I'm wondering just how many people out there use it while leveling, either with alts or with new characters fresh out of the gate. Is transmog something you pay attention to while you're leveling? Do you have to go fix your gear the moment you get a new item? Are your low-level alts all wearing impeccably fabulous sets of carefully-matched gear, courtesy of transmogrification? Or do you concentrate on leveling and completing quests, and leave the outfit-building until you're level 90?

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Breakfast Topic: Do you revisit old dailies?

We're heading towards the end of daily quests, and while it's more than likely that no one will be mourning them, I've started to look back on them fondly since finding out they're going away. (But it's through the same aged haze of nostalgia that I look back on 40-man raiding with, so it's probably not to be trusted.) I've revisited the Isle of Quel'Danas, done past-expansion fishing dailies (I'm still trying to get those crocolisks), and done a ton of Cataclysm dailies. When I don't have to do them for advancement and I don't have to force myself into completing them every day, the dailies available really don't seem so bad. Some of them, like the Quel'danas bombing run or helping bear cubs in Hyjal, are even -- dare I say it? -- fun. But then again, that could just be the nostalgia talking.

So today I'm wondering, dear readers: do you ever revisit old dailies? Do they seem more entertaining in hindsight than they did when you were on the reputation treadmill and grinding out dailies as quickly as possible? Tell us about it!

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Community Blog Topic: Design a new WoW holiday

Pet Battle Victory
World of Warcraft has had the same holidays for a while now with very few changes. It's time for something new to fill in the months that have no events. For this week's Community Blog Topic, design a new WoW holiday.

My new holiday would occur in August each year and is called Pet Adoption Week (PAW). It would be a week of pet battle related activities.

Achievement: Pet Adoption
Capture one of each family of pet. Previous pet captures would not count toward this achievement; they must be completed during PAW.

Achievement: Critter Caper
Capture 10 different critters. Again, previous pet captures would not count toward this achievement.

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What surprises are left for Warlords?

At BlizzCon and after, we've learned an awful lot about the next expansion, Warlords of Draenor. While there's been some conversation post-BlizzCon about whether what Warlords has in store is enough for an expansion without any new classes or races, I just wonder what surprises Warlords has left in store. With all that we already know, what does Blizzard still have up its sleeve? Is there content yet to come that will amaze us?

As we get closer to the beta date, we're sure to find out -- but in the meantime, what surprises do you think Warlords will be throwing our way? Does Blizzard have big features it's keeping under wraps -- like a new race or class? And, just as importantly, will gnomes finally find their way into a cinematic? Tell us what you think!

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Breakfast Topic: What do you consider screenshot-worthy?

I have a confession to make: I love screenshots. I take them obsessively. If I'm on an interesting quest, I'll take screenshots of the dialogue. If I find a really cool area in a zone, I'll take a few screenshots of my surroundings. If I'm watching a cut scene, I'll take screenshots of each line of dialogue exchanged. If I learn a new spell with pleasing visual graphics -- you guessed it, screenshot time. I archive my screenshots folders while I'm at it, folders dating all the way back to the beta version of Burning Crusade. Needless to say, screenshots take up a lot of space on my computer. A lot of space.

However, I justify my print-screen obsession by telling myself that any one of those screenshots could be needed for a Know Your Lore article. Or a Breakfast Topic, like this one. Or an opinion piece, or yet another ode to the wonders of transmog. Basically, I'm archiving for a purpose, even if a good three-quarters of those screenshots will never be used. I'm curious, though, because I've noticed people take screenshots for a variety of different reasons -- they like the armor set they just put together, they want to capture something funny that was said in guild chat, they want a record of the scoreboard from their latest arena victory, or maybe they just want a shot of the latest in a long string of progression raid kills. Do you take screenshots? What do you consider screen-shot worthy? What's the oldest screenshot you have in your collection?

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Breakfast Topic: What's your least favorite WoW chore?

Some players abhor farming rep. Others dislike the farming professions, and still others would rather wear whatever good-enough item comes their way than devote hours, days and weeks farming gear, mounts or other items. Then there are the players who dislike farming on an actual farm. So OK, farming -- definitely one of those things that turns certain players right off.

But farming isn't anywhere near the top of the list of WoW chores I'm not fond of. Atop my list lurks a chore I dread so deeply that I will sometimes abandon (temporarily or even permanently) a character over it: updating a character after a major gameplay patch. Nothing turns me off more than having to tinker under the hood of a character I've long since come to happy terms with. Talent resets are my nemesis. The two or three characters I play the most? Sure, trying out the new stuff is kinda fun. But all those little guys who see only occasional play, the guys whose level I couldn't verify when I'm away from the keyboard and whose keybinds I forget after a day or three away? Setting them up again represents a major investment of time -- one I confess I'm not always willing to make.

What's your least favorite WoW chore? Do you suffer through it to gain certain benefits, or have you sworn off ever performing that dreadful task again?

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Breakfast Topic: Your favorite in-game event

World of Warcraft's Lunar Festival has just wrapped up and the Love Is in the Air event is about to begin -- with the time between the two bridged by an appearance of the Darkmoon Faire. No matter what your favorite in-game holiday or event is, you can almost always find something special going on in the game... for better or worse.

So today let's talk in-game events. Do you love them? Do you loathe them? Are you totally indifferent to them? Do you wish these crazy holiday quests would get out of your way so you can go back to raiding, PvPing, or whatever else? Leave your expressions of joy and/or misery in the comments!

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Breakfast Topic: What are you going to buy from the gear store?

If you hadn't already heard, the Blizzard gear store -- the part of the online shop that sells all the physical items is back. While this means that, at last, physical authenticators are again accessible for those who need them, there's also a few new trinkets that might whet the appetite of a Blizzard fan with a little spare cash.

So what's caught your eye? I've heard people being fairly excited about the Hearthstone swirl mug, but as someone who doesn't really care for Hearthstone, it's not particularly my style. I'm quite keen on the Horde and Alliance journals -- I love notepads, and these are rather pretty. I might also part with some cash in return for a Heroes of the Storm t-shirt, I'm really excited about the game, and I do a bit of video content now and then, so a t-shirt would be great. The Megabloks don't really appeal -- they're too pricey for the big sets and too non-descript in the small sets, but maybe a Funko Pop figurine to go with my existing Kerrigan one. But how about you? Anything making you reach for your wallet?

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Breakfast Topic: Do you have all the recipes?

Somewhere at the tail end of Burning Crusade, I got bored. When I get bored, I decide to collect things. With that in mind, I decided to hunt down and learn every engineering schematic in the game, because ... why not? So I downloaded a handy and at the time, relatively new addon called Ackis Recipe List, scanned my engineering tab, found the schematics I was missing and promptly set to work buying, learning, and farming all the schematics my rogue had yet to learn.

Boy, did I ever underestimate what I was in for.

Five years and one encounter with a very resourceful AH-hunting pandaren later, I finally obtained the last schematic needed on the list. It was the Schematic: Flame Deflector found only in Gnomeregan, an excruciatingly rare BoE recipe that dropped off of Mekgineer Thermaplugg. And it seemed more than a little funny that after five years, the only recipe that eluded me was one found in a vanilla dungeon -- everything else I managed to farm on my own, or snag off the AH. Did it cost me? Oh yes, it cost me. I'm not going to tell you how much it cost me.

However, doing a scan with Ackis now delivers a delicious 303/303 100% complete back at me. And I guess the real question is was it worth it? I couldn't tell you the answer. Subjectively, to me, it was immensely satisfying to see that little list finally complete. But to others, it might not be that big of a deal -- or it may be a journey most people in their right mind wouldn't think of taking. So I'm curious about the rest of you. Do you collect all the recipes of your chosen profession? Do you go out of your way to find the rare, the obscure, the low-level, just to get your list complete? Do lower-level profession recipes matter to you at all, or do you simply skip over them in favor of the more current and more useful versions?

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