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Breakfast Topic: The way we was

Yes, I've stolen the title from an old Simpsons episode, before anyone nabs it in the comments.

Well, WoW -- happy birthday! I don't think anyone, least of all Blizzard, expected the game to be anywhere near as popular as it's become, and it's just getting stronger. The game has changed a lot in the past four years, both for better (if you're me) and for worse (if you're a forum troll commenting on every change that has ever been made or ever will be made, unless it results in their character being absurdly overpowered, in which case any effort to fix this will be termed "a slap in the face"). Classes have also drastically changed in the process, with far less attention being paid to their traditional roles in previous MMORPG's and more attention paid to soloability, adaptability, and just plain fun. The character you rolled when you first began playing may bear no resemblance to the character you expected to be playing now, even if it's the same toon. And for some of you, that you're playing an MMORPG at all would have been a laughable notion before WoW debuted.

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Four year anniversary pet and feat of strength achievement

Those of us waking up today and tomorrow will log into Azeroth and find in our mailboxes a little Baby Blizzard Bear non-combat pet. This pet will also give you a feat of strength achievement celebrating World of Warcraft's four years online.

This is a nice little way for Blizzard to thank all of us for spending years in the game. With over 11 million people playing WoW, and Wrath becoming a hit overnight, there's definitely a lot of celebrating to do over at Blizzard HQ.

The little bear that you get looks a like a small version of the BlizzCon Polar Bear Mount those of us lucky enough to attend BlizzCon this year got. It's a perfect traveling companion for you as you adventure around Northrend.

The pet is active on US, EU, and Oceanic servers.

Thanks to Mangowire for sending us the pics you see below.

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