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Old models to remain available at low graphics

Over on the EU forums is an ongoing discussion of a type that usually comes about every expansion cycle: the question of whether or not your computer will need upgrades in order to run the new content. The short answer from CM Taepsilum is that, if you're happy with your computer's current performance in WoW, you're probably fine for Warlords of Draenor. So there's the answer to that.

However, fleetingly mentioned at the beginning of the post is the following interesting tidbit:
Quote: Maideen

Since we are being blessed with new character models (Which can be disabled? Yes, no?)
Yes, if you set your graphics quality to Low.

This isn't something that's been explicitly clarified before now. There's been some talk that there would be a way to switch between the old and new models but we hadn't heard exactly how that would be done. It seems we now know: just set your graphics to "low" and it will enable the old player character models. If you've been nervous that your beloved main of many years might be changing irreversibly, hopefully this allows you to breathe a little easier. There'll be a way back!

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Advanced Video Settings: From Grayscale WoW to Vulcan Blood

Popping up on Reddit today was this excellent video on advanced WoW graphic settings. It's a topic that's often talked about, and one that people seem to know a little something, but not a lot -- and not as much as this guy. These settings are not just the options you get from controlling the in-game UI, these are the things you need to type out console-style.

Be sure to watch the video in high definition -- it's well worth it. Also watch it all the way through. At the end you're shown how to change the color of blood that mobs splatter when hit. Green blood is now my setting of choice, if only because now every mob spills green blood, just like Spock.

As he notes in the video, and as I can attest to, these settings really do slow down your frame rate, so don't play with them during raids. People commonly say that WoW's graphics are eight years old, but that's not true -- the system uses a ton of graphics power when you have the settings turned up. When you do it like this and push them beyond the ultra settings, you'll quickly kill your gameplay experience for a really nice image. So it's fun to play with, but be think about what you're doing before punching in console commands.

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