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Sunday Morning Funnies: Mob evolution

Sunday is the day to catch up on your homework, chores, Brewfest hangover, and the week's worth of WoW-related web comics. Because I cannot help you with your homework for ethical reasons, and I'm allergic to your chores, I compiled a comic list for you instead!


Humor with a plot-line

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WoW Moviewatch: Stuck in the World of Warcraft

Yesterday I wanted to impress you all on my first Moviewatch post, so I showed you a very classy, serious movie. Today? Not so much! Instead, today I offer you a good laugh. MTGScreenie brings us his musical and comedy stylings in the form of Stuck in the World of Warcraft. This music video, set to Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire," but with WoW-specific lyrics, is a comic ode to the game he loves. MTGScreenie's singing isn't going to win any awards, but I think that makes the song even more endearing and funny, especially when he strains to hit the high notes or runs out of breath because the song outpaces him. The visuals won't blow you away, but you'll see lots of amusing reminders of things you love and hate about playing WoW. Seriously, people, who doesn't love lag and ganking!

[Thanks, Terrë Yuki!]

If you have any suggestions for WoW Moviewatch, you can mail them to us at machinima AT wowinsider DOT com.

Previously on Moviewatch ...

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WTF?!: sidescroller WoW parody

WTF?!: The GameWarning: while this review is completely Safe For Work, the subject of the review is certainly not. You should wait until you get home before trying out the game.

We received quite a few tips about the new World of Warcraft homage game called WTF?! Currently offering a "demo" version, WTF?! is a side-scrolling comedy, featuring two main characters available for your control. You can play the scarlet-topped Blood Elf Priest named "Phallicity" or the rockin' Gnome Rogue named "Lumpen."

The premise of the game is focused on the world of...

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Your Mom

Whether it's the need to press the big red button, or the urge to throw insults at your least-favorite NPCs, we have your weekly dose of WoW comedy for you every Sunday morning, and this weekend is no exception.
If you're ready to vote on your pick, hop through the break!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Infiltration and escape

This morning, we have quite a few comics for you to peruse before you head out and start your day, including the February winner of Blizzard's Honorable Comic Contest. From poking a bit of fun at the election process to rooting out those terrorists, we've got you covered.
Make the jump to submit your vote!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Rogue stables

This week you'll have a chance to meet Fred, meet a gold farmer, consider hiring one, and enjoy a healthy discussion about language.

As always, the comment box is open to suggestions or nominations for new WoW-themed web comics.
  1. From Dark Legacy Comics comes Fred the Boot
  2. How to Spot a Gold Farmer from Extra Life
  3. Shakes and Fidget over at Get Buffed brings Quest Reward
  4. The Ted Edition from GUComics, about the new Guinness Book of World Records: Gamer's Edition 2008, which includes WoW. You'll be surprised at what distinguishes WoW!
  5. LFG comic 119
  6. Twenty-Four-Seven from Ding!
  7. Bludlemon's Comic Contest Honorable Mention
  8. Skirmish, the latest from Tales of the Lion's Pride Inn
Pop through to cast your vote!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Observations

From an MMORPG out of the minds of NASA to gnomes at law, this week's entries are imaginative and absorbing. With another new nominee, Extra Life (thanks Gene!), January's Comic Contest Winner, and some all-around great posts, be sure you settle in before you start reading.
If you're ready to cast your vote, follow through the break!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: There's a hierarchy at work

This week we have quite a few comics for your reading pleasure. Whether you are after laughs or intriguing plot developments, you'll find something to suit you.

We even have two new comics listed, thanks to the submissions of uberartist and baudkarma.

  1. The latest in the Adventures of Blanc
  2. Dark Legacy Comics presents The NPC Hierarchy
  3. LFG #115
  4. The latest from Sockpuppet Asylum
  5. Episode 228: Hell? - The noob
  6. Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn: The Chase
  7. Berzerker Rage from Socks and Barney
  8. Pyromoose won a Comic Contest Honorable Mention. Check out the entry!
  9. From the Adventures of Messy Cow comes Arena: Epilogue
Pass through the break to vote for your favorite.

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