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Suffering from WoW withdrawl

I can't play WoW right now.

It's not that I don't want to, it's that I cannot, as in, physically I don't have the means to run the game. My computer, which is designed expressly around the ability to play games and work as a word processor/editor, is currently nonfunctional due to a parts failure. So I'm borrowing a computer, and while doing so, I find myself desperately jonesing for some World of Warcraft - I'd even take some Timeless Isle right about now. At a time when other players are complaining about being bored or arguing that they've done all they can do, I'm sitting here desperately wanting to do those things, but being unable to do them.

Neither Blizzard nor World of Warcraft are perfect. There's plenty I find annoying about the game at times - for starters, I still hate the PvP gearing mechanic and I'll never stop hating it, and I'm never going to be a fan of doing daily quests to earn the rep I need to get another group to let me do their daily quests, either. But right about now, I'd eagerly do the original Golden Lotus grind. If you'd told me a week ago that I would be sitting here today missing Siege of Orgrimmar I'd have thought you were suffering from some exotic brain parasites, and yet, I got sad last night knowing that my guild was fighting heroic Thok and I couldn't be there.

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