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Poll: Are you enjoying patch 5.3?

So now that we've had a bit of time to play with Patch 5.3: Escalation on the live realms, what do you think of it? Worried about how nerfs or changes are affecting your game? Annoyed by bugs that made it live? Love -- or hate -- the new scenarios, battleground, or arena? Still getting used to the PvP changes? Into the story -- or frustrated that the alliance is just coming to the horde's rescue? Let us know how you really feel in the poll and comments.

What do you think of patch 5.3?
I love it!1707 (20.2%)
Eh, it's okay.1951 (23.1%)
I'm not sure yet; I need more time to play before I make up my mind.3427 (40.6%)
I don't like it. 593 (7.0%)
/GQUIT753 (8.9%)

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What new players need to know about WoW patches

What new players need to know about WoW patches
If World of Warcraft had but one holiday, it would be Patch Day: the glorious Tuesday (or Wednesday) in which the WoW servers go down for maintenance but come back online brimming with new, unexplored content. If you're new to World of Warcraft, or MMOs in general, you may not entirely understand all the fuss the community makes over patches. So just what is a patch? Why are they so important? And how can you get your hands on one? We'll do our best to explain.

What is a WoW patch?
Did you know we're playing version 5 of World of Warcraft right now? It's true: Version 1.1 was World of Warcraft's launch client and every expansion since has bumped the version number up a full number, while each patch release is a decimal place. The original game went up to patch 1.12 (the 1.1 launch client and 11 patches after), Burning Crusade (2.0) had a scant 4 patches, Wrath of the Lich King (3.0) had 3, Cataclysm (4.0) had 3, and Mists of Pandaria (5.0) is about to see the release of its 3rd patch, patch 5.3. These days, patches are coming more quickly than ever and we have no idea how many patches to expect before the next expansion arrives.

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Patch 5.3 to arrive on May 21st

The guessing games are over: Blizzard has just announced that Patch 5.3: Escalation will be released this coming week. That makes launch day Tuesday, May 21st for Australian and North American realms and Wednesday, May 22nd for European realms.

If you're not aware, patch 5.3 has a bundle of new content, including new story elements, PvP changes, a new battleground, new scenarios and heroic scenarios, and a lot more. Find the full patch notes after the break.

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Tom Chilton chats about what's coming in patch 5.3

blizz tom chilton interview wip
We know Blizzard has a lot planned for patch 5.3, which could go live any time now. But to keep us busy while we wait for the next batch of new WoW content, Blizzard Insider has posted an interview with Game Director Tom Chilton. Though the interview mostly summarizes what we already know about the upcoming patch, it provides a great overview of what's coming with a bit of added insight Blizzard's development thought process. Covered in the interview are how the devs felt patch 5.2 performed, the storyline of patch 5.3, PvP changes and the new battleground, new scenarios (and heroic scenarios), gear and the ability to choose which spec you'd like gear for, and visible pet battles.

The patches are certainly coming our way quickly. Are you looking forward to patch 5.3 or still working on patch 5.2?

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What's on the horizon for monks in patch 5.3

What's on the horizon for monks in patch 53
There's a lot of cool stuff coming our way in patch 5.3, including a new battleground, new scenarios, new quests, and a host of PvP changes. But while these splashy changes have been getting all the attention, monks haven't been left out of the action. Be aware that patch 5.3 is still on the PTR which means we may still see changes before anything his the live servers, but working from Blizzard's official patch notes, we can get a pretty good idea of what's coming. Let's take a look!

Help for healers
First up, there's a change to all healing spells that pick their own targets -- which includes things like Renewing Mist and Chi Wave. These abilities will now pick their targets a bit more intelligently. Says Blizzard, "Targets with lower % health will be preferred, and players are weighted more heavily than pets." It's hard to say how much this will impact gameplay in practice, but it's a definitely a buff.

Mistweavers are also getting a buff to Revival, whose healing cap is now 15 raid members (instead of 6) when used in a 25-player raid.

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Patch 5.3: Transmog to be available from bank and void storage

If you're a fan of mogging whose bags are already full to bursting, then MMO-Champion brings good news: in patch 5.3, you'll be able to transmogrify using items that are currently in the bank or void storage. The ability is actually already in the game for void storage, but there's no UI elements that let you access it. However, anyone wanting to get ahead of the curve can download the VoidTransmog addon, and transmogrify away without the bother of actually pulling your items out of storage.

While it's a small change, we're sure transmog fans will appreciate the convenience of this tweak. Of course, patch 5.3 is still far on the horizon and it's likely that eager transmogrifiers will be waiting on this for quite a while.

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Patch 5.3: Accuracy and damage changes to pet battles

One of the big things in turn based strategy games is the chance to hit/miss and crit. These are random, yet controlled, elements that directly lead to an interesting gaming experience; no matter what battle you go into there is a chance (however small you might make it) that you won't come out alive. It's a founding principle of RPGs -- from D&D to Pokemon.

Pet battles, as they stand, have a relatively high amount of randomness. I think there are two ways to see it now. First, pay attention to your fight logs and average the number of hits/miss vs crits. You'll find this can fluctuate wildly between battles of the same pets using the same abilities. The other way to tell that there is a significant random element is to pay attention to how much health your pet lost after each battle -- sometimes it's a lot, othertimes it's not that much -- and this amount can vary wildly. In an extreme example, your pet might go from 100% to 10% health one battle, and then go from 100% to 90% the next (against the same pet and level). That's a lot of difference, and this tends to be less than fun.

To fix things, Blizzard is reducing the randomness in pet battles through changes to the accuracy and damage output. Specifically they are removing the base 5% to dodge. This will serve to make things hit more often across the board.

Since the 5% base to dodge has been removed, without additional changes many abilities had a 100% chance to hit. To correct this, some abilities now have a base chance to miss, but in return their damage has been increased. Also notable is that each pet will still have at least one ability that will have a 100% chance to hit.

Some of the other highlights of the change coming up in patch 5.3:
  • Hit chance will now be listed on abilities
  • Crit chance has not been messed wth
  • Higher level opponents will be easier to hit (miss chance per level down from 5% to 2%)
Check out the full post over on Blizzard's site, along with a list of abilities that have had their hit chance reduced while their damage increased. Crithto also does a good job of explaining randomness in turn based games, it's worth a read.

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World of Warcraft Patch 5.3 PTR Patch Notes

Hot off the presses tonight is the patch 5.3 PTR Patch Notes. Right off the bat to quell any rumors -- there is no indication of when the PTR will be active (other than soon), or when this patch is going to drop.

Some of the highlights of this patch thus far include:
  • Gold Rush, a new battleground.
  • Shado-Pan, a new arena.
  • Major PvP changes. Largest in quite a while.
  • Battle of the High Seas, Blood in the Snow, Dark Heart of Pandaria, The Secrets of Emberdeep -- four, yes not one, not two, not three, but four new scenarios.
  • Heroic difficulty for scenarios added, awards valor and a chance at Raid Finder quality items.
  • You can now duel with your pets in dungeons and raids.
  • Bonus rolls have a progressively better chance at awarding loot if you've used them and they turn up nothing.
  • We can now pick a loot specalization that's different than our current spec for LFR, Bonus Rolls, and Pandarian quests.
The full patch notes after the break.

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