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Blizzard releases more information on Connected Realms

Blizzard today released more information on the "Connected Realms" feature that's coming up in the future. The Connected Realms are the same as the Virtual Realms that were announced with patch 5.4, just with a new name and more information.

Highlights from this information include:
  • Connected Realms will ideally be activated after patch 5.4's release, although there is no direct timeframe given
  • Only like realm types will be connected -- PvP and PvE realms will not be connected.
  • Players get to keep their names
  • Those players from a connected realm will have a '#' next to their name, just like a '*' appears on players from other realms in the cross-realm LFR, Dungeon Finder, and PvP areas.
The timeframe is really important and something everyone needs to keep in mind. Blizzard did not say this feature is releasing with patch 5.4 -- it could come shortly after, or it could come much later.

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