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We're not antisocial! Yay!

This might be an obvious statement for those of us around here, but as it turns out, we're not antisocial. A new study has proven that gamers are not just basement-dwelling loners. In other words, everyone you see at BlizzCon did not just come out of their mother's house to talk about WoW -- they really are socially well-adapted people who enjoy the company of others.

This combats the stereotypes typically associated with gamers. More studies like these are an important step in eliminating the stigma associated with the online gaming community, and can go a long way in places of business and with health care in making "serious" online gaming like WoW more of an acceptable hobby. Now of course we consider it acceptable, however the CEO of Super Mega International World Corp might not agree.

The only problem with this study is that it viewed gamers already acting in social situations. Now given that they picked these gamers from that group, there would be a natural tendency for them to be more inclined to normalized social behavior. However at the same time, the study would have easily been able to pick up on outliers in the social interaction (meaning that their only social interaction was say, BlizzCon). The study found that this social interaction was deep and not just limited to one thing -- so while the population might not be ideal, the data still holds up (for the most part).

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We're not all nuts! New psychological study sheds light on WoW players

A new World of Warcraft study attempts to understand why people play video games, particularly ones like WoW that have a strong virtual reality component. The study found some interesting results as to how WoW players are personality wise, and how much they play. Out of the 1,413 participants in the study they have played on average nearly 24 hours a week and have played for 20 months. The mean age of the participant was 26 years.

The study found that those of us who play WoW for socialization are higher on the scales of agreeableness, neuroticism, and openness. Neurotic in this sense might not mean what you think it means; it's part of the Big Five personality dimensions that are commonly used in psychology. People that are high on the scale of neuroticism are, in general, less emotionally stable, have higher anxiety, and can get angry quicker (this shouldn't surprise anyone that reads the forums and the tweets Blizzard staff get). Neuroticism doesn't mean that you're insane, just that you have some of the personality traits described above. Quite literally we are all somewhat neurotic in this sense, it just matters how far along the scale you are (those on the extreme high-end of the scale are where the traditional/societal definition comes from).

Those that seek leadership in WoW tend to be high on the extraverted (meaning they prefer groups and interactions with others), openness, and conscientious scales. Those in leadership (as one could reasonably expect) tend to be highly organized, like to plan things out, and are lower on the neuroticism scale.

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World of Warcraft study under fire in Congress [UPDATED]

Night Elf Studying Map

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R - Virginia) is causing a bit of a stir in gaming circles for citing a study by North Carolina State University involving World of Warcraft as an example of wasteful government spending. The study, which received funding from the National Science Foundation, tested the effect that playing WoW had on the cognitive function of a group of seniors aged 60 - 77, and had some interesting results.

According to the researchers
, the study clearly demonstrated that playing World of Warcraft can have a significant positive effect on a person's spacial ability and focus. Last March we conducted an interview with Dr. Jason Allaire, one of the authors involved in the study. Check it out for more insight into the research itself.

Other things Cantor listed as recipients of overzealous government spending include federally-funded conferences, certain property maintenance, and the IRS TV studio.

Wait, hold the phone, the IRS has a TV studio? The more you know!

Update 5:45 pm EDT: So, after we posted this article, Gains Through Gaming, the North Carolina State University lab responsible for the original studies, tweeted us the following:

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