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Breakfast Topic: Don't forget the Day of the Dead

Hallow's End may be over, but the ramp up of year-end holidays has just begun. Today is start of the Day of the Dead, a three-day celebration that begins with a quest and a trip to the graveyard of your race's home city. The event is usually a quick quest, achievement, and a pet as of last year, but this year has some new additions -- a new cumulative achievement, beginning with To the Afterlife and working all the way up to Calavera, as well as five new costumes. According to a tweet by Senior Designer Jeremy Feasel, these costumes will be useable year-round.

A new holiday achievement? Sign me up. What about you guys? Will you be participating in the Day of the Dead? Does the thought of new costumes to collect make you happy? More importantly -- do you think this may be the start of a new series of small, fresh updates to annual holiday events? Would you like more achievements added to holidays in WoW, or are you happy with what we've got? If you're planning on participating in this year's holiday, make sure you do so quickly -- the event ends on Monday, November 3.

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Breakfast Topic: A week to BlizzCon

I've never actually been, but it's still very much a big deal here, with the prospect of new announcements, panels where the developers talk about their games, friends going to meet up (in a way it's the saddest time of the year for me, as I've never been and likely never will go) - so I'm always very much aware of BlizzCon and its approach. This year it's followed hard upon by Warlords of Draenor which is also a big deal because, well, new content after over a year of Siege of Orgrimmar. Who wouldn't be excited? I'm wondering if we'll just get news about Warlords at this year's BlizzCon, or if we'll maybe hear about something else for WoW.

So now I get to ask you - are you excited for BlizzCon yet?

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Breakfast Topic: Overlooked changes

I managed to not even notice the changes to Blackfathom Deeps, Razorfen Downs or Razorfen Kraul until fairly recently. When they added quest rewards and a vendor to the Blasted Lands Iron Horde event, I didn't notice that until one of my guildmates pointed it out to me. So I guess I'm admitting to not being very observant. But it does make me wonder - what changes were you all the most surprised by with Patch 6.0.2 and its successor, 6.0.3? Thrall finally noticing he's still on Azeroth? What's been the biggest surprise change for you so far?

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Breakfast Topic: How do you feel about personal loot?

One of the things I disliked the most about UBRS when we got it was the personal loot system they introduced - it stripped away the way it worked before in LFR, and forced you to actually loot the boss, but you still had a chance for nothing to drop for you. I actually liked the way it was handled in LFR before, where if I got a drop I knew it immediately and could decide to use my Warforged Seal or not right there, I didn't have to run up and loot first to see if I'd gotten the drop I wanted.

But since I'm aware that I often am alone in these opinions, it occurs to me that you might like the personal loot system we have now. Maybe you think we should have to loot the bosses, that it returns a certain nuts and bolts practicality to the looting process. I personally feel like there's something almost atavistic in the way loot worked before, that it would appear and we could choose to roll on it or not - maybe it's just that I've been playing WoW for a decade and my brain has accepted the dopamine rush of seeing a loot window, I'm not sure.

What's your take on it? Do you love personal loot or loathe it?

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Breakfast Topic: Ready for leveling

I did my first raid in a long time last night. With the stat squish and nerfs to SoO, it wasn't really a fair test of my skill, but I did okay for someone as rusty as I am. One of the things I realized was that I need the 90 to 100 leveling process to get back into the swing of my character, I think. In essence, I need the tune up time. This doesn't bother me, but it's an interesting thing to realize and I don't know how the rest of you find the process. Do you feel like you grasp your character immediately, or do you actually use the time it takes to level to get familiar with her or him again?

For me I think the changes to abilities and talents are part of the issue. I'm using a specific fury spec that's all about filling up the rage bar and then dumping it all as fast as possible, and it takes some tweaking with specific talents for specific fights to really take full advantage of it. So getting to 100, having the full set of Draenor Perks and that level 100 talent is going to make a difference. (So will starting the gear treadmill all over again, I suppose.) I won't be raiding mythic, but that's fine - I'm happy enough with the idea of normal/heroic with their flex scaling.

So are you looking forward to leveling 90 to 100? Or would you rather just pay another $60 and skip all that and jump straight into raiding again?

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Breakfast Topic: Arthas is tall, y'all

So while running Trial of the Crusader and ICC, I keep noticing how tall Arthas and other supposedly human-sized bosses are. It's one thing for Marrowgar to be enormous, but standing in front of Arthas and having him be easily twelve feet tall has always kind of bugged me. It's bugged me ever since I first ran Tempest Keep and noticed Kael'thas was similarly embiggened by his raid boss status.

Don't get me wrong, I understand they're not literally supposed to be giants - like when I talk to Jaina in Hyjal Summit, I understand she's that big for our convenience so we can find her and click on her more easily. It's just always been a bit of a disconnect for me mentally. So let's look at it this way - are there any disconnects in terms of raiding that break your suspension of disbelief - like supersized bosses, or how Nazgrim has an entire room full of adds but if you pull them outside of the room he just gives up and goes away, or how raid bosses who are fully aware of our presence like Nefarian in BWD will just sort of sit around and wait for you to get to them instead of coming to you while you're fighting one of their minions? Let me know.

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Breakfast Topic: I always smile when

There are certain elements in World of Warcraft that I just love to see. A warrior in Tier 6 or 10. A draenei paladin on the special elekk mount. Rogues with Shadowcraft on. (It's just what they're supposed to wear.) Ragnaros dead, his hammer twirling up into the air. In the words of one of my favorite songs, this feels too good to be wrong - I go kill Rag literally every reset just to see that hammer flip in the air.

Years in, and I'll still always smile when I hear the dwarf gryphon master say Watch your back, because it was always an in-joke for my first guild that he was saying wash your back and I remember all the jokes. I find it charming when I'm doing ICC and I hear that little gnome voice say This oughta help! I'm very fond of Nefarian telling me that he is the master there just as I kill him. There are more, but these suffice to make the point - these little moments in World of Warcraft, from the layout of the shrines in the Vale being reversed to the Brewfest Kodo, they make me smile.

What are yours?

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Breakfast Topic: The warm glow of another person's accomplishments

So last night my wife and I ran ICC10 heroic to get her the last couple of achievements she needed for her Bloodbathed Frostbrook Vanquisher. They were fairly annoying achievements. Full House and Portal Jockey, to be exact. But thanks to her keeping track of the adds and a solid plan for Dreamwalker, we finally got them done and she got her mount.

For some reason I only like achievements when other people get them. I don't always like the work of doing them - I hate Portal Jockey and I'm not looking forward to trying Been Waiting a Long Time For This on 25 next week to get her the other mount, but I'm still glad to help - I like that we can do this stuff together, and I really like the feeling I get when I help someone else achieve a long held goal of theirs. It's satisfying.

So I'm asking you for your stories of achievements you aided others in getting. Doesn't have to actually be an achiement - did you help a guildie get Shadowmourne or Val'anyr, did you run them through the Timeless Isle for chests, did you grind for bones on the Isle of Giants with them? Just any story of helping out a friend or other player will do.

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Breakfast Topic: Do we have too many kinds of raiding?

Raiding is something we just do, something we've always done, it's woven into the bones and blood of World of Warcraft and I've been involved with it this whole time. It's what made playing the game hard for me during my recent health issues. So it seems strange of me to ask this, even to myself, but I have to wonder - do we have too much raiding now? We now have LFR (looking for raid), normal, heroic, and mythic raiding. That's four exclusive raid sizes, and it just makes me wonder. I doubt that people doing mythic raids are going to run LFR every week, and likewise LFR players are not likely to be in the mythic group, so perhaps it's fine - perhaps all these raid types finally give players the choice we've always said we wanted for the raid game.

But I do find myself simply unable to get excited about seeing the same fight multiple times in a week. I didn't like it when I was clearing Trial of the Crusader on 10n, 10h, 25n and 25h and I'm not looking forward to running Blackrock Foundry on LFR, Normal and Heroic. (I doubt I'll do any mythic raiding in Warlords, and that suits me just fine.) So here's your chance to speak up - am I just being my usual pessimistic self?

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Breakfast Topic: Is RNG good?

I spent several years trying to get the Brewfest Kodo, and I never did until this year. One of my friends has been running Siege of Orgrimmar nonstop since it debuted over a year ago and he still doesn't have his Dark Shaman transmog set. I'm sure we all similar stories of RNG, whether it be Warglaives, parts of the Bindings of the Windseeker, or a mount off of a specific boss. It comes down to whether or not you can get it to drop, and sometimes, you just plain can't. Similarly, there's BiS pieces that you may actually need to perform adequately, or tier pieces, or that one weapon to get you out of the last raid's gear. We've all been at the mercy of RNG? But is it a necessary evil, or perhaps even outright good for the game to put us through these moments?

I've heard the argument about how the feeling of relief when it finally does drop helps keep us playing. I don't know how valid I think it is, but it's worth keeping in mind. Do you think it's right? Do we need that crushing stick of not getting that thing we want to keep us reaching after the carrot of finally getting it? I know one thing - now that I have the Brewfest Kodo, I never want to see Coren Direbrew again.

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Breakfast Topic: Collection frenzy

There was a really interesting post over on Alternative Chat the other day that got me thinking -- it talked about the Toy Box and a little bit about a curious phenomenon called completion and how it affects players. I have to say I'm one of those players it affects, particularly in the waning days of an expansion cycle when there's little else to do. If you give me a list of things, and I only have part of those things, and there are more of those things to get, I will inevitably go out and try to get them all. Why? I don't know. But if I did, I'd doubtless have the secrets of the universe in my grasp.

The same applies not just to collections, but to things like reputation bars -- if they are not completely filled, I have a curious compulsion to fill them. If I have some kind of progress counter, I need to fill up in the same way. What makes this interesting, as Alternative Chat pointed out, is that it creates a different kind of content, one that maybe isn't for everyone, but it's viable all the same. The Toy Box was created in part as a space saver, to get all those delightful little items out of people's bags and allow Blizzard to freely add more of these kinds of items at their leisure. But hey -- throw a few achievements in the mix, make a pretty UI interface for the thing, and suddenly you have another game of gotta-catch-them-all that will keep people busy for months, maybe even years.

I know I'm not unique in my collecting obsession -- and I know I'm not the only one staring at my Toy Box and mentally checking off items and where to go to get the things to fill the darkened spaces. But I'm curious just how many of us there are out there. Do you like the collecting game? Are you using the Toy Box? Are you finding yourself going out of the way to track down those elusive toys you didn't realize you didn't have? Or are collections, achievement points, reputation bars, and all the rest simply things you don't really pay attention to or care about?

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Breakfast Topic: We meet again, Headless Horseman

Today marks the start of Hallow's End 2014 -- and the start of yet another year of doing the holiday boss in the hopes of finally, at last, getting my hands on those Horseman's Reins. I've been doing this diligently every year since the boss was introduced, although the amount of time I spent farming him went down considerably when they changed it to the satchel system of loot. However, BlizzCon doesn't fall in the middle of the festive proceedings this year, so I'll have an extra day or three to farm. Maybe this will be the year, who knows?

There are very few holidays I actively take part in anymore, but Hallow's End is one of them, just because the quests are fun -- and this year has the added bonus of adding a few toys to the Toybox, holiday items I tossed out in favor of saving bag space. Given everything else that's going on in patch 6.0.2, is Hallow's End something you guys will be doing? Did you get lucky and get the Horseman's mount already, or are you still trying to get it after all these years? Are you going to start your holiday Toybox collecting this year, and squirrel away all the cool holiday items you can get?

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Breakfast Topic: Transmog Mania

Patch 6.0.2 has seen me not really focusing so much on the new content as the older content. Even with recent hotfixes to how much damage we do to creatures in older content haven't made me stop, because there's xmog gear locked up in those delicious instances. But now I discover that I can buy pretty much every single piece of Cataclysm tier gear (well, tiers 11 and 12, anyway) from the vendors in Stormwind, and so now I'm broke and running old content in order to get the heroic versions of those items. Le sigh. It's a hard knock life for my poor nelf alt.

So what about you? Spending any time and/or money on transmog this patch? Or is it just me? It's just me, isn't it?

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Breakfast Topic: UBRS, yay or nay?

So far I've had a really frustrating time with the update to UBRS. It's not that it's a bad dungeon in and of itself, but so far nothing has dropped for me, and I spent a lot of time with uneaven groups - one group everyone's in raid gear and blows the place up, next group can barely queue for it and yet insists on pulling like we brought the Avengers in with us, and we all die a lot. The three fights are engaging enough - I really like the callback to the old Rend fight, for example. I wish the Zaela fight had made it to level 90, but I guess you gotta leave something for the future.

So now I ask you, gentle readers - what do you think of UBRS? Is it everything you dreamed, or not quite what you wanted?

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Breakfast Topic: This huge patch drops and all I do with it is...

Okay, so I also ran around soloing old raids like a fiend, did some of the new UBRS, and did the Blasted Lands quests on my alt. But in 100% sincerity this was the first thing I thought to do with the patch. It's little things like finding out they let staves and polearms mog over swords, axes and maces that just tickle me - well, that, and seeing people all desperately trying to relearn how to play their characters at the same time, just like I was.

So, what was your first move? (Or will be, for our EU friends just now getting the patch.) Barber shop to fix up your face? Blasted Lands? UBRS? Transmog fun? Something I'm completely forgetting? Let us all know - it's what the comments are for.

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