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New addon Explore the World offers trivia, exploration fun

Sometimes, in the rush to get to level 90 and reach the ever-alluring temptations of endgame in WoW, players forgo all the really cool stuff there is to see while going about the process of getting there. It was with this in mind that Symphonym came up with a new addon called Explore the World -- an addon deliberately crafted to pique player's interest in the world around them. The addon is currently in the beta stages, but can be downloaded and tested via Curse for those interested in a lively bout of exploration and fun.

Explore the World is a game within a game -- a trivia game based around what you see and find while out and about in Azeroth. But there's a twist to the game: you have to actually travel and be in the relevant location in order to answer the questions. There are four categories to choose from -- Tracking, which requires you to track down and target an NPC based on clues and 3D models, Investigation, which requires you to locate an area and answer questions based on its surroundings, and Exploration, which involves locating a particular sub zone in the game. The fourth is called Group Questions, which appropriately enough simply requires 2-5 players to be in a party to answer the questions as a group.

This is a really cool idea, and something that sounds like a really engaging, fun way to get people out there and actively looking at the world around them while playing. An interactive virtual trivia game that involves actually running around and participating in a virtual world. At the moment there are only 50 or so questions to answer -- Symphonym is using this initial release to test the addon and its features, as well as judge the general demand for the addon itself. If this sounds like something that is right up your alley, I'd suggest downloading the addon and giving it a spin -- it's definitely a far more creative take on the usual trivia minigames, and sounds incredibly fun.

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Robert's not-so-original WoW miscellany

About 10 years ago, a guy called Ben Schott published a little book of completely random facts on equally random subjects. It was called Schott's Original Miscellany, and it went on to become a surprise bestseller for the simple reason that it was really fun to read.

I think it's high time for a World of Warcraft version. Some of these you may know, particularly if you've played the game for a long time, but I hope some are new.

Five months into The Burning Crusade, priests had the unique distinction of having the most popular 31-point talent in the game (Shadowform) and the least popular 31-point talent (Lightwell).

The phrase "Tichondrius is not for you" did not debut with the Arena system, as is popularly believed. The earliest reports trace it to a sign held up at BlizzCon 2005.

Nova from the aborted Starcraft: Ghost is in the game, on a small island floating off the southern coast of Netherstorm at 41,82. She is rarely visible, but a small shrine on the island flashes the letters of her name.

You can still see WoW Insider's first-ever post, published on Nov. 23, 2005. It was immediately declared "the worst thing that ever happened to WoW Insider."

If you were looking for a female player in classic World of Warcraft, she was most likely to be playing a night elf druid. She was least likely to be playing a troll or orc shaman.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Epic win

First of all, I would like to congratulate Keyra for winning the virtual cookies! This batch is vegan upon request, comes with a nice tall glass of cold soy milk, and I'll even throw in some fresh berries. Khloe Kardashian was the right answer to last week's impromptu trivia question!

Watch out for this week's trivia question, buried in amongst the comics.

Unfortunately, I didn't receive any new comic tips, but I don't think you'll be disappointed!

On a side note, I feel very lucky that photographing one's collection of My Little Ponies is a relatively popular occurrence, for how else would I have found such a lovely epic pony? I had more to choose from than I would have imagined, but I finally narrowed it down to the lucky pony on the right.

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