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Official Void Storage preview

Blizzard has just released its official preview of the new Void Storage feature coming in patch 4.3. Void Storage is a new long-term bank storage option that will let you save old sets of gear and items that have sentimental value. It is not meant to be a replacement or auxiliary bank; instead, it's meant to complement the use of transmogrification (see Blizzard's official preview for more information on that).

In the UI example above, it shows three items being deposited into the Void Bank, costing a total of 300g, or 100g/item. Blizzard notes that the final cost of depositing items is not final.

The big points of Void Storage:
  • Up to 80 slots
  • Access by talking to a Vaultkeeper in Stormwind or Orgrimmar
  • Costs gold each time you deposit or withdraw an item from Void Storage
  • Deposited items will be stripped of gems, enchants, and reforging
  • Item restrictions exist (not specified yet)
  • A new bag, bank, and void storage search field will appear in all inventory windows
Blizzard's full blue post on Void Storage, after the break.

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