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Sunday Morning Funnies: Giggles

It's been a quiet week in WoW-themed comedy, largely due to the holidays. While I don't have many for you to choose from this week, I think you'll find these amusing and mysterious.

  1. Buffly from Dark Legacy Comics
  2. Holiday Wishes from GUComics
  3. #109 from Looking for Group
  4. Lion's Pride Inn Vol. 1 Pg. 6: The Sentinel
  5. The latest Comic Contest Honorable Mention, from Scrumpcious
Have a favorite? Cast your vote and see the results from previous weeks.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: What's cookin'?

This Sunday, we have a break from the slew of holiday-themed comics. Learn how to cook a druid in flight form, get a tour of Undercity, or visit the ever-scenic frosted-over hell.

As always, you can vote for the comic you thought was the best, and suggest comics you may have created, or would like to nominate.
  1. Gigz' Kitchen from Dark Legacy Comics
  2. Unexpected Development from GUComic
  3. Comic #107 from Looking For Group
  4. Sockpuppet Asylum is hatin' on Undercity and playin' with cookies
  5. Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn Vol. 1, Pg. 5
Follow through the jump to cast your vote, and see some of the most recent winners.

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