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Phat Loot Phriday: Amani Divining Staff

If you're as excited about 2.3 as we are, you'll love this spiffy new staff from Zul'Aman.

Name: Amani Divining Staff
Type: Epic Two-hand Staff
Damage / Speed: 144-304 / 3.20 (69.9 DPS)
  • +58 Stamina, +47 Intellect. That's hot.
  • Red, Yellow, and Blue sockets-- socket bonus of +5 spell damage
  • Equip: Improves spell crit rating by 31.
  • Equip: +217 spell damage and healing. Very nice.
  • And plus, it's all troll-looking. Personally, I love the look of the Zul'Aman stuff. I know everyone doesn't share my tribal tastes, but I think it's a great move by Blizzard to lighten up the look of the Outland gear a bit.
How to Get It: Ah, yes-- the tough part. First, you have to get in to Zul'Aman, and then you probably want to make sure you can clear it first. This staff actually drops from the timed event in that instance. Just like the Baron Run in Stratholme, when you first zone in, you'll have 20 minutes to kill the first boss. If you kill that boss in time, an NPC will come out with a chest, open up the chest for you, and give you your loot. The loot table for that chest includes this staff, so you have to be lucky enough to see it.

From there, things are still a little fuzzy. We know it's 20 minutes to the first boss, but after that, I haven't seen exact timer numbers (this EJ thread has a lot of good tactics for all the bosses, however). It might be twenty minutes for each boss, or it might not. Some guilds on the PTR have completed the timed quests, but there's not a lot of documentation around on the instance. Yet, that is-- pay attention to the WoW Wiki page, and I'm sure details will show up soon after Tuesday. I do know that Blizzard has it out for you-- the next boss' timer starts when you down the last boss, not when you get the loot. So the timer runs while you wait for the NPC to come out and open the chest. Awkward much?

I should mention, also, that it's not entirely clear whether this staff is part of one big loot table for the timed event chests, or whether it only drops on a certain boss' chest. At any rate, it does appear in those chests at some point, so just complete the entire timed event quest (which Blizzard claims is very, very hard), and you'll be fine!

Getting Rid of It: Disenchants to a Void Crystal, and sells to vendors for 16g 85s 85c. Which I usually say would never happen, but then again, remember that Zul'Aman, and especially those finishing the timed quests, is going to be full of bored Mount Hyjal guilds looking for new content. So there may be a few of these things disenchanted and sold off. Bummer.

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WoWWiki reaches 45,000 articles

Kirkburn from the great WoWWiki (I like their one line description of us, and yes we do link to them all the time) writes to tell us that they have cracked 45,000 articles on their site as of last night. From Arathi Basin to Zul'jin, they now have over 45,000 articles on everything having to do with World of Warcraft. Congrats to them!

I've only ever created one over there (and it was for a joke), but all of us here at WoW Insider have nothing but respect for all the diligent archivists over at the Wiki. They have a terrific resource over there, and it is as clear an authority as they come, especially on a lot of the lore and background information on the game. Great job, all, on 45,000 articles, and keep up the good work.

Kirkburn also tells there are updates due over there as well-- sometime before the end of the year, they're planning an update to MediaWiki 1.11. And they're also going to incorporate more with the Wikia network, which runs all kinds of niche wikis like this one, by creating a single logon across all the sites. Sounds like things are jumping over at WoWWiki, and we're glad to hear it.

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Brewfest is still a bugfest

Brewfest makes me ker-razy!Brewfest bugs continue to infest the live servers. Despite a rolling restart of all the realms this morning, the Barker quest is still bugged on many servers. Blizzard is aware and is currently trying to unravel the latest mystery glitch.

Blizzard was increasing the ticket reward for the Barker quest to make up for disabling the Dark Iron attack quest. If they can't get the Barker quest to work properly, they are going to have to think of another plan. There is only a limited amount of time to gather tickets for players who want the permanent rewards. CM Aeus on the European servers nixed the idea of the event getting extended.

Oceanic realms are also having Brewfest problems of their own. Because the servers are hosted in a different time zone, the Brewfest events didn't go live at midnight, but many hours later. Blizzard is aware of the time discrepancy problem and is looking into ways to avoid it in the future.

For players who intend to do the Barker quest when it is working, Blizzard has pointed out that /waving and /yelling are not necessary. You simply need to get close enough to the flags while on the Riding Ram. The quest updates using waypoint triggers, not emotes.

One bit of good news: the always excellent WoW Wiki has a page up on Brewfest listing quests, rewards, etc. This may help answer many questions players have such as, can I get the Ram quest before L40? (No.)

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Shifting Perspectives: Online Druid resources

Every Tuesday, Shifting Perspectives explores issues affecting druids and those who group with them, brought to you by David Bowers and Dan O'Halloran.

I promised that I'd cover pre-Karazhan Restoration gear in this week's column, but I've since discovered that WoW Wiki has already done it! Their list includes all Burning Crusade gear, so just look at the pre-raid items. These lists come in two flavors at WoW Wiki: leather only and cloth only, depending on your style.

And while you're there, check out the different Restoration builds are available to healing druids on their Druid Build page. There's also an excellent sticky post on the US Druid Forums Gearing up For BC Endgame Healing.

This leads me to the topic of today's column: online resources for Druids. Today, I'm going to highlight gear guides, build guides, play guides, and wikis that provides useful information for the Warcraft Druid.

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