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Paragon's world first heroic Fall of the Lich King video

<Paragon> of EU Lightning's Blade
has released the video of their world-first kill of the Lich King on 25-man heroic mode. The video itself is in three parts and includes the viewpoints of a combat rogue, restoration shaman and holy priest over the course of the fight. Only one other guild to date has made the 25-man heroic kill; the guild <For The Horde> of EU Nazjatar claimed the world-second kill earlier today. Congratulations to <For The Horde> on the kill, and congratulations to <Paragon> on not only the world first but the absolutely gorgeous video they've put together. Check out part two and part three of the kill video after the break.

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Paragon scores world first heroic Fall of the Lich King

Our tipline has just exploded with tips about the latest raiding news: Paragon of Lightning's Blade (EU) has just scored the world first Heroic Lich King (25-man) kill. GuildOx backs up the tips with a brand new listing for the achievement and you can see it for yourself on the armory. Each member of the raid is now the proud owner of the title 'the Light of Dawn.' Not the coolest sounding title around, but the level of prestige is through the roof. We would include a screenshot of the kill in this post, but their guild website seems to be down for the count.

Congratulations to all of the players involved. The Lich King is a harsh fight on its own, and we don't imagine doing it on heroic is a walk in the park. How did Defile treat you?

Update: Azizrael supplied a kill shot in the comments below.

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Major Ulduar testing news: PTR soon, not all bosses available

Quite big news from Daelo, the lead encounter designer concerning the release and testing of Ulduar. First and foremost, Daelo says that we're getting close to the point where Ulduar will be available for testing on the PTR. That means that PTR is soon, and given the maintenance today and other major announcements, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see it tonight.

Secondly, Ulduar will not be tested like a normal instance. The testing will be in phases and only happen according to the schedule Blizzard lays out. They'll announce times when certain bosses will be available for testing, and that means that only during those times will those bosses be open for play. This also means that Ulduar will initially be closed on the PTR.

But think for a moment about what this does – it means that we won't be seeing strategies and other guides immediately available upon release of the patch (or in most cases before the patch). It means that world firsts will actually mean something again, and it won't just be a rush to see who can log onto the server first.

That is quite big and exciting news. Daelo also lets us know a few other things.

Need more news about Ulduar? We've got updates, previews, speculation, and everything else you need to know about the next big raid coming in patch 3.1. If the Titans are hiding it up there, we'll tell you about it here.

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