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Upload and browse screenshots at WoW Screenshots

From the makers of WoW Achievements comes a new site that's designed to collect and catalog nothing but screenshots from the game. WoW/Screenshots (clever) is a new site that's super barebones right now -- all you can do is view a few different uploaded screenshots or jump in and upload your own. But obviously, there's a lot of potential there -- if they can assign a rating system to screenshots, then you could have a Wowbash-style Top 100, with extra cool shots to check out from around the game. The website also says they're planning to put together monthly contests as well, so right now the idea just seems to be to populate the database, with the best entries coming to the top later.

Of course, this isn't the only project designed to archive some of Azeroth's beauty -- we talked about the wallpaper project the other week (though that's more a project designed to hit every individual zone), and of course our great Around Azeroth daily feature has collected tons of great pictures from the game. But this seems like an interesting crowd-sourced way to do it, and with the WoW-Achievements folks behind the idea, it'll be fun to see what they come up with.

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Guildwatch: Dodge this

Sorry for the low resolution on the pic above, but we thought it was still funny enough to share -- the guildleader of the guild (unfortunately, we weren't told the name or server) was a little unhappy when one of the raiders decided to leave a "whipefest" on General Vezax, and he decided to pull off a WoWBash-style /gkick.

Lots more drama, downed, and recruiting news in our weekly Guildwatch column, which starts right after the break below. Have a tip for us? Send it along to, and you might see it right here next time.

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Twisted Nether Wiki compiles a nice list of WoW utilities

A few folks over at the Twisted Nether Wiki have done a great thing and compiled a nice full list of all of those little online WoW utilities that we talk about every once in a while. From character improvement tools like Be Imba! to resources like Kaliban's Loot Lists and even humor sites like WoWBash, if it's online, WoW-related, and worth visiting more than once, it's on this list.

And of course it's a wiki, so even if it's not on that list, you can add it. But it is cool to have all of those resources in one place -- we mention them, obviously, when there are updates to share, but if you don't bookmark them when you hear about them, they might have fallen off your radar. There are so many great and well-designed tools out there for players to use that something like this, tracking them all, is great to have.

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Forum Post of the Day: Chatroom of the Scourge

I don't know exactly what's so funny about this long chatlog between some of the more popular undead and evil NPCs of the game (maybe just how similar this crowd ends up being to us), but it is hilarious. Basically a sequel to the old boss chat, this one has "theLichKing" chatting with "Killzone'jaeden" and "An00barak" about everything from how cold it is in Icecrown to just where Sargeras is from. Very well done, Warraven of Ravenholdt. He even gets some nice lore in there even between all of the pony jokes.

And this little chatlog reminded me of all the funny stuff over at Wowbash. If you've never looked through the archives over there, definitely check them out, but be careful. Browsing all of those funny quotes is almost more addictive than actually playing the game.

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WoW Bash collects chat screenshots from MMOs

Many of you might be familiar with it's a legendary collection of quotes from IRC. Their top 100 page is a must-read if you've never done it before, but be careful, as extreme laughing will ensue.

And now, reader Furism sends us a note that he's started WoW Bash, a version of that collects quotes from MMO games, including many quotes from World of Warcraft. The site just started, so unlike bash, there's not tons of great quotes to read through (many of them are not very funny), but there are a few gems to be found, most of them on the top 100 page (which only has about 40 on at the moment). This one made me laugh. But the genius of bash is that it collects quotes from all over the IRC world, and so by bringing this page to you, dear readers, hopefully WoW Bash will gain some exposure and get some really good quotes on there.

And even if it takes a while, it's an excellent idea, and a great way to show off the hilarity (or usually stupidity) appearing in chat channels all over Azeroth and all the other online worlds. If you've got a screenshot of a funny quote, get it up there.

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