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WoW Insider Weekly

It's Saturday once again, which means it's time to give you a clickable look at what our columnists have been up to for the past week. Here's everything our weekly columnists put together for you in the last seven days.

The Art of War(craft): Why PvP?
Zach's new PvP column shows you how to wax on, wax off, grasshoppa.

Arcane Brilliance: Gears of war, part 3
Amanda covers levels 41-58 of what you should wear as a Mage going to war.

All the World's a Stage: Yes, and...?
David tells you how to use the basics of improv performance to become a better roleplayer.

Know Your Lore: Maiev Shadowsong
Elizabeth W breaks down what that Night Elf is doing in Illidan and Akama's prison in great KYL style.

Blood Sport: Building an arena team, part 1
V'Ming's got awesome graphs about the best way to get an arena team that works together.

Officers' Quarters: Chased out of guild chat

Scott's weekly officers' column covers how to handle guild chat.

/silly: Can't see the forest for the trees
Reading between the lines of the Warrior build trees.

Build Shop: Warrior 41/20/0
Who says poleaxes are useless?

The Light and How to Swing It: Maximizing Paladin DPS, part 3
Chris continues his series on how to get the most DPS out of your Pally.

Guildwatch: The march of war
A disenchanter gone rogue!

WoW Insider Show Episode 11: Shaman silliness and other outrages
Our weekly podcast has myself, Amanda, and Duncor chatting about 2.3, Shaman problems, and loot cards.

Totem Talk: So you've decided to roll a Shaman...
Two words: ghost wolf. Trust me. It's awesome.

Blood Sport: Season 3, rise of the Hunter
Does no dead zone mean lots of dead opponents?

WoW, Casually: The increased benefits of battlegrounds for casuals
Not a PvPer because you're too casual? Think again-- battlegrounds are fun and profitable.

Encrypted Text: Enchanting your gear, part 1
Make the stabby stuff glow, too.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Leveling up 21-40
This might be my favorite part of the leveling journey.

Phat Loot Phriday: Band of Icy Depths
By request, a really weird ring on PLP.

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WoW Insider Weekly

It is Saturday, and that means that not only did I get to sleep in until noon, but also that it's time once again to spotlight for you all the great work our weekly columnists are doing here on WoW Insider. Here's all of our weekly features from the past seven days, wrapped up like a California roll in one big post.

Arcane Brilliance: Gears of war, part 2
What else to wear while heading into battle.

All the World's a Stage: Drawing the line on ERP
David tackles the tough subject of ERP head on.

Azeroth Interrupted: Reader mail-- overcoming fears of raiding
Not sure you should be raiding? Nonsense! It's fun and good for you. Robin tells you how to get started. Also, a program note: this is her last column for Azeroth Interrupted. It's moving to Massively, where it will be known as Gamer Interrupted. So check Robin's great work out there from now on.

Officers' Quarters: Sweet victory
You've followed all of Scott's officer advice, and now you've succeeded as a guild? Scott's got you covered there, too.

Reader WoWspace of the Week: Chedder
I keep meaning to send my WoWspace in, as, I have to say, I think I have a pretty nice setup. But Chedder's desk is definitely nicer than mine.

/silly: Where everybody knows your name
"So a Draenei and a Dwarf walk into a bar..."

Shifting Perspectives: That special versatility, part 2 - Synergy in action
Because being a Druid in just one form isn't nearly as fun as being a Druid in all forms.

Build Shop: Rogue 16/3/42
Chris lays out a great Rogue Subtlety build. Because if you're not sneaking around and backstabbing, you're not really a Rogue.

Guildwatch: A thing of beauty
Sometimes the drama bombers just go above and beyond the call of duty.

Totem Talk: The endangered Shaman
Please, help the rare Shaman keep from becoming extinct. Invite them into your raids, and give them tons of epix. Kthx bye.

Insider Trader: Death of a Salesman
Are dailies killing crafting?

WoW, Casually: Of Arathi Basin, the Faire, and Patch 2.3
Only got an hour to play WoW? Robin tells you what to do (and this column isn't going anywhere).

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Our name is legion, for we are many
Warriors are at the top of the heap right now, in numbers and stature.

Ask WoW Insider: Does anybody really play just one class?
Don't you think it's weird that everyone has a Hunter alt, but almost everyone also calls Hunters noobs?

Phat Loot Phriday: Amani Divining Staff
A brand new staff from Zul'Aman for you to drool over.

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WoW Insider Weekly

Happy Saturday-- hope your Fall weekend is going well. Once again, it's time for us to roundup all of our great weekly features in one post for your perusing pleasure. Enjoy!

All the World's a Stage: Oh, the drama! When to /ignore
Sometimes, you get just roleplayed out.

Azeroth Interrupted: It's OK to AFK
And if you hearth before you do it, you get rested XP!

Officers' Quarters: Rank and file
Scott covers the best ways to organize your troops.

/silly: The tension is mounting
A special treat for Gnomes.

The WoW Insider Show: Episode 7
2.3, the Toyota ad, and yes, we do, in fact, talk about Paladin DPS.

The Light and How to Swing It: Maximizing Paladin DPS, Part 1
Chris talks about Paladin DPS, too, but in a much more practical manner.

Build Shop: Priest 41/20/0
Elizabeth tackles a Discipline Priest build-- no easy task.

Shifting Perspectives: Drops for Druids in Zul'aman
What you Druids will be druling (get it?) over in the next raid instance.

Guildwatch: Revenge on the old GM
Tales of sordid drama, triumphant downings, and recruitment listings from around the realms. Where "I make $150,000 a year" is proof that I'm right.

BigRedKitty: A video special event
BRK shows you, video-style, how to chain trap on Moroes.

Know Your Lore: Sargeras
KYL tells the story of the biggest (known) bad guy in Azeroth.

Two Bosses Enter: Princess Huhuran vs. Magtheridon
Which one will walk out of the arena, and which one will be dragged out?

Totem Talk: Pre-raid gear - belts, bracers and boots
Matthew tells you Shamans what to wear before you hit the big time.

Learn2Raid: Your first raid
From the comments on the post: "A very well written and informative post. I wish I had this kind of guide when I first started raiding." There you go.

Insider Trader: Tools of the Trade
Addons you'll need to become a master crafter.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Exploring the PTR
Matthew breaks down what he sees happening in 2.3.

Ask WoW Insider: Places you didn't know existed
Are there still new places to find in Azeroth?

Phat Loot Phriday: Talisman of Binding Shard
A legendary necklace that's only available in legend form.

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