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WoW Moviewatch: The Cashbringer

Not every one of Tirion's plans turns out well. But even if we did manage to kill the Lich King, Tirion's out of work now that we're all busy chasing down Deathwing in Cataclysm. In this video from late last year, Fabelsim takes a stab at what Mr. Fordring might be up to.

This video won Zimtower's WoWModelViewer contest. It's a brief video and has a fairly tight, short punchline. Even if you're not a huge fan of gnomes, you have to tip a hat to this brilliant use of what used to be the Ashbringer and is now merely The Cashbringer.
Interested in the wide world of machinima? We have new movies every weekday here on WoW Moviewatch! Have suggestions for machinima we ought to feature? Toss us an email at

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WoW Model Viewer updated for 2.4.2

If you're a machinimist or just someone who likes to poke around the game files trying to see what The Ultimate Druid would look like (yeah, I'm guilty), good news; Wow Model Viewer has been updated for patch 2.4.2. I haven't used it since the patch hit, but according to the mod's site a few twitchy issues popped up that have since been fixed.

The developer warns that this version will not work with any version of Wow pre-2.4.2, so if you haven't downloaded and installed the patch yet, don't install this update until you do.
If you haven't had the chance to use WoW Model Viewer previously, give it a shot -- it's a wonderfully addictive little mod and a great way to get a closer look at the detail that goes into the game.

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Patch 2.4 files reveal tons of goodies

There are a ton of goodies out there in patch 2.4. We've compiled some of our favorite items from poking around the patch files for you, and you can check them out in our Patch 2.4 Finds gallery. Just about everything was retrieved using a few tricks with the patch files and WoW Model Viewer.

A few other sites, such as MMO-Champion and World of Raids are covering the latest 2.4 finds as well.

There are a few interesting images. First, it appears that the Blue Dragon Kalecgos will be making an appearance, in both his dragon and human form. We were all introduced to Kalecgos in the World of Warcraft manga The Sunwell Trilogy.

The second great little find is the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game loot-item; the new Rocket Mount. You can see an action shot of this sweet ride right here in a YouTube video I made earlier today.

If you're poking around the patch files, what have you found? Anything special?

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WoW Model Viewer updated to 2.0.1 alpha

WoW Model Viewer has been updated to work with 2.0.1, and they've got a new website to boot. If you've never used it, the model viewer is a program that lets you poke around inside the WoW resources on your computer, and check out the 3D models of players, armor, NPCs, and so on. The latest version is being called .5 "very alpha" and can be found here.

A few words of warning: as the name implies, the software isn't quite done yet, which means it's likely to (at least) crash, and (at worst) break your computer (I doubt that's likely to happen, but anytime you run alpha software, it's a possibility). In addition, the model viewer is in no way created or condoned by Blizzard-- there's a chance (albeit small, I realize) that they could consider this using a 3rd party program to modify the game files. Again, it's not likely-- I doubt this program actually does any editing, just reading-- but the possibility is there.

Anyway, the Model Viewer can make for some pretty cool looks at content you haven't yet seen in the game (or haven't yet been able to examine closely). And the Model Viewer is also responsible for some pretty amazing fanmade videos, too. The new version allows you to access the Blood Elf and Draenei models, so if you're interested in seeing what's just around the corner with the expansion (and willing to use unofficial alpha software to do it), have at it.

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