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WoW Insider Show live tomorrow afternoon

Yes, our weekly podcast is back on the air tomorrow -- it's everything you love about WoW Insider, in pure, distilled audio form. This week, Daniel Whitcomb and John "BigBearButt" Patricelli join myself and Turpster to chat about all of the most popular posts on WI in the past seven days, including the big news of the game being beaten yet again, the Onyxia soloing that's been going on lately (first a Druid, and then a Paladin), and why account sharing is wrong, mmkay?

And of course we'll be chatting live on IRC at in the #wowradio channel (or just over on the Chat page on WoW Radio), and we'll be reading and answering your emails and questions -- send us a note if you'd like at And come to think of it, there's some fun stuff to chat about over on the show's forums, too, so we'll have to throw some of that in as well.

We go live at 3:30pm EST (which is 8:30pm GMT), so if you're around, definitely be sure to tune in and listen live. We'll see you then!

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15 Minutes of Fame: ORLY warrior made of win and wooden shoes

15 Minutes of Fame is our look at World of Warcraft players of all shapes and sizes – both the renowned and the relatively anonymous.

In the course of interviewing WoW players from the mainstream to the niche and from the casual to the hardcore, 15 Minutes of Fame has developed an intriguing little theory: players who confess to being "obsessed" with WoW actually have a pretty down-to-earth approach to the game. Oh, they love WoW, it's true, and devote hours and hours to it on a regular basis. But it seems that the players who profess their love for the game the loudest have given themselves permission to indulge in WoW as a hobby. While they dive into the game and related activities with complete abandon, they also seem to recognize that it's merely one part of their lives (albeit a fairly big one). In a nutshell, these aren't your fabled antisocial basement geeks; in fact, we find they tend to be downright warm, funny folks with a lot of interesting ideas and activities on their plates.

Take Kooz, the main tank of Fractured on Euro realm Bloodscalp and one of the creators of the O'RLY Show (seen at WoW Radio, along with the WoW Insider Show). Kooz's energy virtually leaps off the page, even long distance from The Netherlands – he's a fun guy to talk to who sounds as if he's building himself a fun life centered around his passion for gaming.

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WoW Insider Show live on the virtual air tomorrow afternoon

A brand new episode of our podcast, the WoW Insider Show, will be recorded live tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm on WoW Radio, and I can tell you right now that we'll be talking about Warlocks. The news about Lifetap changes topped the charts on WoW Insider this week, so myself, Duncor (Turpster is away this week, so the D is kindly stepping in), and John "BigBearButt" Petricelli (along with probably one more person from WoW Insider) will definitely be chatting about the most demonic class in the game.

But that's not all -- other topics of discussion will include what classes the CMs play, the worst quests in the game, and we'll also be asking the same question Nihilum did: are raiders becoming obsolete? Plus, we'll have reader mail (you can send it in right now at, and we'll welcome anyone and everyone on the IRC channel (#wowradio on It's all tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm EST -- see you then!

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Listen in live to the WoW Insider Show tomorrow

WoW Insider once again takes to the virtual airwaves of WoW Radio tomorrow. On Episode 5 of our podcast, we'll chat once again about everything that's happened in the World (of Warcraft) this past week, and boy howdy is that a lot. There's voice chat and the new sound engine in 2.2, the rebirth of Alterac Valley, lots of patch 2.3 to discuss (I'm especially thrilled that Shaman shields are getting some much-needed love), and we'll also hit on progressive content, as well as those required Arena ratings you folks are so interested in.

Should be fun as always, and remember you're invited to join us both via email at, and on IRC live during the show-- hit up in channel #wowradio, or just jump on at the WoW Radio site.

I'll be there, WoW Insider's Robin Torres will be along for the ride, and we'll have some folks from WoW Radio on as well (my guess is that Turpster will be on board as usual). Check it out tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 pm EST, or 8:30 pm GMT. Because if you like our site, you'll love the live audio version of it.

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Captain Dan's Deadmines Battle

You may have already heard this one, but I figured it would be a good thing to post on Talk Like a Pirate Day. Our friends over at WoW Radio recently dropped a new track from Captain Dan, "rising star in the field of Pirate Hip-Hop," called "Deadmines Battle." You can listen to it over on their website-- it features some trippy beats, a little Casio jamming, and rhymes all about everyone's favorite pirate instance. My favorite part of the song, just like the instance, is Mr. Smite, of course.

WoW Radio also says Captain Dan's new album hits today (it's called Rime of the Hip-Hop Mariners, which I, being a Coleridge fan, find very funny)-- there's more tunes and information about that over on their Myspace page.

Avast ye maties, thar be some good rapping off starboard side! Now get back to yer deck-scrubbing, ye scurvy dogs, afore I keelhaul the lot of ya! Yarrrrrr!

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Reminder: The WoW Insider Show is live tomorrow afternoon

Tomorrow, don't forget to tune in to WoW Radio, and check out the third episode of our official podcast, the WoW Insider Show. We're going to kick off the broadcast about 3:30pm EST (which is 8:30pm GMT, I believe), and we've got lots of great discussion items on our platter: we'll hit up AFKers in Alterac (because we haven't talked about that on the podcast yet, right?), the WSVG shutdown shocker, and all of our most popular posts of the last week.

I'm going to be back on the mic this week, and WoW Insider's Amanda Riviera will be joining me, as well as Turpster ("The T," as we like to call him) and Alris from WoW Radio. And of course we want you along for the ride as well: go to tomorrow to listen in live, and we'll also be sitting in the IRC channel at #wowradio on And as usual, we'll be watching for your emails: is the address for your suggestions, complaints, compliments, or questions you'd like us to answer.

Tune in tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 pm EST for the third episode of the absolute best podcast about WoW Insider: we'll see you on the WoW Insider show.

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Second episode of the WoW Insider Show available for download

In case you missed out on listening to this past weekend's episode of the WoW Insider Show live on WoW Radio, it's now available for streaming. If you missed out, check our page on WoW Radio to hear myself and Krystalle Voecks as well as WoW Radio's TotalBiscuit and Turpster talking about the hottest stories in World of Warcraft this week. And I hope you'll join us next live next Saturday, September 15th at 3:30 PM EST for more of the WoW Insider and WoW Radio crew!

As always, questions, concerns, and suggestions about the show may be directed to us at

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First WoW Insider Show episode available for download

A big thanks to everyone that tuned into the very first episode of the WoW Insider Show-- lots of good times were had as WoW Radio's Turpster, and Dan O'Halloran and I discussed everything from whether it's OK for a guild leader to ninja a mount to whether we'll fly in Northrend before level 78 or not, all the way back to why gold farming might be OK. Actually, Dan stands alone on that last one-- you can listen to the show, right now, over on WoW Radio's homepage for it to find out exactly what happened. And it's also in iTunes-- here's the link for the iTunes Store if you've got iTunes installed.

Congratulations to listener Chris S for randomly winning the Murloc suit giveaway! Stay tuned for many more giveaways on the show. And if you have comments or suggestions for the show, our email address is

And the WoW Insider Show rolls on-- this coming Saturday, September 8th, at 3:30 pm EST, we'll have our second episode, and you'll be able to listen live over at WoW Radio just like last week. We'll cover everything that's happened in the World of Warcraft over the past week, as well as keep you entertained and give you exclusive insight on everything we write about here at WoW Insider.

So thanks everyone who listened in this week, and be sure to check us out on every Saturday, kicking off at 3:30pm EST.

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Reminder: The WoW Insider Show premieres tomorrow!

Just in case you missed it earlier this week, set your clocks for 3:30 EST tomorrow afternoon, Saturday the 1st, because WoW Insider and WoW Radio are making history. We're premiering The WoW Insider Show, a brand new podcast that combines the audio genius of Totalbiscuit and his gang at WoW Radio with the vast knowledge (and witty asides) of all the staff here at WoW Insider. Every week, we're going to take a look at what's happened in Azeroth the past week, as well as give you a chance to share your input and ask us what we think about the World of Warcraft.

Oh, and there'll be prizes! We're kicking it off right by giving away a Murloc suit, straight from BlizzCon. To win, all you have to do is listen-- during the show, we'll give out a secret phrase and ask you to email it to us before Saturday at midnight, and then we'll chose one person who does that to get a code for a Murloc suit. It's your chance to win one of the hottest items in the game, just for listening!

So check us out over at WoW Radio tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 EST. We'll also have a downloadable mp3 of the show available next week, and the show should appear on iTunes soon (as soon as we record it, that is). But if you listen later, you can't win the Murloc suit, so if you're available, check in and listen live with us tomorrow afternoon. Be there as WoW Insider and WoW Radio make some history, and bring you the ultimate World of Warcraft podcast.

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The twink experience (and toggling XP)

If you listened to the latest episode of Titan over on WoW Radio (and did you hear that we're teaming up with them to do a new show, starting Saturday? You did? Good), you heard Totalbiscuit and Eriyanna talk all about twinks-- alts who are created just to rule a certain battleground bracket. Most players aren't real big on twinks, and Jonaleth straight out wonders why people do it. Is it just for fun, or do the people who stay at that level just want to deal with simpler strategies and less abilities (since lower level characters don't have as many tools to play around with as higher level characters)?

The bad answer is, of course, that people just like spending gold and time to rule the battlegrounds with an enchanted, blue-geared fist. But the "good" answer is probably that yes, there's a lot of strategy in squeezing as much power you can out of a lower level character. Totalbiscuit, in the podcast, actually says that what twinks do at 19 and 29 is really what all players do at 70-- work hard on gear and enchants to get every little drop out of a character with a limited level, and that's very true.

So here's an interested idea from Brook on Garithos: how about an XP toggle, where players can actually switch off XP gain if they so choose. That would bring twinking to a whole new level, and allow players who twink to go into instances and run groups over and over again just to get the gear they want.

Predictably, players aren't thrilled with that idea-- most people have enough trouble with twinks in the BGs already for Blizzard to more or less officially sanction the practice with an official feature like that. Sure, it would definitely bring a whole new aspect to twinking. But most players, it seems, think twinking has too many aspects in the game already.

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WoW Insider and WoW Radio present: The WoW Insider Show

You've asked us for a podcast, we've considered our options, and now it's time to do it up right. WoW Insider has teamed up with none other than Totalbiscuit and the folks at WoW Radio to create The WoW Insider Show, a weekly audio podcast featuring news and views about World of Warcraft and its community. Every Saturday afternoon at 3:30 EST, WoW Insider will appear live on WoW Radio to talk about the most popular posts of the last week, and what's happening in the World of Warcraft.

We want your insight and your comments, too: our show email will be, and that's where you'll be able to send insights both during and after the show. And we'll hook you up for your input-- while you're listening live, you'll be given the chance to win swag as well. For our first show, going down this Saturday, September 1st, we'll be giving away one of our biggest prizes yet: an ingame Murloc suit from BlizzCon. Listen in to learn how to win your chance to wear one of these!

WoW Insider. WoW Radio. Two of the biggest names in the World of Warcraft community have teamed up to bring you the ultimate World of Warcraft podcast. Stay tuned to WoW Insider and our show site at WoW Radio to learn more, and get ready to listen in on Saturday, as WoW Insider's Mike Schramm and Dan O'Halloran take to the air with WoW Radio's Mark 'Turpster' Turpin and Kyle 'Mickey-C' McCarley. Be there!

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Video coverage of BlizzCon from WoW Radio

While a name like WoW Radio doesn't inspire thoughts of video, but I'm here to tell you that they did an excellent job of getting us video of the major happenings of BlizzCon 2007. So if you didn't get a chance to attend, I highly recommend taking a look at their BlizzCon page, which features video of:
  • The opening ceremony
  • StarCraft II gameplay footage
  • The Wrath of the Lich King panel
  • The careers in gaming panel
  • The StarCraft II live demo
  • The UI panel
  • The WoW lore panel
  • The Legendary Pictures movie panel
  • The professions & items panel
  • The raids & dungeons panel
  • The StarCraft II lore panel
And audio coverage of:
  • The raids & dungeons panel
  • The WoW music panel
Of course, if watching hours of panels is too much, you might want to check our liveblog coverage from day 1 and day 2!

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BlizzCon 2007: Thank you!

Robin, Elizabeth, Amanda, Barb, and I all had a great time at BlizzCon, and there's quite a few people that we should thank for helping us out there. First, a huge thanks to Blizzard for putting it all together, and especially to their CM staff and the PR department for setting us up with a press pass and getting us the access we needed. Another big thank you to all the guys at Xfire, who not only co-presented coverage with us, but did a terrific job of their own, and even let us in a few doors that we couldn't have opened otherwise. Upper Deck also was kind enough to sit down with us (and provide some information on their upcoming products that I'll be posting soon). We were excited to meet Ian Beckman, maker of Azerothian Supervillians, as well as the two guys who run WoW Drama, a blog about serious business in WoW. And Kevin Kelly from Joystiq joined us for most of the convention, and helped out immensely with his experience and knowhow. Back here at the ranch, we have to thank our homebound bloggers for filling in the blanks of our coverage, and we have to give a nod to our friend Boubouille over at MMO Champion, who was not only instrumental in getting some of the leaks out (and getting Frank Pierce angry at us), but also hooked us up with a few links and said some very nice things about our coverage. The guys at WoW Radio were also seen almost nonstop at BlizzCon, and gave us a nice nod as well.

And last but farthest from least, we have to thank you, our readers, who not only came up and said hi, hello, and thank you to us at both the WoW Insider meetup on Thursday (the video above is a short sweep of the crowd there at the Lost Bar, right before our trivia contest), but also on the floor as well. Back here on the site, you read your way through our 99 posts over the weekend, gave us record numbers of page views, and helped us out with comments, questions, and tons of support. Thanks very much for everything-- we really, really appreciate it.

We're far from done (we've got more BlizzCon news to report on, and of course we need to get around to the discussion of whether we really want siege weapons or not), but now that the event itself is over, we just wanted to take a second and say thanks. So thank you.

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Four endgame guilds on WoW Radio today

Our friend Totalbiscuit of WoW Radio sends word to remind us that today at 2 pm EST (in just about an hour and a half from now), he'll be hosting a roundtable with members of Nihilum, Death and Taxes, Forte and Method-- in other words, pretty much every endgame guild that matters. I guess he could probably go for Curse as well, but "Four Horsemen" just sounds better.

On the menu is supposed to be "all aspects of the endgame," so it'll be interesting to see what gets talked about. Expect to hear about what they thought of the Black Temple and the attunements being lifted from the Eye and SSC, and TB would probably be remiss if he didn't ask what they think is coming next (even though no one but Blizzard has anything but speculation about that right now, probably until Blizzcon). But nevertheless, WoW Radio always does a good interview, and this should be a good listen for sure.

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WoW Radio interviews Nihilum

World of Raids has the story on WoW Radio's interview with Nihilum, WoW EU's leading guild in terms of PVE content. Awake and Ekke represent Nihilum and take us on a 90-minute audio insight into a top-tier raiding guild.

Covering topics from adjusting to TBC raiding, the recent nerfs to Gruul and Magtheridon, rogues and girls and raiding guilds, and even their bad taste in music (Justin Timberlake, anyone?), it's well worth the time spent listening to it.

My favorite part is when they discuss their preferred healer setup for a 25-man raid. Woo hoo!

Click on through to download the MP3 from World of Raids, then come back and share what you found interesting and insightful from the interview.

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