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Two new TCG sets (and new loot card series) coming in November

Saturday at BlizzCon, WoW Insider got a chance to sit down with a couple of folks from Upper Deck (including David Baumgartner, who worked on designing the original TCG, and also showed up at the BlizzCon WoW Insider meetup), and in between the turns of a short game, they hooked us up with info about a few upcoming releases for the WoW TCG.

You probably already know about the Fires of Outland set, coming on August 22nd (that's the one that has the Spectral Tiger Mount in it), but we were also told about the next set release, which will be called March of the Legion, and will drop in November. There will be new loot cards for that set (we've haven't been told what they are yet, but when we hear, so will you), as well as the introduction of "sub-factions" (I'm assuming this is factions like Scryers or the Mag'har), demonic allies, and new powers for Heroes. Also, each booster pack in this set will have 19 cards instead of the current 15, and 19 cards will be the standard from now on. More cards for the buck!

The other new set we heard about is a special holiday set, also in November-- Upper Deck is going to release a Feast of Winter's Veil collector's set, and it'll have stuff from the ingame holiday to use in the TCG, as well as 10 exclusive game cards (not sure what that means), and Pet mini-cards. As far as we were told, the collector's set won't have any loot cards in it, but if you're into the TCG (or know someone who is, as they're marketing it as a gift set), maybe it'll pique your interest.

At any rate, the thing we're most excited about, of course, is the new loot cards coming with March of the Legion, which hopefully we'll hear deets on soon. I still haven't quite been sold on actually buying these things-- the card game is fun, but all of my WoW spending money is going to playing the MMO at the moment. Still, if you're into it, a new set is always exciting to hear about.

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Three new loot cards for the WoW TCG

We actually heard from Upper Deck last month that there would be new loot cards coming in the "Fires of Outland" booster release from the WoW collectible card game, but now PHD Games has announced exactly what they'll be. Strangely enough, PHD is a distributor, and there's no word on Upper Deck's site about this, so this may actually be an unapproved leak-- wonder if PHD might face consequences for apparently telling us all of this early.

At any rate, here's the random cards that will be showing up in Fires of Outland:
  • Goblin Gumbo, which will make you "burp outlandish gas"
  • A Fishing Chair, for relaxing while angling
  • And the best one: A Spectral Tiger mount (!). MMO Champion has actual pics, which you can see above. Pretty!
Also, all the loot cards will now be foil cards (which is a first for the WoW TCG), and they'll have a different design as well. Fires of Outland, says PHD, is coming in late August.

Update: Commenter boulee points out there were foil cards in the Onyxia raid deck. Thanks!

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Enter to win a signed WoW TCG playmat from WoW Insider

The other weekend, I went out to Schaumberg, IL to meet up with the guys from Upper Deck at the WoW TCG Darkmoon Faire. And not only did I walk away with a couple of interviews and a lot of pictures, they also hooked me up with these two rare playmats, which we're giving away to two lucky readers!

The one on top was given away to everyone who participated in the main tournament at the Darkmoon Faire events, and the one on the bottom features art by none other than Gabe of Penny Arcade. Oh, and you can't see it in the picture, but both mats are signed by none other than Mike Hummel, head of Upper Deck's R&D, and co-creator of the WoW TCG.

To enter, just leave a comment (one comment and only one comment) on this post right here. As usual, the contest is only open to US residents age 13 and up (rest of the official rules here). Tomorrow morning at 11am EST, I'll close the comments and we'll choose two at random to each receive one playmat each. Good luck, comment away!

Update: Contest over, comments closed. Thanks for entering everyone-- check your email to see if you won.

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WoW TCG: Interview with Mike Hummel, Senior Game Designer

Mike Hummel has been playing collectible card games since the beginning. As leader of the R&D team at Upper Deck, he created the Marvel/DC VS system, as well as worked on Yu-gi-oh, one of the most successful CCGs of all time. And he's one of three main designers behind the World of Warcraft card game. So when I asked for a demo game, and he sat down to play across from me, I was suitably intimidated.

It didn't help that I had never actually played the game before. But Hummel knows card strategy in and out (he should know this card game-- he made it), and so I followed his instructions as I laid down my first quest cards and resources. I took his advice in choosing my first allies and playing my abilities. I was given a Warlock deck to start with, and it became a classic PvP duel when his Druid dropped into Cat Form and started ripping me apart.

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Breakfast Topic: The trading card game

No, this isn't an announcement of a new TCG about our Breakfast Topics (but wouldn't that be fun? I see your flamebait, and raise you an intelligent comment!!). But I would like to get all your thoughts on the collectible card game based on World of Warcraft.

Personally, I haven't really gotten that much into it, but since the Darkmoon Faire was in Chicago this past weekend, I went out there and obtained some photos and an interview or two for those interested to peruse. I learned to play the game and got to go one-on-one with one of the creators (his interview will be up today), and I have to say that the game itself is pretty fun-- lots of strategy, and plenty of inside jokes about our own little world of Azeroth.

I don't see it taking over my life, however, mostly because I don't have anyone around to play with-- even my boardgaming and roleplaying friends haven't picked it up yet, and probably won't any time soon. But I can definitely see the draw, not only of learning all the strategies of different decks, but actually collecting the cards that make them up.

So is it your thing or not? And why? If not, have you tried it and not liked it or just not tried it at all?

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WoW TCG: At the Darkmoon Faire Chicago

I spent last Friday evening at Upper Deck's Darkmoon Faire event in Chicago, IL (actually Schaumberg, as our readers have pointed out). And once there, I learned all about the WoW trading card game. I got to meet both Ben Drago, who organizes these events for Upper Deck, and Mike Hummel, who developed and created the game with the rest of his team.

I also saw lots of people playing the game-- there were beginner and advance tournaments running all weekend-- as well as a special section Blizzard had set up with Upper Deck to allow visitors to play on a special LAN server, where they ran scavenger hunts and PvP events ingame. Tons of people brought tons of cards, and everyone got to throw down and try to outlast their opponent's heroes more than once over the weekend. A gallery of pictures from the Faire is below-- thanks to Upper Deck for putting on the event in Schaumberg, and we can't wait to see you guys again at Blizzcon.

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WoW TCG: Interview with Ben Drago, Manager of Organized Play

When I came upon Ben Drago at the Darkmoon Faire in Chicago, he was yelling like Ragnaros. He was facing off against three WoW TCG players-- one was playing a Paladin, the second a Mage, and the last a Hunter. It was a Molten Core raiding event, and Drago was more than giving the guys a run for their money. The Paladin dropped quick (the player complained that Drago's Shazzrah "wouldn't let me heal!"), and while the mage and hunter held their own for a while, Drago eventually crushed them all with Rag's firey might.

He handed out a few booster packs as prizes anyway, and then sat down to talk with me about the WoW TCG that he promotes all over the country and the world, what player reaction has been like, and Upper Deck's event plans for Blizzcon and beyond.

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Around Azeroth: The elusive turtle mount

Reader Steve sends in this lovely shot of the rare turtle mount, which you too may be able to find if you buy enough packs of WoW TCG cards. It's slightly Photoshoped to give it that proper photorealistic effect. Not half bad, if I do say so myself.

Do you have a unique shot of Azeroth that you'd like to show off to the rest of the world? Tell us about it by e-mailing! You can attach a picture file or send us a link to one -- and don't worry about formatting, we'll take care of that part.

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WoW TCG: Prizes, fabulous prizes!

TCG tabardAs you may have heard, there are two ways to receive in-game rewards from World of Warcraft's trading card game: special "loot" cards giving specific prizes and by collecting UDE points, which come with each pack of cards. You get 100 points per booster pack (which gives 200 points per starter deck, as it contains two boosters) via codes you enter on Upper Deck's website. And there are some fun rewards here, too! Beyond special wallpapers with unique artwork, there's a funky blue tabard, a trinket that sets off a unique fireworks display, and a trinket that turns you into an Ogre. The problem, however, is cost. The tabard costs 2,000 points, the fireworks trinket costs 10,000 points, and the Ogre trinket 25,000 points. So 20 booster packs, 100 booster packs, and 250 booster packs, respectively. Paying about $4.50 per booster, that's $90 for the tabard, $450 for the fireworks trinket, and $1,125 for the Ogre trinket. Yikes -- that's a heck of a financial investment for a pretty bauble.

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From MMO to TCG

The TCG launch date is not far off -- you should plan on hitting up your local gaming store on October 25th if you want to pick up your cards immediately -- and with all previews thus far suggesting that playing is a blast, I'm certainly going to be there. But for those of us who haven't had a chance to play yet, the question is how, exactly, a card game could replicate the fun gameplay experience of the online game. Well, in search of that answer, the Escapist interviews Brian Kibler and Danny Mandell, lead developer and lead designer of the TCG.

[Thanks, Dan]

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WoW TCG preview: Stealth

The TCG's Stealth ability is just what you'd think it is -- if you're a rogue, it allows you to fade into the shadows and quietly sneak up on your opponents unseen. In the TCG, it's similar to Bear Form, in that when it is destroyed, you can pay two resources to return it to your hand. Stealth in the TCG allows you to avoid your opponent attempting to direct damage done to a strong tank character (one with the protector ability, that is) and strike any target your enemy may have in play. Just like a rogue...!

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WoW TCG preview: Bear Form

Druids -- so versatile! Jumping from one form to another, tanking, dealing melee DPS, casting damage spells from afar, and even healing in the blink of an eye. The TCG seems to mimic the online game's playstyle well in this regard. Bear Form is instant cast, costs a single resource, grants you the "protector" ability (think of it as an anytime taunt), and whenever it is removed from play you can pay two more resources to put it back in your hand -- allowing you to shapeshift back later. And being in an animal form allows you access to numerous unique feral abilities -- like the also-previewed Predatory Strikes, which gives your hero +2 ATK while in cat or bear form.

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WoW TCG preview: Chain Lightning

My shaman is only level 20, and doesn't yet have access to the Chain Lightning spell yet -- but I can only imagine the fun I'll have when I get it. (I get giddy just thinking of all the sheeps I could break!) The version of the spell included in the TCG is just what you would expect after having played the online game -- for the cost of five resources, it deals 3 damage to your primary target, 2 damage to the next target, and finally 1 damage to the last target. A great way to wipe out a whole party of enemies!

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WoW TCG preview: Starfire

I admit -- I had to log on to my druid to remind myself what Starfire was in the online game. Moonfire, sure, everyone knows about that, but Starfire? It's an arcane damage spell with a long cast time and high damage -- but the lengthy cast time tends to mean that I tend to use Wrath (a shorter cast time, but lower damage) whenever I'm in caster form. However, the version of Starfire that finds itself in the TCG is a bit more interesting. Mimicking the in-game ability, it costs a lot of resources (6 resources probably compares equitably to the 3.5 second cast time the spell has online) and does a good amount of damage (5). But there's an added bonus -- after casting Starfire you get a chance to draw a card. And when cards represent all the damage you can do, the resources you can draw upon, and the quests you can complete, this is nothing but a good thing.

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WoW TCG preview: Mind Blast

This preview highlights the shadow priest ability Mind Blast. In the online game, we know that Mind Blast provides a burst of direct damage at the cost of increased threat -- but in the TCG the spell is a bit different. Mind Blast costs a high amount of resources (5) in exchange for its scant 2 damage, but it also forces your opponent to discard a card for each damage dealt. And, with the right timing, this sort of forced discard could be devastating -- causing your opponent to get rid of his best cards.

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