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Guild chat coming to the Mobile Armory app

Wrocas (European community manager) announced on the WoW forums moments ago that a guild chat feature will be added to the Mobile Armory that's available on both the iPhone and Android. Players have been asking for this type of feature ever since the armory was introduced. This feature piggybacks off the same service that the remote auction house uses, which requires an additional monthly fee on top of your normal World of Warcraft subscription. One fee to rule them all (and by "all," I mean both the mobile auction house and the guild chat feature).

This allows access to guild chat, officer chat (presuming you had access to start with) and whispers. It appears the whispers will only be allowed to and from guild members, at the moment. There is also no news about being able to chat with your Real ID friends. If you don't have a device that the Mobile Armory runs on, Blizzard will soon be adding this feature to the normal armory as well.

The full announcement is behind the break.

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PTR down for maintenance

Wrocas let us know that the PTR servers are currently getting another patch applied to them. They will be down for maintenance between four and six hours today. This means that they should be up around 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. EST.

Hopefully this new PTR patch will bring about the reopening on the Sunwell Plateau, which was recently closed due to some large (and still undefined) bug. Other things that might be coming with this new PTR patch include more access to Season 4 gear, new changes and updates to class tweaks, and some spell haste changes.

WoW Insider will have the latest for you on patch 2.4 and the PTR. Stay tuned!

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