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WRUP: And now, our feature presentation

This week saw a release date announcement for Curse of Naxxramas, the first adventure pack for Hearthstone. Release dates are fine and all that, but in more relevant WoW news, this week also saw the launch of a brand new beta build that opened up four new levels to obtain, two new PvE zones worth of quests, two model revamps, one PvP island, a mysterious portal, and a whole mess of new places to explore.

Sure, we already have a list of things to expect from Warlords, and a list of features we'll be seeing in the new expansion. But this week, in addition to asking everyone what they are playing this weekend, we decided to ask what one feature they'd like to see added to Warlords. How about you guys -- and what are you playing?

Alex Ziebart (@AlexZiebart) This weekend I'm taking it easy for the most part and spending time outside. When I am playing something, I'll be on the Warlords beta checking out Talador. As for new features? Real player housing is still something I really want after seeing it in action in Wildstar -- the amount of creativity some players pour into their lots is incredible. Though I'd accept a Karabor comeback as an alternative.

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WRUP: A lonely time of playing

This week was a complex mix of big news and no news. Weeks like this are weird. Your intrepid WoW Insider staff assembles itself, ready to lay down the big news smackdown... and then nothing else comes to light. It's a weird mix of hurry-up-and-wait and "Oh, please, let something happen."

But the reality is that WoD approaches closer with every day. While there's obviously no release date yet, we're getting lots of information from the beta. So when we asked the WoW Insider staff what they're playing this weekend, we also asked them to opine on the state of the beta. Are we looking forward to the expansion as a whole new playground, or are we feeling like the not-time-travel expansion is perhaps a bit lackluster?

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WRUP: The news is finally happening

fireworks in azshara
There's been a surprising amount of news this week. It's like warlords from some not-quite-time-travel location are finally catching up to us. Whether we're talking about the night time being dark or just kind of dim, or exciting new fiery corgis, it feels like things are finally happening.

So when we asked What R U Playing this weekend, we also asked: what's been your favorite bit of news? What's on your mind about recent events? Also, most importantly, is the Corgi the best pet ever, or just the best pet available?

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WRUP: The Unpredictable Beta

Azshara rocket path beta
Waves of targeted beta invites are going out. Will there be more? Who can say? Predicting beta waves is like predicting the ocean. The only thing you can be sure of is that you'll probably get wet.

But what about the community? Now that the world at large will be getting more of their collective eyes upon the not-time-travel of WoD, how do you think they'll react? What do you think the zeitgeist will be about the beta in the coming week?

Also, WRUP.

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WRUP: Hearthstone for life?

As we wrap up another week and look forward to a new one, we're forced to ask ourselves: What R U Playing? That's what the weekend is for, right? Playing. (Or, perhaps, doing house chores, but when you get old enough, that feels like playing, too.)

Are you still playing Hearthstone? What's good? What's bad? I find myself wishing for more emote options, and for a shorter turn timer. The length of time some people take make the game nearly unplayable to me, at points. I got things to get done!

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WRUP: There's too much confusion

When we polled your intrepid WoW Insider staff about what they're playing this weekend, we also asked what they felt was the most confusing mechanic in WoW. These days, the mechanics, stats, and fights all seem to make a lot of sense. Sure, they're mysterious until you learn what's actually happening, but everything under the hood has an overarching sense of order and logic.

But it wasn't like that always. And while we might see some more confusion leaking into the game here or there, just keep in mind: All this has happened before. And it will happen again.

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WRUP: Time for some repairs

operation gnomeregan zoom
We've finally learned that sometime during WoD ... you know, some time. Nothing specific... that Stormwind might get repaired. At least a little. If the Horde doesn't blow it up with a bomb, first.

But Stormwind is hardly the only thing in Azeroth that could use some home improvement. (What's up, Westfall?) With that being said, when you tell us what you're playing this weekend, nominate your other favorite spot for a repair job. What do you think also needs some inevitable repairing during WoD?

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WRUP: Bizzaro World Edition

We've entered (or is it left?) a land that isn't anything like our own. Up is down, down is left, and inside is at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. What is this crazy place we've gone to? And why isn't Mike Gray writing WRUP this weekend? It's because we're in Bizzaro World.

It's sorta like the comic book version, but a lot less action-y.

Today's WRUP is all about what you're not playing. Read along to find out what we've all given the shun to, and tell us what you're not doing too! Maybe we'll run into some odd creatures in Bizzaro World, like a recently-released WoW in space game.


Adam Holisky (@AdamHolisky) I'm not playing WoW. There, I said it. Happy? What am I playing instead? The first new game I'm playing is called "go outside and walk around a state park with the wife." I get great rewards for doing this, and I'm particularly interested in leveling up (I hear I get low-fat Ice Cream if I ding). The second new game I'm playing is called "spend Sunday coding." I get a lot of gold for that game.

And then I'm playing some Guild Wars 2... WoW will come on Monday.

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WRUP: In which we reflect on opinions

Blood eflf female arcane mage
This week has been one of opinions. I think the biggest, and most obvious is probably top of mind, but I've never been one to presume. So when we asked your intrepid WoW Insider staff what they're playing this weekend, we also asked their opinion on the Issue Of The Week. (Which, of course, implies what you think the Issue of the Week is.)

What about you, dear reader? What are you playing this weekend? And do you have any bubbling opinion that you're just dying to get off your chest?

Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) This weekend is going to be spent um ... well, working, like usual really! Beyond that, I have some painting to do. Not the canvas kind, the wall kind. And there's baseball to watch. As far as issues go, I believe I've made my opinion on issues pretty clear over the last several years, and don't really care to repeat myself.

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WRUP: Bloggers go radioactive

The video goes out to Sarah Pine. Read on to find out why.

The thing about WRUP is that I always want use it like "wrup, yo." Kind of like that old commercial with everyone saying "Wazzzzaaaaap." Just I want to be like, "Hey, team. WRUUUUUUUUUUUP." Does that make me old? I feel old.

What's not old: the Crusader. Still fun. At this point, what are your thoughts on playing a Crusader? And is it time for that sucker to make the leap over into WoW? I don't know what the Crusader would be in Hearthstone because I'm too busy blowing up murlocs. Like you do.

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WRUP: Hearthstone and Fanfic

While BlizzCon tickets (and the challenges with them) is the topic of the day, let's stick to happier subjects. After all, things with Hearthstone continue to move along swimmingly, and who doesn't like enjoying a bit of creativity with a favorite game?

So we asked your intrepid WoW Insider staff: If your character were going to be a Hearthstone card... what would its stats be? It's not quite fanfic but more like fancards.

Don't forget to tell us what game you're playing this weekend. We'd like to know!

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WRUP: The desert of our dis-content

mists preview blizzcon
We're caught in the desert of very little news. But at least some news is starting to trickle in about 2014, such as the many contests for BlizzCon. (I hear they're on the left side, and must be handled.)

We asked our intrepid staff what big hopes and dreams they were secretly harboring for BlizzCon 2014 this year. I'm hoping that we'll finally hear some hints of that mysterious project. I'd say a release date for WoD but there's no way it can wait that long, right? Right? Oh, gosh, I hope we're not still waiting for WoD by then.

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WRUP: Breaking Gnome

This week saw the premiere episode of Azeroth Choppers, a new webseries featuring Paul Jr. from American Chopper. Two teams, Alliance and Horde, are being challenged to construct the ultimate chopper for the faction they represent -- and both bikes will be put up to player vote, with the most popular chopper being given a model in World of Warcraft itself. Sure, it might sound kind of silly, but it was also pretty fun -- and in the spirit of fun, we decided to ask our staff not only what they are playing this weekend, but what television spoof they would like to see next?

Alex Ziebart (@AlexZiebart) I'm going to be doing more Heroes of the Storm this weekend. I genuinely expected we'd have the Warlords alpha/beta by this point, so I don't have much to do in WoW for the time being. I want an Azerothian version of Hoarders. They can start with Anne and Rossi's banks and void storage. Puns that combine hoard and Horde need not apply.

Touché, Alex ... touché.

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WRUP: Well, that's just like your opinion

Panda Closeup
This has been a week for opinions. Lots of things happening; new patches, jokes, games on platforms, and a partridge in a pear tree. And while bloggers should have opinions, there's sometimes a wide diaspora about what we even having bother having opinions about!

With that in mind, when we asked our intrepid team what they're playing this weekend, we asked them to also tell us about their favorite opinion right now.

Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) This weekend is going to be spent giving those patch notes a closer look, doing a heck of a lot of writing, and watching baseball games with my Dad - woohoo, baseball season is here! That said, uh ... I guess at the moment my opinion on the Rockies is that they seem to have a fairly solid hitting team, but man their closing pitchers could use some work. Some of them are good, some of them are ... not. I'm sort of hoping it was just opening week nerves on their part. Despite that, I'm still hoping they have a better season than last year. ... I can always hope, anyway. Right?

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WRUP: Impressions on the Heroes of the Storm

Heroes' Frostfire Garb
It's time for another weekend, and the news is still dry as a desert. Unfortunately, we've already made up fake news. We've made up haikus. But not all is lost: we're seeing news and experiences from Heroes of the Storm.

So while it's a tiny diversion from WoW, we asked your intrepid WoW Insider staff about their feelings on HotS at this point. It's looking pretty sexy and I can't wait to play it for reals. What about you, dear reader? Are the heroes keeping you afloat while we all wait patiently for WoD?

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