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WoW Insider's coverage of the Worldwide Invitational 2008

WoW Insider rocked it during BlizzCon last year, and we're prepared to bring you the same kind of coverage during the Worldwide Invitational in Paris this weekend. We've got folks on the ground blogging live (that's the view from the hotel room to the right there), we've got folks back here at WoW Insider HQ to keep an eye on the rumors and speculation, and we've got a whole host of information for you to browse through up already, so that you can know what's happening in Paris even before it happens.

Our coverage of the opening ceremony will begin tomorrow, Saturday morning, at 5:45am Eastern (that's when it starts in Paris at 11:45am CEST). We'll bring you liveblogs of as many presentations and developer panels as we can, and all weekend, we'll be posting video of the event. Our correspondents have their eyes peeled for all of the Blizzard luminaries (Chris Metzen, Samwise, and of course that Warlock guy -- he's always at these things), so you'll see what we see. And what would an event be without swag?! We'll have lots of it, so even if you are in Paris, keep an eye out for us, and if you're not there, stay tuned afterwards -- you never know when we'll turn some con swag into a contest.

It's going to be a terrific event. Look for some on-the-ground information later today, and be ready tomorrow morning to experience the WWI on WoW Insider, whether you're in Paris or anywhere else in the world. It's going to be a terrific event -- we can't wait!
WoW Insider is on the ground in Paris at the Blizzard Invitational bringing you the big announcements and latest Wrath news as it happens. Check out our latest coverage!

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Blizzard posts Worldwide Invitational schedule

Blizzard has posted the official WWI schedule on their page, and there aren't a lot of surprises -- lots of tournaments, a few developer panels, and of course the requisite costume and dance contests (no soundalike contest this time around?). The opening ceremony starts everything off Saturday morning at 11:45 (that's Paris time, of course, which is 5:45am EST), and that's when we'll hear about whatever announcements Blizz plans to give us, whether they be new Wrath information, a new Diablo game (cross your fingers!) or a completely brand new IP.

One interesting thing is that the Nihilum live raid is an officially sponsored event -- for some reason I thought that, like their other events, it was an unofficial look at the high-end content, but it's right there on Blizzard's official schedule, and will likely be on their stage as well. That's an interesting connection between some of the game's best players and the actual developer.

It's almost here! Stay tuned for Worldwide Invitational news right here on WoW Insider all weekend, of course -- we'll have people live on the scene, and anything we know all weekend long, you'll know too. More details on our coverage are coming up soon -- it looks to be a terrific event in Paris, and we can't wait to see what Blizzard's got planned for us this time.

WoW Insider is on the ground in Paris at the Blizzard Invitational bringing you the big announcements and latest Wrath news as it happens. Check out our latest coverage!

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WWI Predictions by WoW Insider

The 2008 Worldwide Invitational is going down this weekend in Paris, and everyone is abuzz about what might happen. Will we see a release date for Wrath of the Lich King? What is that teaser on the Blizzard page all about? And will we finally, almost eight years to the day since the last game was released, see a new Diablo game?

You've got questions, we've got predictions. We here at WoW Insider have put our collective heads together to predict exactly what we'll see at the press conferences and ceremonies this weekend, and each blogger's predictions are after the jump. We're putting it all up front now, so that afterwards, we can see if we were right or wrong. And you're welcome to join us -- put your prediction (or just agree or disagree with ours) in the comments below.

Of course, we're all guessing based on rumors and hearsay at this point -- we won't know for sure what's going on until Blizzard confirms it this weekend, and of course WoW Insider will be there to let you know right away. But in the meantime, here's what we think we're going to hear about from Paris in the next few days.

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WWI tickets sold out (again)

They'd first sold out back in March. Then, like sweet, sweet relief, Blizzard announced that more tickets were available yesterday. Now, less than 24 hours after the additional tickets were made available, the Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational is sold out again. Of course, the news blurb on the official site encourages you to keep checking back, so it's possible they'll announce more ticket availability yet again. There had been some payment problems, so maybe this round of new tickets were a concession to that issue.

For those just tuning in, the WWI looks like it's going to be quite the hopping place. There's an Arena tournament scheduled, and L70ETC is going to be rocking out. You'll probably be able to spot a mailbox performance by a few Night Elves in their dance tournament. Don't forget to hit the fan art contest and machinima contest.

Keep an eye on WoW Insider -- we'll let you know if tickets somehow become available again.

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World of Warcraft Arena tournament announced at the World Wide Invitational

Here's one more reason to make it out to Paris on June 28th and 29th this year: Blizzard's announced a 3v3 World of Warcraft Tournament. It's even open to most residents of the US, so if you're an American arena junkie with 2 friends planning a European vacation, here's your chance to participate in the contests. You will, of course, be competing for prizes: A Frostmourne replica for first place, a Logitech G51 Surround Sound Speaker System for 2nd place, and a free year of WoW for 3rd place. You can check out the complete information here.

As a reminder, those extra tickets we told you about are now on sale, so if you were planning to buy some, now is your chance. It'll set you back 70 euros (which is currently $108.53 in US dollars), but for everything you'll get, the price is probably worth it. If you still need a little convincing of that, check out our previous World Wide Invitational coverage.

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A few weeks ago, we posted about a countdown on the site that was going towards May 1st, and if you check your calendars, you can see that the day has come, and is now redirecting to There is a post on the site saying that Blizzard contacted the site a few months ago to pick up the domain name, and while the owner (who also runs I-Mockery) wanted it to stay a fan site, he couldn't help but sell to Blizzard. We had speculated that it would mean an official takeover, and while it hasn't actually happened yet (right now the redirect is in place, and we're not sure how long that'll be the case), it looks like we were right.

The obvious conclusion here, of course, is that Blizzard is ramping up for a Diablo 3 announcement -- no doubt sweet, sweet candy to the ears of Blizzard fans everywhere. And that's not a huge assumption -- it's been rumored for a while, and what other reason would Blizzard have to start marking their territory? Of course, as the owners of the Diablo trademarks, Blizzard could probably have claimed the domain any time, though from the post on the new site, it sounds like they actually paid money for it -- how much, we're not sure. (they didn't -- see update)

At any rate, if you're going to be optimistic about there being a Diablo 3, the new date to mark on your calendars is Saturday, June 28th -- that's the date that the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational starts in Paris. Last year, they used the event to announce Starcraft 2, so who knows -- maybe this year we'll see Deckard Cain in a cinematic saying, "It's about time."

Update: Actually, the I-Mockery guys said they gave it to Blizzard for free, just because they were Blizzard fans, which is kind of cool. Also, the redirect will apparently last until June 1st, at which point, Blizzard will take over Our guess is that then it'll redirect to (see, at least until an announcement is made.

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WWI 2008 tickets sold out

Yup, if you haven't gotten a ticket yet to the WWI event in Paris, you're out of luck -- the event has sold out. There's going to be a lot of cool stuff there -- demos of Wrath of the Lich King and Starcraft II, tournaments aplenty, and even some developer panels, but if you haven't grabbed a ticket, you won't be one of those things going.

And some players are unhappy that they didn't get one, because they really did try. Apparently there were some problems with the payment system, and quite a few people got an incorrect error message when trying to pick up tickets. No word on whether Blizzard's going to compensate those angry folks or do anything for them.

The good news is that even if you didn't get a ticket, worry not -- WoW Insider's got you covered. We will do our best to have folks on the scene and reporting live, so stay tuned to the site for lots more info about (and hopefully from) WWI 2008.

[Via Incgamers]

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