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WoW Insider Show Episode 61: Filling the achievement tank

Here's episode number 61 of the WoW Insider Show, recorded last Saturday over on our Ustream page. On the show last week, we welcomed WoW Insider's Matthew Rossi back to the virtual airwaves, along with blogger Amanda Dean and our good friend Duncor of WoW Radio. And we talked a little more about achievements and which ones we liked the most, what was going on with all the zombie action, and of course since Rossi was around, we churned up some good discussion about what's up with Warriors, other tanks, and Shamans since the big Wrath patch.

Lots of people have been asking questions about how to get the show, so after the break, I've included an exhaustive guide to how you can get our show nowadays. I apologize to everyone who's had problems so far -- obviously, with the switch from WoW Radio, we've had to deal with some tech roadblocks, but if you check after the break, you should find a way to listen to the show that fits what you want to do.

Thanks for listening -- we'll be back as always next week!

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Or listen to Episode 61 right here:

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Learn how to get imba with Be Imba!

Our good friend (and co-worker) BigBearButt posted this the other day, but it never made it to us (and it's probably because it doesn't seem to be working for US players quite yet). Be Imba! is an awesome little site that purports to do what Dan's new column also does, which is make one character as good as it can be.

As I said, US players aren't really working at this point, and the site blames the Armory's instability (one more reason for Blizzard to start breaking out the stats). But I looked up an EU player I know (as you can see above), and the app is pretty cool -- it'll tell you where you're missing sockets, where your gear could be better, what your talents are "meant for," and where to run instances so you can get better gear. Pretty neat.

Now, a disclaimer: you should always spec and gear how you like, not how some online application tells you to. But everyone should be interested in making their character better, and a setup like this could be very helpful in figuring out how to get where you want to be going. Hopefully the site's creator (early apologies for sending traffic to the site, but it'll die down after a while) will figure out how to work with the Armory, or Blizzard will get it into their heads that opening up Armory info in XML or other open formats will make this easier for everyone.

[Via AA in its slick new location]

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Mashing up WoW data (when we can get it) in outside applications

The New York Times has an article up about Microsoft's latest attempt at figuring out mashups-- squeezing the data from one piece of software into another, and World of Warcraft gets an interesting mention. Apparently students at Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts are working on how to put WoW player data into Facebook accounts.

We've covered this type of thing before, but Blizzard has a long way to go in making their data open to any players who want to use it. Just recently another MMO named Dungeon Runners decided to break open their player data, into a form that almost anyone could use, and we know that Blizzard has the ability to share lots of data online, but they still haven't opened it up yet. 2.4 is giving us a lot of different ways to view our combat data, and almost every day the Armory adds new features, but none of them have yet been aimed at getting the data out of there and doing cool stuff with it elsewhere.

Maybe the reason for this is that they're planning to do it themselves. At any rate, there is a ton of information on Blizzard's servers that players would love get their hands on, and there are plenty of things on the other end to do with it. All that's required is for Blizzard to give us some hooks in, and then real WoW mashups can begin.

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