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WoW Insider Show goes live tomorrow afternoon

Yes, It's almost Saturday yet again, and that means that our weekly podcast is going live on the airwaves of WoW Radio. This week on the show, Zach Yonzon just had to come on, because last week, apparently Amanda Dean said some things about Arena that he had to talk about. Amanda will be on to defend her position that Arena is broken, and Matthew Rossi will be in tow, possibly to keep the peace if we need him (probably not the best guy to do that, though -- he kind of likes a fight). And Turpster will join us as well -- he'll be promoting the big Dingstravaganza that he's hosting right after the show over on EU Sporeggar.

We'll talk about WoW addiction, as well as the aforementioned Arena news (and oh yeah, some season 4 thing got announced), as well as everything we've learned about Wrath so far, and what's up with these PvE to PvP changes. You should never say never, but didn't Blizzard say never?

And as usual we'll be answering your emails ( is the address), and chatting live on IRC at in the #wowradio channel. Tune in tomorrow at 3:30 Eastern on WoW Radio to hear this week's episode of the WoW Insider Show -- it's going to be a good one.

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WoW Insider Show Episode 35: Definitely penguin pets

On the show with me this past Saturday was John Patricelli (not Petricelli as I've been saying lately -- sorry again, BBB), Zach Yonzon, and Turpster, and the discussion went all over the place. As promised, we were able to sneak in a little bit of PvP talk (and just a smattering of Warsong Gulch arguing, unfortunately), as well as all the other biggest issues from the last week of Warcraft:
  • We talked about the just-released patch 2.4.2 notes, as well as the undocumented changes, and what struck us from each.
  • We took a look at this (revealed to be old) Wrath screenshots and why we expected them to be real.
  • Zach commented on the Season 4 ratings and requirements, and let us know why he thought Blizzard was raising the bar in the Arenas.
  • And we answered lots of reader email, including what we want to see in the Wrath collector's edition (we can haz penguin pets, please?), what listeners think about all the information that Blizzard has on us, and a couple more Warcraft jokes from last week.
It's a fun listen, so either check it out over on WoW Radio's website or at our podcast page in iTunes (where you can also subscribe and get it automatically downloaded). And don't forget either that we do this every Saturday at 3:30pm EST over on WoW Radio, so mark your calendars to tune in next week for another great show.

Update: Turpster reminds me that there was supposed to be a poll in this post, but we already did one. Go answer that one, and let us know what you're looking forward to in WotLK.

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WoW Insider Arena team thoughts and tinkers

Let's get one thing out of the way: this isn't an epeen-stroking session. When you go into the Tournament Realm joining a 1382 team that went 3-11 on its debut week, you have to set your expectations right. Aside from Amanda Dean, or Mandy, who's professed an enjoyment for Arenas, the WoW Insider team is composed of people who don't have extensive Arena experience. We also have Adam Holisky, who doesn't consider PvP to be the 'real' game (whatever that means), and Amanda Miller, who covers our Sunday Morning Funnies. I do a fair amount of Arena on live myself and our team is rated enough to garner us Season 3 swag every two weeks or so. You do the math. But here's the thing -- Arena is a team game. Like every team sport, it relies on synergy, teamwork, and communication. The top players in the world know this, and team leaders replace underperforming members regularly with a dose of nerd rage for good measure. That's just competitive Arena play.

On the other hand, WoW Insider's venture into the Tournament Realm is more of a journalistic exercise than anything else. For one thing, I'm not even eligible to actually participate in the actual tournament because my country isn't on the list, so my expectations of going far in this tournament is nil. To be perfectly honest, that's a good thing. Ironically, I feel a lot less pressure to perform on the TR with the WoW Insider Team than I do on live. In fact, I even ventured to play as a Retribution Paladin only because I can. I had initially created a Restoration Shaman named Insiderzach but since Mandy was running with a Restoration Druid, I thought I could have a little fun with running double melee with Adam so I made a Paladin. After all, it is my favorite class.

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WoW Insider Show goes live tomorrow afternoon

Yes indeed, after our short foray into multiboxing last week, the WoW Insider Show is back in its original form this week -- not only will Turpster be back in the WoW Insider Show studios, but WI's Zach Yonzon will be on with me, and we'll have all of our usual features: listener mail (you too can email us at, shout outs (I swear I'll remember to do them this week, guys), and the best gosh-darned discussion of the biggest news in the last week of Warcraft, including, but not limited to, yesterday's Wrath alpha news, how all the servers are doing on the Sunwell dailies, and everything else going on at the Sunwell.

As requested, we'll also have some nice PvP discussion -- I especially want to take issue with Zach on what he said about WSG, as in my experience, things still aren't hunky dory in there. And we'll talk about the Arena tourney as well, I'm sure.

Tune in tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm EST on WoW Radio for episode number 33 of the WoW Insider Show, and feel free to join us in the IRC chat as well: it's at in the #wowradio channel. See you tomorrow afternoon.

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WoW Insider Show episode 14: A podcast of PvP

WoW Insider's Zach Yonzon joined Turpster and I on the podcast this past weekend, and boy did we have a good time. Zach actually woke up at 4:30 a.m. his time (he's in Manila) to join us, but we got a lot of good discussion in about Arena PvP, battlegrounds, and all the other news from the last week of WoW Insider:
All in all, a superlative hour of podcast listening (except for my stupid mic clicking all the time-- sorry listeners, I swear that by the next time we go on, I'll have a brand new, completely silent mic), available right now over on WoW Radio. Check it out, won't you?

And while you're over there, be sure to listen to the rest of their great shows, too-- they are now broadcasting 24/7 on the front page, so if you've missed any of the shows in their archive, keep your speakers tuned to their page. And tune in next Saturday at 3:30pm for more WoW Insider show-- it's just like this great blog, only in audio form.

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WoW Insider Show goes live tomorrow

And WoW Radio is going 24 hours a day! Yes, our favorite internet radio station, WoW Radio, is breaking out to full 24/7 content programming, and the WoW Insider Show is going to be part of the launch tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure we'll talk with someone from WoW Radio about their big enterprise, and we'll also be talking about everything else to go down in the World of Warcraft this week, including all that new PvP gear, why the Alliance hates themselves, and since WoW Insider's own Zach Yonzon will be aboard for the ride, we'll definitely have to chat about Arena smurfs and what their deal is.

So tune in tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 EST on WoW Radio for the WoW Insider Show with myself, Turpster (unless he decides to ditch us again), and Zach Yonzon. And be sure to make time before and after that, too-- WoW Radio is going 24 hours a day! Congrats, guys!

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