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Steelseries introduces new SHIFT key set for MMOs

Steelseries, creators of the SHIFT keyboard (the next generation of the ZBoard), has just announced that it will soon offer a key set specifically for MMO players. We have already seen the Cataclysm-specific licensed product; my impressions from BlizzCon of that keyboard are here. Everything on the keyboard is customizable, which is great and might be a better alternative to the Cataclysm keyboard for people who play multiple MMOs.

When I was at BlizzCon, I asked myself a couple of times why Steelseries doesn't actually have a generic MMO key set for the SHIFT -- but then I quickly remembered we were at BlizzCon, mecca for all things Blizzard, and I realized it might not be the ideal place to show it off. Now, however, it is here, and it looks pretty neat. We don't have a date on its availability yet, but the price of the key set should run around $24.99 (SHIFT keyboard sold separately, natch). Check out Steelseries' website for more details.

Also, for those curious readers sending me emails about the mechanical Steelseries 6Gv2 that I picked up after BlizzCon, wanting my impressions after using the keyboard for a few weeks? Love it.

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WoW Insider's Fan Art contest

We here at WoW Insider see every day just how many great artists are out there in the World of Warcraft community. We've interviewed them, we've written about them, and now we want to know if you're one of them so we can give you some sweet prizes.

We have in our hands four prizes from SteelSeries to award the best and most creative artists in our audience. All that you need to do to enter is make us a piece of fanart. Draw (or paint or whatever it is you do) a picture of how you imagine the WoW Insider crew would look in the World of Warcraft. One of us, two of us, many of us, whatever you like. You don't get pictures of us to work off of, just let your imagination do as it will. Are we heroes fighting epic battles? Are we just lowly Stormwind commoners? Are we cute little beasts going on zany adventures?

You have from this very moment (Noon of April 7th) until 11:59 PM Eastern on April 20th to send your submission to for a chance to win one of the following prizes from SteelSeries:

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Limited Edition Wrath keyset for Zboard

The inevitable limited edition Wrath of the Lich King keyset for Zboard from Ideazon has showed up on GameStop. Tipster Brad actually gave word on this a few days ago but we were unable to confirm the product's existence. The specially designed keyset, which follows its predecessors the World of Warcraft keyset and The Burning Crusade keyset, retails for $19.99 an is available for Pre-order and likely to be released at around the same time as the expansion.

If you joined the BlizzCon sweepstakes, you just might win one of these babies. Elizabeth Harper did a comprehensive review of the Ideazon World of Warcraft keyset, which has custom keys for basic WoW functions such as emotes (in both PvE and PvP), as well as recordable macros, and other specialized features. Note that you'll still need the Zboard keyboard (about $45) on which to attach the keyset. Brad also mentions a new Ideazon mouse custom-themed for World of Warcraft which should retail for a staggering $100. It's not on Ideazon's site or on any of the affiliated retailers', but we'll keep our eyes peeled and update this post if and when it does show up.

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SteelSeries and Blizzard partners offer BlizzCon Sweepstakes

A few of Blizzard's partners (including Jinx, Upper Deck, and SteelSeries) have all teamed up to offer you what for many, Blizzard couldn't: two tickets to BlizzCon in October. Yes, in the first of what we're sure will be many contests and sweepstakes for BlizzCon tickets, these guys have set up a giveaway to hook up one lucky winner with passes for two to the event that's a Blizzard fan's dream.

All you've got to do to enter is put your info in over on their site -- the Grand Prize winner will pick up an all expenses paid trip to BlizzCon, and ten other winners will get some WoW-related gear from the contest's sponsors (SteelSeries makes the Zboard, and apparently they're releasing one for Wrath, so you might get one of those as well). There is a checklist that you can leave unchecked to supposedly keep the sponsors from contacting you, so even if you don't want your info opt-ed in, it looks like you're in the clear.

If you do enter, good luck! (And if you win, we'll see you at BlizzCon!) There are bound to be a few more of these contests showing up before the big event, so even if you don't walk away with a trip from this one, stay tuned.

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Breakfast Topic: Controllers R us

The Falcon controller just looks silly, doesn't it? Everything we've heard about it so far says it's pretty underwhelming -- the feedback doesn't work quite right, the controls seem a little less intuitive than a keyboard and mouse, and in general, it just looks strange. Fortunately, I'll be able to know for myself next week -- I've already got an appointment to check out the controller (and how it plays WoW) at E3 next week.

But in the meantime, until I can get my firsthand impressions of the Falcon up here, what are some other strange controllers that actually do work with WoW? We've heard a lot about the Zboard, which seems like a pretty good combination of a keyboard and a custom controller for Blizzard's MMO -- anyone used it? A lot of people have posted before that they use the Logitech G15, and that's really just a keyboard, except for the extra display and macros. I've used Switchblade to play with an Xbox 360 controller (and found it not nearly as easy as playing with a mouse and keyboard). And I know some players, multiboxers usually, will even use foot pedals to supplement keyboard and certain macros.

Ever played WoW with a weird controller? Is there something out there that you swear by that's not the standard mouse and keyboard? Me, I'm perfectly happy with an Apple Keyboard and my Logitech gaming mouse -- at least until I try the Falcon next week. You never know, maybe I'll fall in love with it and decide that $190 (!) is worth it.

Update: I couldn't remember the name of this one, but a lot of people in the comments (and a lot of folks before this post) have mentioned the n52 Speedpad as a good controller option.

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12 Days of Winter Veil contest winners!

It's been a few weeks since we wrapped up our 12 Days of Winter Veil contest in cooperation with our friends at Ideazon, and though we're still trying to get in touch with some of our winners, there are a lot of WoW Insider readers who deserve congratulations! Winners of FragMat gamepads include: Melenor, Ragamuffin42, Mia, Wilkie, Ellyndia, SJPadbury, Nojj, Ed, Annai, Dachande, ceckjustin, Alu, Hostile, Stephen, Analogstd, pamoonbtc, Brian, TwhiT, Efigyuge, ArsenalFox, Rhiley, and ragecage. Winners of 60 day WoW game cards are Hostile, Stoney, and Vitasoy. Winners of GH-100 gaming headsets are Zoltargg and Jane. Winners of Zboard keyboards are Swarfy, Begonia, 1Adam12, and Chris. And, finally, G is taking home a class t-shirt and Leigh is taking home a Reaper gaming mouse.

Thanks to everyone for participating and a big congrats to all of our winners!

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Hands-on with Ideazon's Zboard gaming keyboard

If you didn't look closely, you could mistake Ideazon's Zboard for a standard keyboard. It's about the same size and shape as your average keyboard, with 108 keys and a row of hotkeys and multimedia buttons along the upper edge of the keyboard. A glance at the box shows us a left-handed key configuration designed for gaming and a pair of USB ports. So is this a gaming keyboard with a few extras? Hardly! This is only scratching the surface of the Zboard's abilities -- the real magic of a Zboard lies in its customized keysets.

Curious? Keep reading!

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Celebrate Twelve Days of Winter Veil with Ideazon!

For the next twelve days, WoW Insider and Ideazon are celebrating Winter Veil in the best way we can think of -- by giving away some great holiday gifts. We have Zboard Gaming Keyboards, Reaper & Reaper Edge gaming mice, GH-100 gaming headsets, FragMat gaming mousepads with World of Warcraft artwork, with some game time cards and t-shirts thron into the mix. What do you have to do to win, you ask? Simply leave a comment on today's post -- and check back every day for your chance to enter and win! (To be eligible to win, you must be age 18+ and a resident of the US, so before you enter, please take a look at the full official rules.)

For today's giveaway, we have three prizes lined up: a first-place winner walking away with a class t-shirt of their choice, and two second place winners who will each receive a FragMat mousepad. And the best part? All you have to do to enter is leave a comment within the next 24 hours (that would be before 9:00 AM on Sunday, December 23rd). And if you don't win today (or even if you do!) check back tomorrow -- the prizes only get better as we count down the Twelve Days of Winter Veil!

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